rebirthing : Dancing with the Devil

Demi Lovato

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    “I’ve had a lot of lives - like my cat, I’m on my ninth life.”
    Demi Lovato’s explosive documentary series comes to a close with revelations about her broken engagement, her return to the studio, and exploration of moderation sobriety as she attempts to let go of her past and moves ahead living her truth.

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    Production Companies: OBB Pictures, SB Films
    Director: Michael D. Ratner
    Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Scott Manson, Kfir Goldberg, Miranda Sherman, Andy Mininger

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    1. SuperGinger

      Jordan the former assistant seems like the only one who actually cares.

    2. Nara Felipe

      Nossa, conseguiu ficar perfeita com esse cabelo

    3. Krys' World

      THIS. THIS WHOLE DAMN DOCUMENTARY IS EVERYTHING! My heart is so full of joy, FINALLY we see someone living in her truth in that industry and THAT is so refreshing, but most importantly are NOT ALONE in this sister. Keep on shining babe and live your truth ❤️💃🏽👯‍♀️❤️ ALL the LOVE and positive energy sent to you love! Love love love you Demi!

    4. Vicky !

      The “moderation” thing. 🚩 🚩 🚩 Listen to Sir Elton John, please.

    5. Claudine Criner

      This is everything, I’m SO SO happy for Demi and her honesty. I wish her well in everything she does. By the way Demi, my daughter is single 😂


      I thought skillet hahahahahaha

    7. N Gabriel

      Who else felt as soon as she said she’s engaged that it wasn’t gonna last bc he wasn’t genuine?! 🙋🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    8. Royalty by Leala MAKEUP

      I love her hair even better now!!

    9. Lohanna Oliveira

      maria gadu

    10. Edy Rodrigues

      28:19 lembrei da Cardi B kkkk Demi também tem uma risada única q me alegra 💛🇧🇷

    11. slk Bambi

      I don’t like that she states that her crippling depression is essentially a type most won’t understand. We have all been through very similar if not far worse situation but just no spotlight or millions of dollars to support us. Please still be humble, and take responsibility for your actions that have affected so many people.

    12. mike daytona

      what the f is a demi?

    13. dcbsmt

      Demi needs to have a chat with David Crosby. He's done the hard drugs and now only does weed, too.

    14. L. T.

      Is Demi actually okay? I can't tell

    15. Emily An

      relieves her guilt. She feels in control & is still able to indulge - all while feeling guilt free since they all condone her approach. I pray this works for her, and wish her only the b

    16. triplejoe

      Christina Aguilera is pure STUNNING! Omg!

    17. Eliel Barros

      tá fofa ,tipo inchada

    18. Ashley Shautice

      Demi is honestly a mess. So much of his is actually ridiculous and it seems like no one loves her enough to tell her the truth.

    19. tag ocean

      I love how the intro of every episode says “if you need help just reach out for help or contact the numbers bellow (insert here public line service). There are people who can help you. The episodes: Demi had the best of the best professionals (like 100 all from different specialities) to take care of her = drug addict for over 10 years.

    20. King yeem

      demi you chacing the wrong person. come here i may not be famous but i know i can give you the unconditional love and we both and continue to to be the better version of ourselves. =)

    21. Lea G

      Her story moves me really she has been through so much and being still as strong to keep fighting is incredible I wish I could be at least 1% strong as she is! I wish and pray so much for her to get better and her addictions to only be part of the past I really think she deserves more than anyone to live the life she dream of to be the happiest in her life in her music in everything ! Demi I pray so hard for you because you deserve it and know that you are not alone of course you have your family and friends but you have millions of people who support you in the best way ! Don’t be scared or trying to be a role model for everyone because by being yourself really even during hard time people will support you ! You can be sure of that ! Stay strong baby we love you support you and pray for you

    22. Reetta

      Only 4 episode?

    23. Amy Rae

      Not sure why you have to pay for episode 3 & 4, I though this was supposed to help people not be a money grab and promo for the album. Pretty disappointing.

    24. Amanda Stickley

      I love Elton

    25. T JAY

      20:41 GUUUURL! SANG IT! 😍

    26. Kali Burnham

      The friends she has I dream of having 🥰

    27. Tab Wayland

      Is she not PoC?

    28. Kristen Miranda

      No episode 5?

    29. 777

      I pray for her well being and health and continued growth.

    30. Charlene Bargas

      I’m in recovery from drugs and alcohol for the last two years. For me....I can’t use any substance but for many others I have met in my recovery that isn’t true for them. Recovery is a very personal journey and it doesn’t have to include complete abstinence. Recovery is very different from sobriety. Those of us whom have overcome our addictions and have rebuild our lives; the main focus isn’t complete abstinence. The main focus is finding control in rebuilding our lives. Once we figure out how to do life in a healthy way, abstinence is no longer issue.

    31. J Aaron

      OT but the crystal water bottle? 21:49 I need it!

    32. bernardahd

      Is this the last episode?

    33. Tamara Tamaraa

      Why did her ex-assistant quit??? She is responsable for saving Demi


      She dosnt need all them people around.. All they want is her Money..

    35. LA LA

      I cannot believe so many people are co signing this BS. This is enabling at the worst. I'm not a fan nor a hater but I watched the last documentary due to it being a suggest watch and I saw the fakery then. What I'd see is the real honestly about the real damage she's done to her organs.

    36. K P

      Britney Spears with that haircut

    37. 412 Girl

      Never say never demi! Trust me, I said that a few times. I smoke weed now but not drinking. The weed keeps my anxiety and depression in check and it's been years since I've touched dope. My boyfriend died the day I got clean.

    38. Valante Switcher

      I'm so glad that you are alive

    39. Gemma Partington

      “Recovery isn’t a one size fits all solution” - Demi. Wise words indeed.❤️

    40. Amandine Mmt

      I think she is trying her best and trying to be the best version of herself . Recovering from any addiction is hard . Moderation can be the only way to help through the all process.

    41. Catalina Gonzalez

      was this the last one...?

    42. bb26

      This girl is so lost. So sad. So much talent and beauty but she is running from the truth

    43. Lucy Marchant

      I wish the best for Demi. I never want to speak for Demi or her experiences or her recovery, but from what we have been able to see in this series, it seems that there’s so much she still has to work through from being thrown into the limelight too soon. Possibly leaving the industry for an extended period of time could be beneficial and not having her music be a business, but more of a form of therapy and self expression. I do worry for her safety and her health that moderation will lead to a slippery slope, as Elton John said, but I hope she can find a balance. I hope her friends and family are actually a support system and not feeding into the problem.

    44. Nan Nan

      The mom pisses me off sorry not sorry, I feel like she doesn’t get the severity of Demi’s hurt in her life & she seems emotionless throughout the whole documentary

    45. Kenton Gonzales

      6 months top....she will relapse

    46. Cian Graue

      She will relapse. Smoking and drinking counts as a relapse. Also the political angle is cringe.


      Come on Demi. Im ready for music!!!

    48. Jai Elisabeth

      Smoke some weed And wax Demi and do anything else u got this girl ur legit fthe media

    49. michekay

      The reason addicts are warned not to use moderation is because if they could moderate successfully, they wouldn’t be an addict in the first place. I wish her well, but I don’t see moderation working out.

    50. Lillian Galle

      The last thing she needs is an outside relationship. She MUST work on herself, learn to be with only herself, heal and make peace with her past. And that California sober is a joke!!!! If moderation actually worked, she would never have been an addict. Demi needs to leave Hollyweird, she can record from anywhere. AA states, in order to work one's sober plan, one must be willing to change "people, places and things", that will trigger a relapse. Demi still isn't willing to work a true AA program. And she has too many enablers on her payroll.

    51. Amaya Monique

      We were talking in my psychology class about how addiction never goes away you just learn to cope with it and ways to work around it., and try to live your life the best you can. I love Demi and I am soo proud of Demi as a supporter of just her as a person and someone who has gone through similar things. I hope she's here for a veryyyyyy long time.

    52. Cherie B

      So the moral of this story is to..... keep drinking and drugging?? Oh.

    53. Royalty by Leala MAKEUP

      Ok but are we not going to talk about her Selena shirt🤩

    54. lylilou

      I am so sad for her 😔

    55. Breezee Gonzales


    56. Ari Zepeda

      Que bueno mujer que ya estés mejor, hay mucha gente que te ama y te apreciamos, eres una excelente cantante, y artista. Recuerda que Cristo nos ama pero no nos obliga a seguirle, en esta nueva oportunidad de vida ojala y quieras permitirle a Cristo que el reine tu vida y sea tu Señor y Rey. Bendiciones.

    57. Kiana E

      Can anyone tell me how to watch without paying?

    58. aly be

      Demi, get out of the states for two years, go to a third world country and look for ways to help those people. When you out of your head and not focusing on your problems and helping others, that will give you special high, a natural high. It will fulfill you with joy. Get a smaller home but a bigger back yard where you can take a walk in a peaceful place. Get plants full of beautiful colors to uplift you. Less is more, having a big home makes a person feel alone if its not packed with people.

    59. Utubequeer

      2020 it was my best year too, cause I've been thru a lot of things and finally it was like I have the time to restart my life.

    60. allison wilton

      Did they get other celebrities to get on the documentary just to give baseless compliments.. it’s like even Demi’s team nows that she will come off as unlikable

    61. allison wilton

      Demi seems really toxic...

    62. soinhu foitu

      Elton took the words out of my mouth....the others are just the “yes” men around her. With peace and love 🌚

    63. Big E

      You dropped your hair because you lost your mind grow your hair back because you look gorgeous I will leave the freaky stuff the freaks

    64. Vivian Taube

      I am clean and sober as of November 15, 1993. I totally agree with Elton John on moderation. It didn't work for me, either. In fact, I OD'ed twice in early 1993 and later that summer--before I got clean and sober eventually--by combining my psych med, lithium eskalith, with a little alcohol, having long since given up heavy drinking when "friends" I did that with abandoned me, when I stood up to their racism and anti-Semitism in 1990. The pill bottle probably said not to combine the drug with alcohol, but it was so long ago, I, frankly, don't recall. So, I agree with Elton--moderation doesn't work.

    65. Madeline L.

      Demi has narcissistic personality disorder. Everyone knows shes still using too

    66. Grace Bokelman

      She’s so damn hot with that haircut tho😍


      Ok but Demi’s new hair is BEAUTIFUL

    68. Brittany Renee’

      You are beautiful I struggled with addiction 2 years and I honestly thought, I completely failed as a person. Thank you for being you and sharing your story with the world.

    69. Just J.R.

      Her transformation is breathtaking. Wishing everyone healing & truth & knowledge of self.

    70. Ana Hernandez

      Is anyone else having trouble viewing this? Mine says it requires payment to watch 😩

    71. kait1n1

      this documentary was incredibly powerful but f*ck youtube ads are you seriously going to play me some fat-phobic diet trend while she's talking about her struggle with bulimia?

    72. Ushi- daddi

      Ok but why is no one talking about how grogeous she looks like with her new hair? drop-dead beautiful.

    73. Maria Di Leva

      I’m so scared for Demi. She was such a huge figure in my life while I was growing up that watching this is so heartbreaking

    74. Brooklyn Javonna

      I love you Demi!

    75. HollyKat

      whats up w the new age spirituality? I thought Demi was a christian.

    76. Nikol

      I dont think Demi is sober even these days maybe after this documentary She and All her friends go to take some drugs because obviously they supporting her in that

    77. Nikol

      Demi Talking how Bad people treating her but She is too the one who ignoring people who trying to support her sooo ?

    78. Nikol

      Omg her mom act like She know the best but She was the one who was calling her fat in her childchood times so? She did this to her daughter .... physicly hurting her with words👀💀✌️

    79. Lovely Louie

      I really love Demi's frienship with her 2 friends, they're really amazing and supportive. I'm so happy Demi has people like that around her.

    80. Isabelle Smith

      Okay but can we talk about how well Demi pulls off that haircut??? Like 😳😍😍😍 im in LOVE with it

    81. Joe Gibbons

      "Maybe if I just drink half, I'll be half buzzed, for half the time, who's the mastermind behind that little line, with that kind of rationale, I got half a mind, to have another glass of wine" -Marshall mathers (shady)

      1. Julia S

        and that buzz takes more and more.

    82. Julie Diaz

      I love her laugh btw😂😂

    83. Julie Diaz

      She's amazing! I wish we were friends.

    84. Sarah Luv Burkhardt

      I wish I could use in moderation but I’m an addict and unfortunately can not. It took me 10 years to accept that. Demi is undoubtably brave for sharing her experience with the word and she has a incredibly genuine laugh!!! I don’t know if she’s ready and I obviously don’t know her but I do know that despite her fears if I can do it she can. I wish her the best on her journey. And you don’t have to say “I’m never going to do this again” just take it one day at a time or bit by bit if you need to. Tell yourself I’m not gonna use all morning then tell yourself I’m not gonna use through lunch etc etc


      Proud of you girl!!!

    86. Cat M

      as someone with type two bipolar, I appreciate anyone who opens up about their personal experiences with it. I’m so grateful that we are moving towards breaking the stigma around it

    87. Ciris c

      Moderation doesn't work for an addict, that's why you are an addict because you don't know how to stop..

    88. Zera's Kitchen

      With those kinds of people around her, she will not recover. That's the tragic side of LITERALLY dancing with the devil, you don't realize what you give away until you suffer the consequences

    89. Anabella

      This is a very honest video, however the moderation is very concerning. Addiction is powerful, and when given even an inch, it will ask and take so much more. I do hope she finds peace, but dangerous waters are dangerous waters and I say that for anyone struggling with this issue, because it is no easy feat. Relapse is a real concern for addicts, and moderation is a risky path to choose in battling it.

    90. Dis Johnson

      She got fat tho

    91. Mariana Siqueira

      "That" Scooter Braum? 🙄🙄🙄

    92. Jenn Martinello

      Wonder what she thinks about this commander and chief now? 2021 and it's just getting worse! Well I enjoy this documentary the most the political part with a big mistake. Wishing her the best...

    93. Crystal

      So happy for her and this is so Inspirational to continue self care in deep ways.

    94. Lynee Anna Salvatore

      I really really just wanna give Demi a hug.❤

    95. Janet Slater

      I sure hope that she is able to come off of the drugs before they take over again.

    96. WhisperEve

      I love her laugh at the end!!

    97. Destiny Lopez

      My pa, he was doing many many drugs. Mostly crack. And Drinking. I am one of 9 children. We all sing. We have a story to tell. Don't know where to start. It feels impossible. But the Most High knows all. This is something that only I am that I am can fix. My dteam... My ultimate dream. Has been to unite with all of us. Together. And sing a couple songs together ❤ sing our hearts out! It might not help but hopefully... Itll make a turn around. For the world 🌎💙 Peace be unto you Mama! 💕

    98. Nadja Tommo

      Elton speaking nothing but the truth 👏🏻

    99. Lucas Matos

      "There is no failure except in no longer trying.” ―Elbert Hubbard

    100. K. T. S

      She gonna come out as gay soon.