My new favourite audio thing. (Fiio M15)


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    1. xRIOTx

      i might grab the hur dur six hun drr

    2. Mohammad Syed

      Ok, you reviewed this over-the-top high-res music player. I want you to review the budget FiiO M6 for the 99.99% of people who can't afford the FiiO M15.

    3. The 404 Error

      The Fiio M15 is literally just a futuristic walkman. *Peter Quill wants to know your location.*

    4. Bad Modern Art

      This man is the perfect balance of "family friendly" without being directed at children. Tbh i didn't even notice that he keeps it fairly clean till i heard "I fn love these"

    5. HS

      I thought my NW-A45 was good, guess it's not

    6. Diegoivan

      Where do you get flax files for download?

    7. Breakfast Plan

      Bro... Drop the Dt 770 pro and go to the Dt 1770 pro 250ohm. Plug them into the M15 and I promise you, you will be completely blown away!

    8. Maddox Gamer 2411

      Saving for one

    9. Aaron Watkins

      It’s cool if u got shit loads of money or u get it for free lol

    10. alief zidane

      An ultimate power move is to play geometry dash with a high-end pair of headphones on the fiio M15

    11. Loststylus

      The UI seems more laggy than iPod 5 gen :)

    12. Passive Bot

      pc vs consoles : *shows OUYA*

    13. awfulzed

      Ohm stands for Oh Hell Mate that’s a lot of ohms

    14. austin tea

      I watch this channel constantly, I've seen this video like 3 or more times because I love the channel, he makes learning about music fun and has become my favorite Australian ever.


      Immagine playing minecraft on your dac amp

    16. WillFulForza

      Can u do a recommend for “cheap” amps and dacs? Under $100 usd

      1. Epic B

        He has recommended the Fiio BTR5, which is a Bluetooth DAC that's around 150 dollars. I can't speak for myself though, I don't have a BTR5.

    17. d vandenberg

      What I like about Dank, is that he's a rare breed of "not-an-asshole-audiophile" person. The kind of guy that if I told him I mainly listen to music through a 2.1 Altec-Lansing desktop system or a USB LogiTech headset, he'd probably respond "as long as it works mate, but maybe grab a pair of Senny hundos."

    18. KoolDude No-lastname

      4:07 well the Fiio M15 is technically another box for electronics

    19. RealTeam Gaming

      can i get a purchase link for them headphones mate

    20. Tinkeround Backyard

      Dang i wish i had that colorfly

    21. Rolig

      your dream is to have portable T1s, my dream is to expand upon that and have some sort of monster fusion between the M15 and a phone; imagine doing calls from this thing!

    22. Sergej Keser

      Can you take a look at Fiio's M3 Pro player, for some of us plebs who dont have the money for m15? It would be amazing to hear your toughts on it!

    23. Freakshowed

      Other People: (Watch DankPods for advice on good audio stuff) Why I Watch DankPods: Hehe Funny Australia Man Get Angry At Funni Audio Nugget Also missed opportunity to show the "3D" Effect of the Headphones compared to the Sennfelds using the Ear Podium, but eh this was a video on the Fiio not the headphones so who am I to judge hell you might've made a video on em' and I must've missed it or something, I dunno

    24. lonewolfplays

      Watching an iPhone user struggle with Android will never not be funny

    25. WahidTrynaHeghugh

      My friend, have you heard of buying used hifi speakers? Even stuff from the 80’s can still knock your socks off.

    26. Aryx PlayZ

      Ahhhhh that’s what I like

    27. kfl611

      Hi Frank.

    28. Velv

      Amusingly enough, some time after this video Beyerdynamic released a revision of the T1s that drop the impedance all the way down to a staggering 32 ohms! Portable T1s for everyone!

    29. Akram Safirul

      This is what i love about this channel, usually other casual review channel is only entertaining when they're reviewing garbage products and getting frustrated over it. But you, you make even the good product review really entertaining, must be a first!

    30. fclp67

      If it can't play Deezer lossless then why bother

    31. MoneyT20 10

      poor dank....

    32. LaShids

      I can't stop thinking about T1 + Primax8k + Movie that was actually filmed for vk. Just sit in your chair, actually having everything around. God it would be... Orgasm level experience

    33. Digital Smoke

      Android is basically Linux and since Linux is integrated in 85% > how is it you have granny level knowledge operating electronics in 2020?

    34. Krayoz Mines

      Dank pods pls review the Shanling Up4. Maybe compare it to the BTR5?

    35. That One Guy Who Makes Bad Videos

      this thing is the best nugget of all time i shed a tear just looking at it

    36. Daniel Černý

      I loved your vids until you dissed on Android

    37. Follow The Fun

      Hey man what phone is that? It’s not a phone, it’s an epic music player that runs android :)

    38. Kurt Eichorn

      Oh man, I love the DT 770s, they're a phenomenal bang for the buck.

    39. c0neh _

      11:18 ¿gd?

    40. Tanish Nitin Patil

      Mom can we have a new laptop Mom : No we already have a laptop at home Laptop at home : 0:11

    41. Tanish Nitin Patil

      Mom can you buy speakers? Mom : We already have speakers at home Speakers at home : 0:14

    42. JR_UK

      Dude, your videos are fun!

    43. k moods

      Why is this already discontinued?

    44. mmartinisgreat

      Audiophiles are full of shit

    45. Max Maidment

      I want this to be my new phone so bad. Wish it were cheaper but I guess the price isn't unwarranted.

    46. Justan1cecub3

      I wish I could have the fiio m15

    47. Ferry Muhammad Nur

      DankPods: change mode to get out of game Virtual Home Button: "am i joke to you?"

    48. B34ST

      Not quite sure why you got a dongle in a 6plus but alright

    49. Tanvir Hossain

      And yet I'm watching this on a 5 year old phone with a 5$ earphone✌️

    50. Rami Riefert

      Anybody ever used Viper4Android? Would love to see that combined with the DAC blowing up headphones 😂

    51. Jean Marceaux

      *BIG STINK*

    52. Minik Pedersen

      Why is this not a phone? 🤔

    53. James

      They put the buttons on the wrong side for righties. Means you have to press them with your fingers or cover the screen with your hand to use your thumb. I think this could be a patent risk with the Sony flagship.

    54. Raven Shadow

      I love your videos x)

    55. Raven Shadow

      This is great! A suggestion I have would be links to buy the headphones and feo or the website for fio etc in the description, it would just be convenient

    56. The Doctor

      you can swipe away from the charging port to bring up the home button

    57. plaxy100

      better touchscreen a cellular module and you have an audiophiles dream cometrue smart phone

    58. Wòofy Wòoflez

      Why, oh why did you not connect the fiio btr5 to this thing and open the settings for it in the app I wanted a FiiO-ception

    59. Green Robot

      So good to watch your videos while stoned

    60. Neel Panchal

      The processor is still slow an software update is necessary📱

    61. Sebastian Stroissnigg

      I want this and headphones that are actually worth this things power... Meanwhile I'm sitting here with my Philips fidelio x2hr and my bose qc35-3 (and my old akg k702 that have qc issues every time I buy them) with a Behringer Xenyx q502 usb as a DAC and amp... Don't get me wrong, it's a great setup, but I really want to get into the high end shit

    62. scottishmaninblue2

      If you like Bass on your music player you should check out the company Cowon. They make some good players with settings to help boost the amount of Bass to put into your music.


      looks like a carbon fiber back

    64. Sparrow

      Bit late to the party, but I highly recommend checking out the Topping NX4 DSD! Such a great portable DAC and headphone amplifier, I drive my Beyerdynamics with it and use it almost daily.

    65. Niels van der Waa

      Hey, despite all the goodness in this video i have to ask, those surely look like replacement pads on those 770's. Got a link? Mine are done for(and never looked that thicc :^])

    66. Gwesha

      i want to try and use poweramp on this or you know get someone to make a video doing that lmao

    67. Shadow

      Im a noob when it comes to soundsystems. Ive got a question. Why does my soundssystem have less ohms than most of these headsets ? Is it cause of bigger cables ? (It has 4-8 ohms per tower and i have 2 of them)

      1. Shadow

        @FriedEgg wonderfull explanation thank you

      2. FriedEgg

        I am also a noob, but I used to build coils for my vapes. Ohms is a measure of resistance in a circuit. Resistance is how hard a source needs to push to get the current around a circuit. How hard the source is pushing is measured in volts. Low resistance circuits (like your speakers) can actually carry more current (amps) than high resistance circuits. So ohms is not indicative of how much power something can output. The potential advantage of high resistance (ohms) headphones is more control by the source; it's easier for some amps to make fine adjustments to voltage when the resistance is high. This is a huge simplification, but high resistance circuits need current pushing round them, but low resistance circuits want to suck current, which can be more stressful for a source.

    68. Ethan Cowdell

      mmmmm server parts

    69. HwareMega

      Tried one of these a couple of days ago it was almost as good as an Astell&Kern.

    70. Stefan Egger

      I don't know, 300 Ohms? I only heard of 4 or 8 Ohm speakers, even my Harman Kardon Home Cinema SAT-TS60 are just 8 Ohms, and GameBoy loudspeakers are also 8 Ohmw from what I remember, so I don't know why this is 300 Ohms to be honest. I dont even think thats any standard value of speakers.

    71. kyestar88

      "It's own interface" M8 that's literally just android and given your an apple boy you just commited treason BWAHAHAHAH

      1. Matthew Ockey

        @kyestar88 He's not an apple addict

      2. kyestar88

        @Matthew Ockey I was trying to make a joke because he's an apple addict, most apple addicts won't touch android.

      3. Matthew Ockey

        For the music mode

    72. Dan Loeb

      "fiio designed their own user interface for it". Bro that's just android.

      1. Matthew Ockey

        For the music mode

    73. Bad Att Gaming

      The thing kinda looks like an insulin pump tbh.

    74. DVD UWU


    75. noah jones

      Just get an lg V series phone, can drive up to 600ohms

    76. Razvan S

      the way you throw a funny spinoff on everything you do on this channel and the energy you share, makes me wanna lay off the caffeine(that was a compliment) gj and gg my guy

    77. Ronald Rohan

      I didn't know snakes pooped until today

    78. Vash The Stampede

      Damn, you are rich...

      1. EmptyVending

        @Matthew Ockey Dipshit if they sent him products to review for free that is fucking sponsored.

      2. Matthew Ockey

        @EmptyVending So you're an idiot as well. First, the video isn't sponsored. Second, he spend more than a minute detailing that they asked him if they could send him anything. Lastly, get the fuck over yourself

      3. EmptyVending

        @Matthew Ockey No need to be an asshole he only mentions it like one or two times and yes *THIS* video was sponsored but a lot of them aren't with expensive stuff, you can't deny he is a bread box. The person made a reasonable mistake, have you thought about anger management?

      4. Matthew Ockey

        They gave it to him are you deaf

    79. Sammy Lawrence

      Its a literal phone disigued as a mp3 player

    80. thành lên xuân

      The proud collar hopefully number because suggestion splenomegaly switch before a unable sneeze. undesirable, mindless badge

    81. Michael

      You can have nav controls stay on...

    82. Niko L


    83. Peter Affinass

      So many box cuz of so many bucks 😂

    84. rgaufman

      What would you recommend as an affordable reasonable quality amp for the HD600?

    85. Louisville Tech

      have him buy the LG v60 please dankpods buy it

    86. Skyler Batto

      Watching an Apple fanboy trying to use Android,.... I face palmed so hard, I nearly broke my neck.

      1. Matthew Ockey

        Not a fanboy

    87. Young Magick

      This guys energy is infectious.... Am I allowed to say that in 2021? 😷

    88. M0nkyyy

      Malls balls reference. Fucken hell. Adelaide represent

    89. SkiVermont

      I present to you the xudoo xd05 plus the answer to all your portable power hungry needs

    90. shree govind

      Try the LG v series mobile phones they've quad DAC which can drive upto 600 ohms

    91. Concept Creator

      Love you for also throwing shade at the removal of the headphone jack! It is such a pain! All for the damn money

      1. sUur SUits

        Sony's still keeping it

      2. AlterSchwede WieGeil

        I'm so happy I bought the motorola Edge Plus. Best Phone I've had so far! And it's got a headphone jack! Granted The dac is just like any other but - whatever. It support's Bluetooth, AAC, aptX, aptX-HD and LDAC

      3. jezusmylord

        Renders for fat Jon!

      4. Firey Hi


    92. valentyn1

      You should test AK Alpha Kann

    93. Joshua Roefs

      Watching him using Android is painful 😂

    94. B Quarsh

      “Little tab so you can get a micro sd in it, kinda like an iPhone” huh?

    95. Mari Cruz

      My brother watches this channel, and when he showed me a couple of videos, I thought it was funny but I wasn't really interested. My brother said he loved watching these videos because he couldn't stop for some reason lol. Now I'm here and I've been binge watching this channel for the last week and I love it.

    96. July 3301

      how to exit. scroll down

    97. Doge

      To me fiio sounds like a juice brand

    98. Elijah Aitaok

      Man I can’t wait until these become available to the poor

      1. Hard Gms

        There are cheaper players from Fiio with amazing sound quality too man! I recommend the M9, M6, or the cheaper M3 Pro.

    99. Lazar Yoda

      “It’s a chonkster, but its allowed to be a chonkster”

    100. Jane Doe

      i kinda want you to try lg quad dac phones, they claim to run cans up to 600 ohm, and like i use them to run my iems and it makes them sound really fucking good