My Sisters Hate Me Because I'm The Favorite (Animated Story Time)


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    1. Kira Irby


    2. Kira Irby

      I subscribed like a megaphone want you know that I like watching your videos I like everything in and I like all your videos that you watch

    3. TK Pika

      The dasher at her door Doordash:........

    4. Jason Dalgado-Molloy

      What about the other 4 kids!

    5. Jason Dalgado-Molloy

      I don't understand the title of the story

    6. kronercyis OTP

      Roses are red Cactus are prickly, Can I just say That escalated quickly

    7. RandomGamez

      My dad blocked Yt! ... I can comment but not watch vids! Sad.😭😭 Can anyone tell me what the video was about? What happened?

    8. Isabella Gou

      My name is Isabella

    9. Kitty Boy Power


    10. Nuša Maležič

      I always ask who is it at the door if im home alone or if i open the door and he or she ask me are yoyr parents home i said YES

    11. Deron Gaming

      In this episode we experienced the savage side of ssniperwolf

    12. Dolores Lopez

      I dont know about you guys, but I never I answer I dont open the door to anyone that I dont know. I dont care if you're my door dasher, the mailman, the police. Im not opening the door. Dude I'm neeeeeeeever opening the door, the house door 🏡🏠🚪

    13. Galaxy TIM


    14. Galaxy TIM


    15. Jaxton Duke

      I get an a+without studying

    16. Elyce keough

      H E L L O

    17. Sparsh Potival

      Sssniperwolf: I don’t answer the door to ANYONE I don't know Me:... My mom said, My mom: My family will ring me if they come over, I don't open the door to anyone at night!

    18. The Tatertot


    19. Children Butzlaff

      So I just watched this thing where you met this girl named Sam and u gave her a ps5 is that true?

    20. Trey Sampson

      I’m dead 😂😂😂😂

    21. WaSAy

      İ mean why won't they hate you

    22. Maria Bacon

      You didn’t know that and made a system

    23. Freya Rudolph

      3:31 The picture in the background 👌

    24. Sabrinka

      SSSniperWolf hi

    25. Dr hatem Musbah

      I don't know about you guys but seems like pools I do not open my door to anyone without my parents here I don't open the door but I say that I have to watch guests I can't open the door and my mom is cooking that's what I will do and if they don't hear anything I will usually open everything to make a lot of noise every TV every phone iPad laptop so it can be a lot of noise

    26. Amber Roberts

      Love lol

    27. laggs 2k

      YAY KILL THEM!!!!!!

    28. tom 108

      Yes 🥰

    29. Haley Hosley

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    30. 〖Pastelbunny〗

      is it just me, but they moved, but what about the new baby?????????????????

    31. Lianna Loper

      wait but what did all this have to do with being the fav child?

    32. Aizah Anzano2

      Haha I already watched it before

    33. Aesthetically Dead

      This could probably happen. Just not the way they told it / worded it

    34. Raylan Taulbee

      her dad went to get the milk

    35. destiny caine

      can u do part two it have a part two pleases

    36. TheWinBrinKaiden

      Olivia: Dad! I can't believe your back! (Starts Recording) Guys guess what my dad just came back from the DEAD. Me:😂🤣

    37. Azaliah Falcon


      1. Azaliah Falcon

        You today

    38. Ultimate gamer LeClaire

      Dad. I’m back

    39. Pattie Gaming

      9:04 the rhymes OOH

    40. Daniel Mahon

      Can I have a shoutout

    41. Daniel Mahon

      Your lucky your parents got back together animated Barbie doll my parents didint❤💘

    42. Anuj Mihani

      What happend to the rest of the sisters????

    43. Jack Winters

      My cat is dead everyday my tendies sunny abhe coupons from the dead banana true

    44. Piper Magic Puppy Puppy


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    46. Laura Rau

      Who records when you find a your father after years

    47. Ismail Niazi

      Oh I mean mom home oops SOS

    48. Elijah Gabriel Tero

      Hi there I'm elijah gabriel e. tero

    49. Kiim01 Jackson

      I love your videos ❤️♥️

    50. Thirdy cruz Llanera

      Five year old me seeing a stranger in the door Me who forgot stranger danger And just grab a knife I stab the stranger but lastly he ran away 7 year old me knowing the was the father of my best friend and he was just giving my notebooks I forget

    51. Happy Marley S

      I don't believe it. Not one word makes sense. 7 sisters? WAIT! I'm outta here. 😡

    52. B Oakes

      My moms sister has 3 kids

      1. B Oakes

        5 actually

    53. Aaliyah Cahill

      I always open the door to ANYONE who knocks/rings

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    55. Cozy Maria Loves Roblox


    56. Ahsoka Tano

      The darth Vader thing is funny

    57. Leylo Ilgeyte

      I love how she says hello friends it's me

    58. NSA DA BEST

      I would get scared to look out the window lol

    59. Shawn Backup Twitter

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    60. Zainab Haddad

      Sssniper wolf I ❤️ u

    61. Steve Gillespie

      I will nerve open the door

    62. Steve Gillespie


    63. Lien Tran

      But what about the other 4 sisters that you put up for adoption not really a complete family

    64. •strxwberrytosca•

      Fun fact:im the last child but im hated :,)


      omg i do that too i peck out the window and SPY

    66. L B

      I never open the door for anyone because it could be dangerous

    67. Coraline Ramirez

      He said he would give me $100 soooooooooooooooo 🤔 I let him in!!! 🤗

    68. Sheila Williams

      You should play part 2 and 3 . It s on a channel called '' My story animated

    69. Kyra loves

      Thay are 8 sister's because 4+4=8

    70. Dulce Carmona

      The girl says she is SMARTER but she is just a big SHOW OFF.

    71. Bobby Bailey Bailey

      He use reboot van

    72. Yellow OwO cat

      What happened to the other 4 kids 😶

    73. Jacqueline Pilecki

      💖💓💝💞💖💕💘💗😘💖😘😘 love

    74. Bella Yoseph


    75. Bella Yoseph

      I thought Jeremy was a good guy

    76. Rap boy

      Omg that is so weird

    77. Name IT


    78. JMedia

      So are we just about to ignore the fact of how discombobulated that story was😭😭💀

    79. halsey groffith

      Ate they on the simpsons there is duff beer and krusty chips

    80. shakima gordon

      so sad

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      I came here for gold but got tea instead

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      ur kinda funny gurlll

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      Ur pretty

    84. David Bailey

      SSSniperWolf do be being my fav youtuber

    85. Jessica Bui

      Your sister got cheated on so much no I ain't her your other sister got pregnant so early! No I ain't her .... m But me oh my bf uses me

    86. Ayaan Fida 3000

      i love SSSniperWolf... big fan

    87. Ruby Zurita

      When the girl says hey whats up guys made me laugh 😂😂😂😂😂

    88. Aiden Freeman

      Top 10 anime betrayal

    89. Serenity Gutierrez

      I love your videos so much

    90. united services

      Fly me up in to the Moon let me play among the stars let me see how spring is like on the Jupiter and Mars

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      9:32 evil laughter 🤣 😂 💀

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    94. Wyld Fyre

      I love how every time she says “dead” it’s the Fortnite death sound 😂

    95. Sexindead_77 Dhxjfh

      Sniper wolf did you know there was a part two of this video of the favorite child

    96. Brittany Dun

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    97. XOXO BRO bro

      I am the favourite child

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      1:49 frtnite sound 😂😂😂

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