I found a nightmare.


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    1. Benn3ons

      I must be the last one to go " oh I get it. It's an EYE POD"

    2. Herobello Channel

      Plot twist: the dislikes are from SpongeBob fans

    3. Sakamoto

      Missed the opportunity for the mp3 player to be a krabby patty

    4. Spök!

      Sounds fine to me!

    5. Cat Quality Productions

      0:25 AHHHHHH

    6. Kmack Dude


    7. Rad Red Guy

      Dankpods suffers from ommetaphobia

    8. Scooter

      The way he screams is so funny

    9. TLR_Eden

      My flash drive skips if i throw it hard enough.

    10. korbitr

      We need a compilation of DankPods screaming, and not just AA and AAA.


      Ybmmhmr g: mhzrdmh. Gh. B h m m

    12. •Nifty_Infinity•


    13. Hexatope

      I can only imagine some poor chinese assembly line worker watching this lovely nugget destruction and getting absolutely depressed watching you smash what they had to make.

    14. Jack McSomeone

      Just when I thought the colour combination of brown and gold wouldn't look more disgusting... Here comes the SpongeBob nugget

    15. Uncle Rey

      Uncle Rey!!!

    16. Jordan Pickens

      Dude the snake is so cool.

    17. dffddff fhgdghhjggf

      have james fix the demons

    18. Oliver Finley

      In the opening text that "all will make sense" reminded of the line "all will be revealed" in Kashmir by Led Zeppelin

    19. Adam Rashid

      3:17 lol I can't stop thinking why someone would call there company memcorp!!!

    20. WahidTrynaHeghugh

      Dank r u ok

    21. ZephyrFluous

      Ha I get it... it's an EyePod... [Loads gun]

    22. Swipey

      this is the most I've laughed during a video

    23. memelord1642069

      We all thought the eye of sauron was scary

    24. Darth__


    25. Victor

      1:14 It's a Neyeghtmare

    26. Ivan Kalashnikova

      They turned Sponge Bob into Mike Wazowski.

    27. Izzy

      whenever i feel down i come back and watch this video

    28. JamTheMan8

      eepeeCEE SPEAK TO MeEe

    29. Series of Tubes Person

      MY EYES

    30. -Pheo.Nix-

      I found this dude on my school computer So I couldn't hear the audio I'm so fucking happy I found this dude-

    31. Kim Smothers

      I personally prefer the way you mixed and EQ this! I'm also def but I like it

    32. ladawg81

      Lol you should update firmwares on these nuggets. Apparently you can.

    33. YaBoiNissy The Weirdo

      Looks like the Omega Mart lemon.

    34. Wesley Foge

      5:28 I have no words to describe how funny that is

    35. TheNoNameYoutuber

      Dankpods - Moves sign around Me - Pauses the video Brain - reads the sign Me - AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    36. Veronica Fernandes

      This does look like a talisman, and now I want the shitty creepy nugget to turn it into a talisman with the power of painting. ... No I'm not OK. (?)

    37. Edrom

      That old man accent is hilarious

    38. MrDinoTroll

      what is The Pale Man had this for his eyes.... please nobody do this

    39. ravens like desks

      What if you stick a googly eye on that

    40. First Name Last Name

      I'd love to have two of these things and you could use them as eyeballs in some project where your replicating SpongeBob I think it would actually look kind of cool.

    41. First Name Last Name

      "Oh my God it's so long wow it's impressively long" TIL dankpods is packing.

    42. gray thomas

      This video has made me think only of spichbib

    43. M L

      I diidn't hate it

    44. Kaden Playz Minecraft

      I had used these nuggets headphones they were OK

    45. Clip-o-tage


    46. The Little Rice Grain

      Put an eyelash at the bottom and you get a reskin of code lyoku

    47. HONSE

      Do you have a snake?

    48. GaMMERKitten

      Gahhh wow.... haha I punched the microphone - dankpods 2020

    49. Vivaan Khandekar

      SpongeBob was looking like n64 graphics actually funny and game console graphics

    50. Uncontrollable Sphere


    51. Boy in Blue

      That Cursor makes me want to be a cursor

    52. OverLoardPro

      not crazy australian

      1. Doobz

        not crazy indonesian

    53. Dan Howard

      Dude why do they even make these?

    54. Campbell

      they could have just named it the eye pod

    55. Youtuber Genérico

      As a Gravity Falls fan, I'd buy that if it were a triangle


      Me:*sees it* Also me: HOLY S--T WHAT THE F--K IS THAT

    57. Stone Man

      it is not a demon, he is just... unique..

    58. Link Scarlet

      You got it all wrong, see. When the creator died, they dug up his grave to steel the corpse of spongebob burried with him, but to hide their crime, they sent the eyes back in time and hid them in mpe players. That's one of his genuine eyes

    59. neino36

      I'll be honest, the spongebob disk, with a different paint job, would be pretty neat.

    60. Soma

      Either DankPods saved us from an ancient evil... or released said elder god onto the planet.

    61. Rune Van Rie

      Im born in 2007 😪😂

    62. Steiner the Shriner

      Australian dunkey who focuses on mp3 players instead of video games?

      1. Cring

        pretty much actually

    63. ᴄʜᴀʀɪʟᴇs - ʀᴏʙʟᴏx ʟɪғᴇ

      Spongebob the Evil Eye be Like: 🧿

    64. Alejandro Haynes

      11:01 : When the doom music kicks in

    65. Preston Jackson

      It looks like Mike wasowski mixed with spongebob without a mouth

    66. Latios Tech

      The screaming killed me

    67. Gemey948

      *holds bible and holy water* *STAY BACK NOW.*

    68. SomeComment

      Now thats an Eye-Pod

    69. J.L.

      This is my favorite video by far. Also, showing the other spongebob devices suddenly reminded me that I’ve actually seen them before AGES ago, and im horrified to know that such disgusting looking products were repressed in my childhood memories.

    70. Krell.14


    71. Oscar Sanfilippo

      Next time to blow up nugget phones play the Soviet anthem through the mojo



    73. Anomalocaris the Abnormal Shrimp

      Ommetaphobia describes an extreme fear of eyes. Like other phobias, this type of fear can be strong enough to interfere with your daily routine and social activities, while also being considered irrational because of the lack of any “real” danger. Scopophobia is an excessive fear of being stared at. While it is not unusual to feel anxious or uncomfortable in situations where you're likely to be the center of attention - like performing or speaking publicly - scopophobia is more severe. It can feel as though you're being scrutinized.

    74. jack sparrow

      nucelodeon that killed me

    75. Clayton Hippsley

      You sound like mully

    76. Werbefreundlich

      1:33 I died 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    77. Le Mustäard

      Y r u so scawed DankPods: I am u toober

    78. Coreforce 216

      6:29 *ominous music plays*

    79. Google BlacBerry Key 34a FNF


    80. Moulo

      3:33 that's what she said

    81. Sanelu

      Warning: Product in the video is not safe for life.

    82. HeyItzRare

      "Remember when SpongeBob was metallic? And gold? ...and a disc?" I now quote that thank you very much

    83. Danil Sirin


    84. Passers

      What is the background music when dankpods is destroying the spongebob

    85. LeoPlayz

      The demons have been released

    86. danteelite

      "Less cable to throw directly into the bin" Normally I'd say you're joking, but I learned recently in a Makers Muse video that Australia has a really shit recycling infrastructure. Angus talked about how you basically have to just throw everything away, or ship certain things over seas, or drive absurd distances or pay insane shipping to get certain things like batteries, motors or dangerous rubbish to a corresponding site. That's insane to me! There are about 7 recycling facilities within 50 miles of me, and they specialize in different things and I live in the suburbs.. not a major city. There is one where I go to buy metals for welding or whatever, one where I can take paper/plastic, etc.. another that recycles cars and motor vehicles. You can basically recycle anything with a short drive, or have it picked up for a small fee. I live in Florida in the US for reference. Get it together Australia! You never wanna be worse than America at something... that's just fucked. Hurry up and I won't tell anyone, I'll lie and say Australia has the best recycling system ever!

    87. William Jensen

      DEMON i tell you

    88. Maximord

      the best part was when dank destroyed it...

    89. Heavy Gaming

      The second that pc connected to that "thing" it tried to commit suicide.

    90. Kristian Nowak

      It is impressively long - DankPods 2020

    91. Nguyễn Quang Trí

      The video starts here 10:52

      1. Smoking Toilet


    92. Ducky God

      you fool by breaking the MP3 player you unleashed the demons that lie within

    93. Robert Bulman

      This thing should be in S C P

    94. William etc. Cook

      Ah yes, the anti-Minion instinct

    95. Gerardo Velazquez

      he actually has a folder to avoid jail .... bahahahahahahahahahaha

    96. Nikolas Hudson

      Him : oh my god it so lon- me: cuts him off by saying thats what she said

    97. RatedEForEww

      3:28 something you wanna tell us dank

    98. Femc Minako

      Kill it or im doing it myself.

    99. Alyssa Rose

      11:02 is the exact moment when the demon was released from its eternal cage

    100. Ven Nia

      I thought the device design was familiar, I had the exact same player but in pink and the eye lol was the play button, this design is horrific though