The bluetooth speaker shootout.


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    1. EvilTim1911

      I recently bought a JBL Go 3 and was really pleasantly surprised by the sound for the size and price. Looks like they made improvements for the next generation. Sadly no AUX port, but that's a trade I'm willing to make.

    2. The Immortal Sun-kun

      I never thought I would be so turned on by a Bluetooth speaker, but here I am.

    3. Flxmme

      The reason why the small ones sink and the big ones float is because all the big ones have passive radiators (bass-port-thingies) and for the passive radiators to work the speaker has to be completely sealed and therefore air has been trapped inside, which in turn, makes it float. Dingus.

    4. Amon

      “Powah on: Blootofe moede” -sexy speaker

    5. zeanamush

      The problem with female pants is that Women are already naturally conditioned to carry bags around and many enjoy doing it. The purse is really a tyranny of pocket size inequality.

    6. Ross Lilley

      My dude, should try mini rigs from the UK, made in the UK and designed by actaul sound engineers

    7. Milan Vydra

      As a owner of 3 jbl go's 1 (don't ask) I can say that it's better than the 2nd one.

    8. Daniel Dronzek

      Yeah, Go 2 FTW!

    9. Ethan Patel

      Funny thing is, I really like the JBL GO2

    10. Un Known

      "That's like 20 freedom eagles" . . . Lmao this guy is to funny 😂

    11. Nejc Lipar

      i havw jbl go2 and it sounds way basier if you put it in the corner

    12. sh3snotthere

      Hell yeah, I have that same JBL. $130 in south east USA (the dirty part.) If you tweak with any of the free garbage equalizer apps available you can get a surprising amount of bass out of those tweeter sized drivers. It's no Temblor T10 and never will be, but it's battery was more than enough to fully charge a phone when the power went out unexpectedly. While I was streaming.

    13. Geo

      as a JBL Charge 4 owner, i can confirm, it does sound better in person

    14. Nathan Lunev

      Looking for good over-ear bluetooth headphones under 50€! Any ideas?

    15. Nos0

      im watching this with a JBL charge 4 speaker lmao

    16. ZakuIIKai

      the reason why the little bluetooth speakers sink a lot is because their components are squished tighter, not allowing air inside, hence the bigger ones float

    17. DJwyfy

      Omg, look at the xeneo Bluetooth speaker And it looks exactly like the “sexy speaker”

    18. Dudofall

      That JBL turning on sound reminds me of work. We use one to play tunes at the front counter.

    19. Kreatra

      Please tell me I'm not the only one who thought that first bluetooth speaker sounded sharp (higher pitch)?

    20. Mr.Baofeng

      Now to jump to the other side of speakers and get into the serious big ones like the jbl partybox

    21. Malik Nauman Feroz

      You should review the Marshall Emberton. I would love to hear your thoughts on that.

    22. Lilly like da flower

      Auxiliary mode 🥵

    23. Nikitatjuh

      I love the jbl charge 4(mine is aquamarine)

    24. WWFYMN

      you can say that this was a walk in the park


      Rip Sexy Speaker in sound

    26. Ethan Cowdell

      That shift from the speakers to the toledo was straight out of a horror movie

    27. Seven808

      The iphone 12 pro sound shit but u can make it sound good. Go to settings > Music > EQ

    28. quiet69

      Tribit is actually a good brand.... had a pair of headphones Quietplus... the sound was pristine! nice treble amd decemt bass.... but i broke em in 4 months :c

    29. бомж йорик

      beats pill next

    30. Alex Wyman

      I love love love my charge 4. I've had one for 5 years on nearly constant abuse. It sits in the bottom of my raft sitting in water half of the time, I've dropped to down steep put ins before. The battery is going out now, but shit for 5 years of abuse that's a pass for me. I just bought another charge 4 and my sis and roommate did too, they all sync up and we can bump

    31. J

      Bose sound link micro, I promise it's the one.

    32. Harpreet Singh

      Go to where?🤣

    33. -Arozoid-

      me listening through my headphones: *better then u bois*

    34. otosub

      Ahhhhhh, what about Anker Soundcore Motion+? I was waiting for it.((

    35. Sirdick

      What is this song

    36. skeerk

      The amount of anxiety this video gives me -

    37. Among Us

      That’s not how an iPhone 12 Pro Max speaker sounds like

    38. Rodrigo Inácio

      those do sound like my phone speakers wow really good

    39. njdotson

      I have a non-waterproof and non-portable bluetooth speaker that sounds really good. It was probably around 75$ but it's more for pc's (which is what I use it for) because it has individual left right and sub units but it's really good for sound quality imo

    40. Samuel Vista

      I got the EFM Indio when my parents traded in their phones. Bluetooth mode and Auxillary mode are great.

    41. Muskokan

      Listening to a smartphone speaker compared to a professional set of monitors through my smartphone speaker: "yeah there's a huge difference"

    42. Mat Morgan

      I would use the tribit on a bicycle ride

    43. M.A.D Dragon

      I have a JBL and I got the app just because I wanted to change its name. So when I wanna play I connect to ‘BoomeR’

    44. Keane Adams

      so them focal speakers i found them and they are 1000 US dollars for one. thats alot of damage

    45. God of [redacted]

      9:50 Sorry

    46. jad 3zer

      sexy speaker 😂


      i really want him to check out the altec lansing line

    48. ThatDodgeFan

      I’m sorry I thought you where done.

    49. Domantas Cepelis

      11:41 it sounds like a bucket dropping down but the funny part is the water is spilled from the speaker when it made that noise

    50. Ros Socheata

      auxiliary mode

    51. thanos mousios

      To be honest even you played music through linn isobariks from the speakers of my phone in BGclip they sound the same as $28 JBL

    52. lonewolfplays

      Gotta say, I don't know what fucking magic JBL does, but let me tell ya. I got a new Bluetooth speaker for a trip, and I needed some waterproof, durable little thing. Low and behold, the JBL Jr. Pop. Looks like I chew toy, feels like a chew toy, probably smells like a chew toy. Yet it sounds surprisingly good for a 25 freedom dollar speaker.

    53. You're a sneaky little impostor!

      10:30 what the mojo's victims hear:

    54. DEADZERO

      I Love my jbl charge 4

    55. Ben Golko

      4:05 why do you need ear muffs for an electronic drum set?

    56. Elita Lode

      ME: "ooo yea

    57. Elita Lode

      ME: "when i hear auxiliary mode

    58. recht

      I've got some random 20€ Chinese Speaker. Works for my purpose: listening while showering

    59. gordon thomas

      Yeah, but the Charge 4 doesn't sound like it wants to slip your pants off

    60. jagfer8

      Test the Sony SRS-XB10 against the Focal Shape 65

    61. Lightstriker

      She's doing her best!

    62. Me When

      This video made my buy that Tribit. Just as good as it sounds!

    63. ties249

      the logitech speaker... i was it at my uncle once...

    64. Lalentos Lalento

      I love the grunts this dood makes when Sexy Speaker says something.

    65. Dario García Capel

      Her: Power off Him: Mmmm

    66. Matt Mellor

      I have a Bose Revolve. This video hasn't made me regret my decision. If anything I think it's a little too bassy.

    67. Cole Ragsdale

      This is by far one of the most entertaining BGclip channels I have ever found. I can't stop watching his videos

    68. Dan Bloxx

      I have the GO 2 its quite good actually B) my family uses it

    69. B0tname

      7:55 mAAaAte

    70. Venstoma

      Literally made me remember I had a JBL charge 2 in my closet and it still had a charge after sitting for like two years

    71. Sam Uden

      All I've learned from this video is that I want some Focal Shape 65s

    72. Gordon Irving

      first time post. great show your friggen hilarious! I especially like how you have the audiophile sidecar thing to your episodes. Funny thing is watching the sound comparison, the Focals had me thinking they sound great i should get me a set, and the whole time its my hifi reproducing the sound lol. I was waiting for the perfect video to ask about the hot chick Bluetooth speakers and you solved that for me haha but ya love the show man. Liked and shared

    73. Hussain12d

      Dude im watching this on headphones that make EVERYTHING sound good and the iPhone still sounds like dogwater

    74. joshandee

      "for those of us to take baths" - DankPods 2021

    75. mas fras

      What a name song test 00:46

    76. Crazy Q

      Try a galaxy note. Best phone with stereo speakers

    77. Davi Novo

      the red one with a cross would look metal asf upside down

    78. Wolf_ Paw72

      Focal Shape 65: Sounds like a really fancy and atmospheric restaurant that would be perfect for a date iPhone 12 Big Edition: Sounds like that one elevator ride that stinks of nicotine and is full of people coughing their lungs out

    79. Harvest

      As someone with a hearing impediment the first JBL was the only speaker with bass other than the big one

    80. Jose ricotaconachoquesadillamandillajones

      The megaboom is probably best value

    81. Liam Ledbetter

      1:14 looks like my iPhone 7+ without the crack

    82. Patrik Tőkés

      If you guys wanna know the song is "Walk Through the park "

    83. H

      My jbl go 2 sounds much better that that one

    84. Darth Sped

      The go 2 looks like a mini box fan though doesnt it

    85. Khaki Wolf

      The change from your studio speakers to the JBL Charge 4 is SO NOTICEABLE compared to the Tribit and the Boom 3. It sounds like an old telephone! I was not at all surprised that the Tribit was one of the best. I have the full sized Tribit Stormbox and it sounds amazing.

    86. Max Urban

      I still have the ue boom. Dropped it imto some nasty water. Works find to this day. As well AS the JBL xtreme2 thats a real heavy dude

    87. TheMrSky YTHelpES

      The efm toledo had a higher pitch or I'm crazy?

    88. Gsiwytw Xhsuwyhs

      The shiny korean only form because stepdaughter significantly extend a a thoughtless star. different, bright handicap


      Throw them in salt water

    90. Adam Mihalko

      Those things on the side are called passive radiators they let air out through the surrounds with out them they would not sound as good

    91. Anna

      my god, that first sentence sounded like absolute gibberish on first listen.

    92. Cloud Mod YT

      as someone who's not as apt in detecting audio quality, he'll do these comparisons and i'll be like "that wasn't too bad" and he'll say "AHAHAHAH THAT WAS TERRIBLE" and i'll be like "ah yes that was very shitty"

    93. Poodleinacan

      The last "water-proof" mini-speakers I had broke after some time in my bathtub. They were rated to be proof down to 10 meters underwater... Water got in it in less than 30 cm of water.


      Id get the go 2

    95. William Wrobel


    96. Sotoboxios

      can you try the sony SRS-XB12 its inexpensive and in my opinion way better than the go 2 but is a little bigger than the go 2

    97. KittyLitty

      i have the 200 jbl so cool

    98. TroniX FiX

      JBL Boombox 2 🤪

    99. Ty Wyeth

      The radiators on the JBL are pretty decent for what you get

    100. StarSeeker

      12:10 that thing screamed before you dunked it