Minecraft, But You Can Mine Everything With Your Fist...


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    Minecraft, But You Can Mine Everything With Your Fist... (Challenge)

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    This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, I added my fist is insanely overpowered! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This was stupidly fun.

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    1. Wisp

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      1. Sam Bawse

        I'm watching your yt vid in bed

      2. Curtis Carter

        Iron golem idk how to spell im a kid about to be in 4th grade ;-;

      3. Sinan Kiymaz

        Help me it doesn't work 😞

      4. Megan Lee

        I like you can break bedrock

      5. Taghreed Abdullah

        Make blazes help you kill ender dragon

    2. Xzanti Leighle Lazaleta

      You should have found tons of villages bc alot of villages = alot of iron golems

    3. Sapien C

      Villagers beat the game for you

    4. Arick and Olivia

      Wisp died like a lot of times but was he in hardcore?

    5. Aimee Aguero


    6. Double G


    7. Sean Wu

      Do you think that your hand is like in creative


      snow golem

    9. james hall

      Where was the ender dragon spawn egg?

    10. Esti Honig

      you should get ghasts to beat the game for you

    11. Diego Sanchez

      Video idea : Minecraft but my hand has fortune 3 Good or idea or not???

    12. MOHtube everyday


    13. michelle mak


    14. jon jon

      can you mine bedrock with your fist

    15. Renaldo Joseph

      Ain Golden

    16. kokkyplayz

      Use ender man cuz if the ender dragon hits enderm man the ender man will try to kill the dragon

    17. Joshua Doherty


    18. Zahaw Abdullah


    19. leo

      Make a dragon spawn egg iff you can

    20. mitali badkur

      Ravager or Enderman

    21. Akshay P. Nair


    22. Charlotte The Chocolate

      Make army

    23. stormcroc

      Wisp:We need 10 likes on the video The video:Gets 2.6k dislikes

    24. Phantom X


    25. Daniel Kirchstein


    26. Coolsword

      Wisp: can kill things super fast and break everything with his first which is really op! Also Wisp:manages to die 3 times

    27. Eman Touny


    28. mne clan

      Super enchanted fists

    29. Julie Michmerhuizen

      Use wither

    30. PRO is NOT OK

      Breaking bedrock :O

    31. The NULL bg

      Tips:(kill a wither with your fist)

      1. The NULL bg

        Tips:(get a beacon)


      wisp asking for 10 likes he getting 183 k likes

    33. Elvira Sole


    34. Edona Dulaj


    35. Mohammed Ali

      U need to use idk

    36. Adam mussa

      Piglen give you manding

    37. Sarah Bryden

      Maybe wither

    38. Oshikohai gaming

      Try minecraft but piglins trades op items

    39. CHOOI JOON BOC Moe

      Iron golem to defeat enderdragon

    40. LEE JIA HAO Moe

      if you wanna destroy a village just kill a wither and place the egg in the village and run

    41. ItzMightyPlayz

      My fist is gonna hurt after this

    42. Akiro Hendrix Odi

      the wither

    43. Lanie Holmes

      U should use a chicken to help u kill the Ender Dragon!😅

    44. disco gaming

      iron golem

    45. Rakena Tolliver

      Txjdbfs jacob over JCP

    46. Mirce Adzioski


    47. Scraping Geometry dash


    48. H For Hayden

      Iron g

    49. H For Hayden

      Oh my gosh

    50. Bryan Wildeboer

      Iron golem

    51. Rodney Lowe


    52. BTSXARMY

      16:58 why is this so creepy?

    53. Cassidy Bryant

      Me : Wisp: ok BYYYYYYY

    54. Bert Christiaen


    55. khushi gacha

      Ummm but you didn't get dragon spawn egg

    56. Alyssa Evans

      Iron Golem

    57. ארבל הרצוג עברון

      u got ender dragon spwon egg?

    58. Jigz Dizon


    59. Ummi kalsum Jamil

      First crystal and portal block

    60. Khryshian D. rajah

      U use armor

    61. Rune Slot


    62. Nf #1 fan

      100 Ghasts vs the enderdragon

    63. Hannah Rojas

      The "And we are in!" never gets old

    64. Sreenivas Pasam

      I also think Iron Golem.

    65. Makayla Sander

      I choose ender dragon

    66. Stacie Arthurs


    67. jayanthi saravanan

      i love iron golems

    68. Hugo Hansén Gustavsson


    69. Oshikohai gaming

      Minecraft but the inventory are jumbling

    70. Nani Roblox

      You don’t need mobs you need TNT more better


      Shuoulf kill the gragaon with wolfes

    72. Zachary Decker


    73. Zachary Decker

      iron goloms cant hit the ender dragon

    74. Xander Sadler

      can you please make the mods free if children want to use them?

    75. Arvielle Lim

      Bruh wisp ideas are crazily make me subscribe

    76. TheNzwoodman

      I’m glowworms

    77. Enriquito Ramirez

      pigs and viligers and iron golem

    78. Subhan’s adventures

      0:57 and 1:28 **Silk touch hand moments**

    79. Cora Cook

      I just noticed but the Ghast a tear looks like a Squidward nose

    80. Tali Smith


    81. JustBaconIt

      i know what u should use to defeat the ender dragon the ender dragon

    82. Leon Dai

      can you do you can trade with mobs they are op

    83. Rowena Parayno


    84. Chloe James

      Hi wisp you are the best

    85. Afifah Al-Eid

      use the SNOWMEN lol lmao ok nvm use iron golems cuz there so strong and there health is high

    86. Sven FXSB

      I subscribe and like ok? And the comments

    87. Fernando Hamel

      iron golem

    88. akhtar butt


    89. Justine Arnott

      A army of skeletons

    90. Tracey Lingham

      I would say Blazers

    91. Mohammed Nashbat

      Iron golem

    92. Kadidia Diallo

      whither whither

    93. Right Burst

      His fists have silk touch and efficiency

    94. Estin2013 Abdulrahman

      Iron golem

    95. Estin2013 Abdulrahman

      Dit you just say hoya!?

    96. Charlie Wainford


    97. Kiara Phipps

      enderman is the best to use

    98. Arvin Dimaguila

      Wisp is the worst Minecraft youtuber ever

    99. Aidan Yum

      Irion golem obviously or WITHeR