I bought the Nuraphones.


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    1. DankPods

      Yes I am aware of the Airpods Max. In time...

      1. Galaxy Skull


      2. Galaxy Skull


      3. Galaxy Skull


      4. Galaxy Skull


      5. Galaxy Skull


    2. praveena chandran

      I feel bad for the mokis.

    3. M.Mustafa Ali Recovery

      We can just use silicone to hold them in place

    4. Luke Kuethe

      Hey wait, how come we haven’t ever seen dank pods face

    5. Ning Nong


    6. Michal Zienkiewicz

      6:00 HAHAHAHAh besically they overdone it ^^''... XDDDD

    7. Nathan Selkirk

      Please review the woojer subwoofer belt!

    8. protractman

      Sorry I'm new here, but why is he reviewing all his products on the back of a green iPad?

    9. Paul Hollingsworth

      I'm not sure the promise of good audio balances out well against the sense of utter violation I'm imagining.

    10. GebMop

      Tbh I don’t really care about headphones but this guy is SOO entertaining to watch I can’t stop... send help

    11. ZGen

      Every pair of Nuraphones are personalized...

    12. Jameson Hicks


    13. puneeth TITAN


    14. Malkatrix musik

      Wow, I was definitely sure these were a full on gimmick with all those celebrity endorsements, it's not always the best sign when you pay or give big name celebs audio products... i.e dr dre and all the publicity with beats on every celebrities head and our good friend ray jay with his raycons lol

    15. Garrett Fuller

      This was an amazing review. I am pretty broke, but also deeply in love with sound. So I will literally never be able to try out the wide range of headphones. I am so excited to have found reviews I feel like I can trust. There are so many sneaky sales pitches out there. This product looked so cool! If I had 500 I would be totally down for these. They sound awesome! Thanks again.

    16. Wong Pentel

      I dont see what weird about this until comment

    17. That NiceGuy

      review the bose 700 please my g

    18. crack noir

      yeah for 500 bucks they wanna sound good

    19. Christopher Dinnel

      Potential for a neuraloop review?

    20. Samuel Karlsson

      They literally look like a freakin' erect dingus poking into Your ears. Who comes up with designs like this?

    21. Kloco 121

      Hahahaha an ole mate pitching a tent. That's about right.

    22. Ultra Controllers

      The Mario 64 headphones

    23. Angr

      i hate how there legit silicone pps going in ur ears

    24. Chocobroodje

      9:36 lol

    25. Kate Chaney

      Gotta love that "I'm on crack" vibe 😂 Great videos man :)

    26. Julian Gallgeos

      records on phone Show his set up

    27. Manj Sher


    28. RNG 60FPS

      So where do I buy these?

    29. 봅클에킴

      Man, I got 2 headphones 2 earbuds and I can't decide which to put on and I love them all even though they are completely different. I have no idea how you don't lose your mind with all those headphones and headsets and in ears...

    30. ibrahim Alharbi

      Omg the enhanced gaming mic is awesome

    31. H. Courtney

      I have these and I love them!

    32. hamad906

      i am not funny at all

    33. John Parrott

      If there was one picture of Australian man that wasn't "the crocodile hunter" this guy's it.

    34. 薛詠謙

      How about nuraloops?

    35. Ciprian Oravet

      Please review the Koss KPH30i 😍

    36. Mihajlo Radakovic

      your charisma man... why am i not subbed yet?

    37. FatNinjaWalrus

      i am not all that interested in headphones or sound quality but your presentation style is so good that i'm on like my fifth video of yours and still going haha. amazingly entertaining, nice job

    38. Lee Chartier

      I'm unsure whether I need to be an Aussie or an audiophile to understand what "stinky bass" is, but since I'm neither can someone tell me if stinky is good or stinky is bad?

      1. Adam Kováč

        In this context, it's great

    39. Darcy Greenwood

      Dank you are not the only one with different size ears I do to😂

    40. Woodsie

      Owned these for 2 and a half years now, never looked back! Sad to see they actually made the packaging less special and there’s no more hard case for them... but still going strong!

    41. LiL Bruh

      it looks like they are about to violate ur ears

    42. Im SøLø BtW

      This gives a whole other level to women buying headphones lmao

    43. Karen McLennan

      That looks... wrong

    44. Old_is_always Gold

      Do these headphones fuck your ear?

      1. Terrible Person

        These headphones looks like breast.

    45. gtzgreatride

      Don't open iFunny with these on

    46. Teri R.

      I'm glad they sound good but the design still makes me way too uncomfortable ;-;

    47. Jessica Thompson

      It looks like a cervix. 🤣

    48. EAMitch

      My left ear is different from my right ear as well. But that's largely due to having my right ear torn off and reattached.

    49. Kakka Pöksy

      BOOM! Flat. Idk why iam laughing so hard at this.

    50. cris Black

      So its like a fleshlight dlido equivelent

    51. Mattias Nygren

      i can enjoy this! you also has potato hands!

    52. OldManDragon

      Who ever said butt plugs aren’t for sharing 😤

    53. Marc A.

      This hole video feels like an add or sponsor but in a good way.

    54. William afton


    55. Benson Wheeler

      Fuck you *Nura's your phones*

    56. RhythmDamacy26

      whats the music at 3:08 ? ive heard the song alot but ive never found it what its called

    57. tenhush

      Cheers for the review

    58. donut rat

      my friend janola wants to buy these, how do i convince them otherwise?

    59. Chicken Nugget

      Am I the only one who looked at the thumbnail and thought they looked like mini di-

    60. Osvaldo Bellah

      1:11 those are some big ass headphones

    61. SomeGuy

      yoooo those are the clitphones

    62. TheCurs3r

      earrapes and amazing sound both possible

    63. X wisdom

      Only some metals are magnetic. I believe it's to do with the grain of the metal and the atomic number. Don't ask me what all of the magnetic metals are but I believe either zinc or iron from my memory where magnetic. I think iron was and zinc wasn't but I could be mixing them up.

    64. Too Tired

      Is this the ozzy man from facebook

    65. Lama Su

      So you get the uncomfortable feeling of earbuds, and the less portability of muffs.

    66. SJ218P


    67. Raven Danger Navy

      I was thinking about asking for these next Christmas then remembered I wear hearing aids

    68. Cark Rowland

      Leather for headphones? Sorry, the best natural material is concrete.

    69. Spencer Ratzlaff

      You should try the Slate VSX headphones!!!

    70. Jac0bs

      im so glad that im not the only one with uneven ears

    71. Just Bryan

      For the man who wants neither the comfort of traditional over-ears, nor the convenience of ear buds

    72. Meming Mammoth

      this reminds me of that one animation by the guy called minus 8

    73. gut wrenching deaths

      these look like some type of alien genitals

    74. sixfifths

      "Old mate pitching a tent in tracky dacks...."🤣 Sub'd 👌🇦🇺

    75. Coarvus

      Every time he zooms on the ipad i think I've got dirt on my screen

    76. UEF Gamer

      Ive had 3 pairs then cancalled the subscription, everytime the left side dropped all bass

    77. coffee break

      I didn't this hermaphroditic headphones could exist, turns out I was wrong

    78. StarLeo


    79. Matthew Rei Patricio

      14:20 Ain't that a fleshlight?

    80. Julian Robinson

      Those are the most perverted looking headphones I’ve ever seen

    81. Inexternal Records

      There's a Twitch streamer that her only content is hear licking the ears on a H.E.A.R.S. lmao: www.twitch.tv/elisabetetv

    82. zucchiniwolf

      The whole reason for headphones is so you can listen to music without ear infections. Why would you want this

    83. ruisu watoson

      i have these

    84. Hydraulix_93

      Hey, I just found this channel and am super impressed. Great stuff! I am interested in what you think of the Bose 700s. I got a pair recently and was expecting amazing things for the price... but I feel they just lose all detail compared to my 10 year old V-Moda Crossfades. I'll be watching either way... I buy way too many headphones to not continue watching this channel

    85. Darth Tater

      "they're like butt plugs for your ears" Me, an intellectual: earplugs.

    86. Andrew Glebus

      I also have ears that are two different shapes

    87. Lance Jumonville

      I have 3 snakes

    88. Glaze96 AJ

      i no longer want to eat

    89. Jacob Allen

      It’s got more bass and more balanced sound. Try and work that out

    90. Dead End

      DP: "begging for 2020 to end" 2021: I have such sights to show you...

    91. Rick Morty

      best headphones i ever head. now im waiting for Nooraloop. best of the best for this price

    92. anx

    93. chrizpatatoz

      4:33 random inflatable donut in your setup, totally normal

    94. Beyblades In My Heels

      Looks like a fucking orange juicer

    95. Beyblades In My Heels

      I. Wha. Huh? I. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!

    96. ECo PHD

      Dude said Melbn

    97. Mark Van

      I’d just like to ask/clarify on everyone who watched this videos behalf because I’m sure they’re all wondering the same thing......... are you not supposed to share butt plugs??

    98. Wifi thing

      Never thought I would get turned on by earbud/headphones

    99. MrScorpnok

      Does he say over ears cuz i swear i hear him say ovaries every single time?

    100. Sonya Lii Nome Barlow

      these are the equivalent of someone wearing a ballgag under their mask