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    This is the greatest officer greg of All Time

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    1. that boi

      Charlie is so under appreciated but it’s understandable because they would expect him to do as good as he did in the hunger games but he carried that movie franchise if he wasn’t in there it wouldn’t have been anywhere NEAR how good it is

    2. that boi

      Commenting until it comes out in 4 days!!

    3. your boy edsel

      3 more days

    4. Duoxel

      Yeahhhh baby 4 daysssss

    5. Jeb Chung

      Wait a minute isn’t Tom Holland older than Charlie lol

    6. Deep Fried

      My calendar is marked i cant wait for this masterpiece

    7. EzoWik

      I’ll never forget the first video I saw was his slender man gameplay when I was in 4th grade and now I’m about to graduate 💀

    8. Nic Connor

      I love that an entire 1/5th of this video is him gloating about is mockingjay part 😂

    9. Mitchell Smith

      This man needs a oscar

    10. Zora

      His acting is actually really good

    11. Morfarson 8

      A true magnum opus

    12. Weeb Love

      I really wanna see this movie now

    13. dumb monkey

      10 days left POGGERS

    14. Toha

      if u dont get an oscar its rigged am i able to vote for charlie to win lol

    15. Rohan Sharma

      Charlie is the best method actor of all time

    16. Logan G. Mohler

      Charlie, I dare you do make your own movie

    17. XxmyckxX

      How is he not laughing dude I would be losing my shit

    18. Cote Studios 92

      Congrats on the new movie Charlie

    19. Adam c

      Powerful, gripping performance!

    20. xuanbao Xb2103


    21. not jusjusin !

      ngl Charles looks like post Malone without the tattoos perfection

    22. FORK FARM

      "Luke...I am your father" "Life is like a box of chocolates." "What'd you wanna do? Shut it down?"

    23. John Marston

      I truly feel that for the first time since The Dark Knight someone has managed to ascend to that unparalleled level of acting that Heath Ledger achieved all those years ago, and that someone is Charles White - Christopher Nolan

    24. boxcar

      wtf? charlie’s the “what do you want me to do, shut it down?” guy?

    25. Chunkypeanutbutterbaby

      Spiderman, but instead of using wrist shot webs, he uses wrist mounted sex toy launchers

    26. mitouto

      I guess Officer Greg was the final girl of the movie if he died during it Charlie wouldn't be sitting here today talking to us he'd be in a goddamn coma with doctors not knowing if he'd ever wake up since he gives so goddamn much to his acting

    27. blakk

      I love when he makes the joke about replacing Tom Holland and then you see him smile and cut to the next part lmfao

    28. Szceptic Guerrero

      I have to get this damn movie. I already preordered it. I am genius

    29. Baleegh Ishtiaq

      may 14th?, day after my birthday

    30. Sir MrProfessor

      O.G. Will go down in history as the greatest character ever conceived.

    31. AbroadCrown X Gaming

      He looks small in the photo lmao 😂

    32. xWhiteJoshx

      To be fair, his acting is actually good lmao.

    33. mobius1966

      gonna watch that for sure.

    34. Mari w


    35. Raj Bikash

      Jesus as a cop now I have seen it all

    36. EP1X

      Ok but seriously hiring a BGclipr as an actor for an otherwise obscure movie is actually an extremely genius idea. Likely hundreds of thousands in revenue completely free.

    37. No Name

      Make sure my gf wears a diaper so she doesn’t soil the seats after watching the acting performance

    38. No Name

      It releases on Mark Zuccerbergs and George Lucas’s birthday

    39. Lentwolf

      What about the rock

    40. Kalinna Vyacheslavovna

      I'll give you 29000 highfives if it comes out May 4th for my birthday

    41. Nikola Nixon Nadlački

      Ugh man, can't wait

    42. Jeff Jacob

      Cant 'wait :D

    43. yashar mj

      Well I wish to see you playing as joker in the future dc movies :))))

    44. GuyWithaTophat

      you know what else releases may 14th? Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    45. KakaTui

      Me wanna see

    46. mp

      I’m guessing you replaced Keanu reeves in John wick.

    47. Vertigo

      “Charles White is great” - Stanley Kubrick

    48. Frank Sinatra

      My birthday is on may 14th!

    49. Macroplanet

      Leonardo DiCaprio could NEVER Al Pacino could NEVER Frances McDormand could NEVER Charlie White is the definition of acting.

    50. Kerry Ogburn

      with all this build up if he doesnt die within the first three seconds of stepping out of his car and never mentioned again throughout the movie ill be disappointed.

      1. Joey Kessler

        I hope huggbees doesn't die

    51. Eminso

      It doesn’t exist...

    52. ZombieFloof


    53. CRISIS

      I fuckin love Charles humor 🤣

    54. Mr. Sparky

      Charlie is a top tier waffler

    55. Haidyn Fern

      Officer Greg the movie gets a 110% on the moist meter

    56. Mmightee 73

      No offense but u did movies

    57. rdizzle 2002

      I’m down officer greg

    58. george

      is that the dude from hunger games?

    59. Lucidity

      I'll wait for the audiobook

    60. The Krazy Komment King

      Pretty soon he'll be Keanu's stunt double in the future "John Wick" series if he keeps at it.

    61. Gone Manic


    62. Cool Guy 117

      Man your moving up the steps next thing you know he's gunnu be a director

    63. Pogchamp

      The best actor in history

    64. TheRedManda

      After watching this video, I had to rip every single movie poster I have just because I was disrespecting your masterful performance of Officer Greg

    65. KING_ glokkz blangin

      I’m crying 😂

    66. Heavenlyy

      my new dbd survivor officer greg

    67. CFI Secure

      All that picture showed me was how '"tall" Charlie is.

      1. Parker Rivera


    68. Bob Ross

      how does this man keep such a straight face?

    69. Mogul Khantouchthis

      I believe it

    70. Shizzy McCreepy

      Charles, I'm going to pirate your movie

    71. spider

      Oh yeah you are from hunger games I knew I recognized you

    72. JR. Beast

      Damn my guy inspired Tom Holland to be my least favourite Spider-Man in the movies

    73. Pumpkin

      best movie of all time

    74. First name Last name

      I just wanna see Charlie swing around in a fucking spider suit

    75. Keigen Gam3s

      So hyped for the movie bro

    76. popo loco

      May 14th is actually my birthday and this will be my favorite gift thanks Charlie you are the GOAT

    77. [Username Deleted]

      [Comment Deleted]

    78. Odell Enrique

      Shitty acting tbh

    79. Reeo Thec

      ok so in the scene where Charlie is in the cop car. He's sitting on a booster seat... prove me wrong.

    80. Power angel

      This man is such a talented Actor

    81. Jaspa

      But can he fake cry tho?

    82. Jonny Boi

      yoooo this comes out in my birthday, ima watch it then

    83. NintendoCat Gaming

      I am going to stream it illegally, Charlie

    84. ElginRing

      Wall-E or the old guy from Up? Come on now

    85. E&L Cards

      Thanks for the birthday present Charlie, May 14th is a dope premiere date

    86. Emy WizzY

      Plot twist: They didn't actually cast him for being the best actor alive they did it cuz he will bring audience to watch the movie.

    87. SpaceYT

      I never knew the world renowned actor Charles white had a BGclip channel

    88. N8THEGR8

      Charlie is young Mr. Satan

    89. Aura Wolf

      May 14th babyyyyyyy

    90. Venom


    91. It’sactuallyme

      You would’ve had to cut your hair, 0/10 for realism

    92. Sexy Turnip

      Charles white from braking bad was inspired by this man

    93. Hayden Nininger

      For anyone seeing this from the outside, this is all a joke. Don't take Charlie too seriously.

    94. Kangus Shangus

      3:53 I just realized that was Charlie and not a female police officer reading the script.

    95. Monke

      If there was a sarcasm award this guy would get it and sarcastically thank the sarcasm academy

    96. Evan

      I cant wait for james to kill voint charlie's movie

    97. Logan Tilley

      Okay buddy

    98. Jochem kromhout

      Im unironically super exited to see him act

    99. SleepyXtrap

      Named my cat after u

    100. Mariya Takeuchi

      man has completed life and is just doing side missions