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    Prince Harry, aged 33, and Ms Markle, aged 36, are to marry in the spring
    He said the "stars were aligned" when they fell in love and he proposed over roast chicken
    Appearing for photos outside Kensington Palace earlier, Prince Harry said he was "thrilled"
    The couple secretly got engaged earlier this month
    The Queen and Prince Philip are "delighted for the couple"
    Ms Markle is an actress and humanitarian campaigner
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    1. Ashley McMeakin

      Watch this compared to William and Kate...

      1. Ashley McMeakin

        I see two people in love here. I think it's sad. I love how they giggle and just stare at each other. Totally different from William and Kates interview. I think folks need to back off of them and let them live!!

    2. Pruthvi __

      Getting to know Meghan even more now.. The Narcissist behavior she has to control Harry completely.... I hope Harry doesn't affect his mental health bcoz of her... Just saw him trying to promote his wife in a red carpet... Literally shocked and feels bad to see a royal family member in such a embarrassing situation.... It can be seen clearly how fake oprah show was where Harry seems to be forced to put such comments on his family... Every Celebrity faces criticism, struggles... Not only celebrities, even we all do... And we try to solve the problem but Meghan is just not ready to do that... Just trying to play victim card... So that people treat her like Diana... While Narcissist Meghan took control of Harry's emotional weakness of trying to be hero of his mother... Feeling bad for Harry .... One side he couldn't save his mother.. And now he's stuck with this narcissist women and broke up with everything he loved thinking that Meghan was go through what his mom went through ... Feels so bad thinking of Harry's situation 💔💔

    3. Julia Ingrassia

      She's lying here, and already using the body language of hitting him with an elbow, etc., I remember watching it the first time, thinking, she is not in this because she's in love.. I - cannot believe the lies, I have only seen this the night it aired on television, not since until now, and this, is crazy knowing what we all know now..

    4. Helen Chapman

      Does anyone find it weird that they dont use each others names to eachother. It's either my husband...my wife...or he or she. Also I played this back in slow mo....Hazbo looks drugged or maybe just high on lust. This doesn't seem natural and authentic....2 overused words by these word salad tossers! Lust more than love here. Imho.

    5. Jingle Bells

      Happy anniversary!

    6. Sandra12

      He`s like her puppet, even there ....and M is like bla bla bla

    7. venus firenza

      7:11 point, focus, pop to that, never live, relative, focus, out of the gate, hit so hard, beginning with a lot of mistruths, I mAID, to, focused all of our energies on nurturing (sure ing) our relationship.......enough said from Me gun Mark all...... Sounds as if murder might be the thing already by energy weapon ., Lets hope this Lion King murderous plot is stopped and Hollywood stories don't pan out for everyone! Otherwise she and her associates will have hell to pay especially the ones running satellite cameras as they pretend to take records while killing as those satellite types are known for.

    8. Z T

      This is when I KNEW she was batshit crazy.

    9. Gemma

      ..."while I now understand very clearly"...

    10. Mira

      Meghan & Harry are amazing - I hope the smear campaign in the comments against them stops. 🥺

    11. janet fitzpatrick

      Oh boy those sugars sure swallowed those sugar lumps! 🤪 They took your 💰💰💰 right from under your nose.

    12. latisha davis

      I just watched William and Kates interview after their engagement...the clear difference here is that Willliam INTENTIONALLY made Kate wait for nearly a decade before marrying her to see if she could handle the rigors of this family. Kate is very deferential to her future husband, and you can see when she's not happy with what he says and they give hand squeezes to signal each other. William no betrayal on his face only hand movements when she doing too much. Harry fell in love with a woman and DECIDED that their love for each other could weather the storms that come with this family. He "tried to warn her" but NOTHING could prepare you for that kind of scrutiny. Megan is definitely an American though as an American woman married to a foreigner...I see in her all of the excitement she has and how in love and happy she is...She doesn't even notice that she is talking over him and he's so well trained you could barely see it on his face....he wasn't happy. They love each other...maybe their love will be enough...maybe it wont. I think he's giving her time because he knows she was not at all prepared for what she got herself into and she loves him. Her Oprah interview is markedly different than this...she doesn't inturrupt him so much, so she's trying.

    13. Dan

      What a phoney, shameless narcissism

    14. Gloria Acuna

      They are amazing, warm , great, lovely! Now they trash them.

    15. hien phan

      Look at her fake teeth. Her lip move so unnatural .....

    16. Emily Ka Rina

      All about her just fakes she is the hypocrites woman

    17. Debbie Smith

      I’m convinced that this interview has be re-done. Harry no long looks down when Meghan says that it was a blind date.

    18. Roste

      Poor Harry, truth comes out sooner or later. How did you two meet, and she says we should protect our privacy. Yet they go on about other details 🤔 He never heard of Megan before is right, lol. She knew who he was. She took a picture infront of the Buckingham Palace when she was younger.

    19. Walter Tegelaar

      Harry has shown no respect for family or handling adult issues. He is still the little boy when his mother died and he has never matured. Meghan is just the ultimate two faced gold digger who has gone for the status and publicity and you can pick holes in everything they say. They would be the most ordinary and nasty couple in history and if I am wrong then please give me a worse duo. Harry leave all royalty behind you and just celebrate being a bitter citizen of the US. Your father and brother should have nothing to do with your toxic behavior.

    20. Crystal Weiser

      This woman is THE biggest NARCISSIST I’ve ever seen. She has shown every sign and I predicted their every move thus far. She’s a master manipulator, very smart and calculated. It takes 3 years to unveil the narcissist and what better proof than that Oprah sit down! She’s cancer to that family and her children will always be used as weapons and Harry will be stuck and controlled here on out! He should have listened to Will and Kate. I feel sorry for him, he was vulnerable and her prey. This isn’t love, it is utter abuse. Narcissist love to isolate their partner from family. It should have been his first red flag when she doesn’t love and value her own, how could she respect his? Narcissist love to defend their reputation. They have to be the center of attention, the cool person, the best dressed etc.... Megan Markle models the narcissist and I think the best thing to the American public that interview did was hopefully save people from marrying one! Eye opener for sure

    21. Barbara Lockhart

      they said the same thing in the interview with Oprah so it wasn't new ... they even talked about the tabloids

    22. Mili Ailenei

      She is so fake!!

    23. Lyla Stone

      "Not too much of that" ahahaha. Not shady AT ALL. So happy when my initial suspicions are proven right.

    24. lemons

      Mr Gullable Marries Mrs Narcissists......give it 5 years more at best, and then interviews from both of them on their own on Oprah again) she will be keeping a long record of every conversation they ever have, and did she stay in UK to gather info for her many books and reports yet to come. Then the photos of the kids to sell, ooooo endless goodies. That gross fake forced, laughter.......

    25. Polly Anna

      She's crosseyed. That must be where Darren gets it from.

    26. Mya S -

      From roasting chicken to rescuing chickens, both of you have come a Long way indeed 🙄

    27. Terry ward

      Poor Harry he got had

    28. Shamim Rashid

      She is an octopus with big eyes once trapes harry has no escape she has proved it ultimatly derooted him she wants fame using him vulnerable poor harry

    29. Linda Biggs

      Could see then she was gonna be the boss for the

    30. Vicki Boedges

      Meghan is so fake. I am sad she wormed her way into the Royal Family.

    31. Isabel Weiss


    32. Schooner Sail

      When it's 2021 and you've just suffered through the Oprah interview...

    33. Giti Oracle

      Harry, look up “ love spell”. Referring to witchcraft/hex she clearly has put on you. It explains “ falling in love quickly” stuff that doesn’t add up, every single time. Burn a black candle reversed and see if you’re still madly in love w her.

    34. Shera

      7 years on a TV show and NO ONE knows who she is.....lol

    35. Zos Ma

      Watch closely his reaction, after she says yes at 00:35 ...it's quite telling

    36. Maureen Ingleston

      When harry said "She's capable of anything"......................Little did he know his words may come back to haunt him one day.

    37. Charlie

      I hope she doesn’t roast her rescue chickens too


      Another player of the bigger team 😕 I think they both failed the Royal Family. I like Prince Harry. I know he has a good heart, but it’s sad he walked away from his family and all the work he was doing.

    39. Terry Fern

      She sounds so nice and sweet. I remember watching this back in 2017 and I recall telling my husband: she will rip him away from his family. I could see right through her dishonesty instantly. I don't know how Harry can't...or anyone else, for that matter. What an award-winning phony!

    40. Morho

      Harry is like Fredo from Godfather

    41. Ruthie Benjamin

      The "racist" Royals - like Prince Charles who was the one who asked the Kingdom Choir to sing at the wedding. And she does say here how welcoming the family has been.

    42. Semiramis Munoz

      What a lier

    43. María González

      Sometimes I think that people forget that Meghan is a human being and that the fact that she is that age and divorced does not imply that she had to know what her life was going to be like as part of the royal family. You all need to google what empathy means to start practicing it and what it's like to put yourself in somebody else's shoes. Nobody stays in a place where they know it does not do them good to stay and good for Harry because he had the opportunity to leave with his family and live the life that they wanted to live. None of you were there when all those things happened and it does not give you the right to talk crap about Harry and especially Meghan and theyre life. If the interview with Oprah was theyre way of telling the world everything that happened during that time is okay, but it is not anyone's problem here how much they charged or how they live their lives. Get yourself a good life and stop throwing away so much hate and crap that the only thing you will do is destroy yourself. Enough.

    44. Joanne Greener

      Watch HG Tudor break this engagement interview down via the prism of narcissism... A very royal narcissist part 33.1 - 33.4. Mid ranger right there... she takes control and word salads her way through. It's so unnatural compared with Will & Catherines..... narcissists isolate their fuel source ✅, smear the family ✅ play the racist card because she was told no half in half out duties ✅ tells lies in the moment and away she gets with it all. Poor Harry chasing dirty dollars.

    45. Rebecca Raphaela

      Don’t wanna sound rude but Meghans love for Harry looks trained. I’ve been in a relationship with a narc, and she has the exact same traits as him. The posture, the “good job i love attention” stare whenever he talks about her, and the obvious “uhmmm stop talking” stare when it’s not about her, and the almost obvious confusing posture when she asks Harry something iso her. And Harry is like, well, like me in the relationship. Be humble, be on the background, letting the partner take the lead because the relationship is soo annoying when you dont. I’m surprised they’re still together, looking happy. Harry deserves much better. And no, I’m no hater, as a half Dutch/African American mixed woman I should praise Meghan but my heart just can’t 🥲

      1. Rebecca Raphaela

        @Joanne Greener Glad she ain’t no air to the throne

      2. Joanne Greener

        @Rebecca Raphaela even sitting her down and pointing out her narcissism and her appalling behaviour she would deny deny deny. Its scary she's getting a foot into politics...it's about power with a narcissist that's all they truly feel. I used to think poor Harry, but he deserves everything coming after letting a nobody trash his family publicly on Oprah!...

      3. Rebecca Raphaela

        @Joanne Greener Yes! Thankfully more ppl see and know this, one day hopefully Harry joins us

      4. Joanne Greener

        She's an unaware mid range narcissist... analysed via prism of narcissism. The red flags were there for many from the get go... most see right through her. Yeah she might do good things but it's for selfish reasons... facade management, character traits and residual benefits. No emotional empathy just cognitive....and an actress!

    46. Deanna Tanierla

      I didn't know much about him..... Blah blah blah

      1. Ara Jo

        And has a degree in international relations... Hmmm..

      2. kylie 💕

        Lol right. I’m from the USA and know a ton about all of them. She’s lyingggg

    47. Fay Boswell

      Omw!!! She knew nothing abt him??? The date was set up, please!!! She must have been briefed. They didn't wait long to spend alone time, under the stars! They didn't have enough time to get to know each other. Compare this interview with William and Kate's engagement interview. The plan to leave was at work here already. The work was too much. She needed stardom, but was horribly surprised. So sad.

    48. Francette JB

      I love this couple.💕😍 They are so in love and they are blessed by the love of the late Princess Diana, the love of Doria and the love of the people around the world. They live to make the world a better place to live. Thank you Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle. 🙏🏽💗❤️

      1. zippy blessed


    49. Alli Prob

      She’s too goofy so fake for her age...

    50. Happy Barbie

      Does Harry have some sort of “Mommy issue”? Seems like he need a female figure to cling on. She is obviously dominating him. It’s like he needs her permission to answer questions.

      1. Joanne Greener

        He does she's a narcissist, he's ensnared and is being devalued....sad to watch.

    51. Silver Snow

      I really want to like her and I'm not try to see her faults but the positives instead! Though everytime she speaks she's comes across as so fake and pretentious. Is this an American thing? Or if she just not being herself.

      1. Joanne Greener

        No it's narcissism....shes an unaware mid range narcissist.

      2. kylie 💕

        Def not an American thing, it’s just HER and her fake self.

    52. westindiesgal fruits

      She reminds me of a "sophisticated " Jodi Arias.

    53. westindiesgal fruits

      She comes off as acting submissive all while taking control. Total narcissist.

    54. Eve Oakley

      I cringed all the way through this fiasco

    55. CrashN2Me1000

      So everything was just fine, and then one day erbody just went all racist on her? Dat's cold. Dat's cold, yo.

      1. Joanne Greener

        All was well and they dictated they wanted half in half out....but were told no... that's when the smearing began.

    56. Barbara Sommerville

      Beyond fake. She's hideous

    57. Fran Cine

      2017 : The family has been solid support 2021 : Lack of support from the family

    58. zeritu bogale

      Amazing love story beautiful couple You r made for each other keep it up God bless u and ur family 🙏😍😍💕💕🌺🌺

    59. Nia keys

      The biggest misconception Meghan ever made was to think she could brush away her ethnicity as just white or some other random noise! It proved to be everything but noise, It was everything, and I am happy she is surviving being that stunned, like a bee smashing on a fast moving car's wind screen, this must have hit her really hard, harder than she ever imagined. I think that was her first and most grave mistake, she thought she could just sweep away her black heritage under the rug and we could all just get romantic! It really was not even her fault, but she will come through it and she will be more learned stronger and wiser and she will shine brighter, than she ever did in her life before, because of this!

    60. Nia keys

      The Gap happened to be, in the Most perfect place- Prince Harry! This shouldd be a quote!

    61. Nia keys

      Many others will always have Paris, but these two will always uniquely have Botswana, How amaizing!

    62. Justin Playz

      I can't stand her!! She is so FAKE!! Since the beginning you can tell she likes to have control!! She doesn't release his hand through the whole interview!! And she is constantly staring at him like don't YOU DARE TO TELL DIFFERENT!!

    63. Eva S

      I’ve never watched such a crock of shit in my life.

    64. Remma Sebigan

      I love Meghan and Harry. They are perfect match. Meghan is very smart. I love everything about her.

    65. Natashahoneypot

      Good for Prince Harry! Go for it, Prince!

    66. Eugenia López

      Whining brats. Meghan empowers women? She married a prince, that’s the reason she has a stage. And boy is she taking advantage of it. Empowerin g women to do what? Get boob jobs and become suitcase models? Marrying a producer who gets you jobs and then divorcing him? She is a total disappointment. Disrespectful to the British, speaking about her wedding literally saying “this thing, this spectacle” that “spectacle” was the British people welcoming you and paying for your wedding, all part of the tradition you decided to marry into. She had the chance to live an amazing life, but her egotistical/narcissistic nature got in the way, now poor Prince Harry has lost all respect, and relationships with his family, he was a bird with a broken wing, now both wings are broken. Meghan is an abusive person. She used his vulnerabilities against him.

    67. Julia Price

      B.e.S.T f'u''l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's - L-o-V-e-S-e-X--- .❤️⤵️ PRIVATE SNAP : hotslut.live/xxxsh0w200orgy #TRENDING_T0P 2021 !💖🖤❤️今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,. 💖🖤在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品,

    68. Arjuna Molligoda

      Looking back...... its creepy how she just stares at him while he speaks.. goodness.. its spooky...

    69. wingsum fu

      This two lier should go to jail, shameless and ugly, foolish Harry is being trapped by this horrible witch!

    70. William Grant

      Meghan What a nice girl ! Meghan Markle Gets Grilling With Men's Health | Men's Health - BGclip

      1. William Grant


    71. Gertrudes Malabanan

      Stay happy and whatever comes always God is the center of your relatioship

    72. RPC RPC

      That freaking snake 🐍 talked about herself and her cheesy 100 episode unpopular tv show , acting like she has such an amazing career talking about herself as if we care about that . She so fake it’s cringe to watch this . She’s is one of the most vile women I have ever seen.

    73. Katy O'Neil

      i wonder if Harry still believes his wife "happened to have tripped into his life" now in 2021.

    74. deanna oquinn

      See you all back here in 2023 when Harry sees the truth !!

      1. Ara Jo

        I dun think he ever will..

    75. Nancy Fox

      Watching and listening to this with hindsight, I feel slightly sick at all the guff that Harry's now wife was spouting. "She's just another team player," Oh Harry. If only you'd had a crystal ball. Couldn't listen any more after "the stars were aligned".

    76. shiva pejman

      Have you met each other’s families? We get a one sided answer. Why not meet her hill billy family Harry????

    77. Geraldine Gaynor

      What a sickening interview. Why does she have to stare at him ALL the time ? It’s creepy.

      1. Ara Jo

        Love bombing

    78. Zephyer Talking Trees

      This is one of them videos that Piers Morgan called out that vain lying delusional trollop. That one Oprah and gayle didn't bother to contradict. They let her have that platform to say her nonsensical truths.

    79. K V

      A Narcissist and her victim....

    80. bananna s

      I can't see Harry being her type if he didn't come with a title

      1. kylie 💕

        Did you see the type of guys she liked before? Blonde ripped guys

      2. kylie 💕

        Omg exactly

    81. Victoria Bodley

      Feel sorry 😐 for Harry. Chelsea were are you?

    82. Eliana Paul

      ugh.. this woman.. i hope i´m wrong but i think she´s not who she pretends to be in front of us all.

    83. Evidence

      Fast forward to 2021... all about them. Very sad indeed. MM could have been such a fantastic addition to TRF, but it appears that she had her own plans. Every right to do so but three words = The Oprah “Chat”.... spoke volumes. Not caring one ounce for a family, let alone The Queen. Oh wait... at this interview... “how wonderful TRF has been to MM”. Now? TRF are racists and uncaring people. Disgraceful, Harry and MM.... in my eyes.

    84. Arianna Ayla Ward

      What a load of lies,from both of them set up by Obama and the cabal to ruin the royal family,and she’s tryed it big time but every one was on to her and obama and the cabal and thick harry

      1. Francette JB


    85. Nicole Woodart

      Anyone else notice how meghan keeps using words describing their relationship as "very natural", "very organic", & "real"? Like she's trying to convince everyone it's not an act, it's real... over compensating to try and convince us. Lol. Watch kate & williams engagement interview. That was/is real and looks natural. Not this phony smiling bs act meghan is trying to do here.

    86. KemiDoesGaming

      "I want to set you up with Prince Harry, you down?" "Well is he *nice*?" 🙄🤥

      1. timothy5512

        Nice and stupid?

    87. RPC RPC

      “I didn’t know much about him “ Also MM : takes a picture in front of Buckingham palace when she was young 🙄 “I don’t see it as giving up anything “ Also MM So much has been lost, lost my career my life 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

      1. Ash Mencia

        Ok, what do you know about Harry since you know so much about him?

      2. Sarah Gonzales

        Lol you do realize Americans don't get educated on British monarchy they aren't part of our everday cultue. We know of their existence Diana primarily, but very surface level overall. When you travel you're gonna take pics of cool noteworthy stuff.

      3. M A

        Well she didn't say she didn't know about him at all.

      4. RPC RPC

        @warrior100girl she knew about Diana she sure did know about the the 2 princes who were constantly on magazines . If she meant to say she didn’t know him personally , she should have worded it right . She also said because she’s American she didn’t have understating of the royal family , really she lived in Canada for a while ! The Queen is on Canadian bills . She’s full of shit 💩

      5. warrior100girl

        This interview was 3 years ago. Time changes your view of things. Also just because she was traveling as a child, does not mean, she knows much about him.

    88. Huma Afandi

      She must have studied Will and Kates interview well, trying to top them 😉

    89. Mariana Aksentic

      She had lied even from day one. Her voice was so foulse...

    90. Kelly Day

      Meghan on here: I love my ring,and he designed it,its incredible Meghan a year later: Has totally changed the ring and showed she has no thought towards the thought Harry put into the ring

      1. Fay Boswell

        @TikiBird 98 oh my word, I had no idea abt the ring and the marriage😳this girl definitely from a different class. She was lucky to be in the royal family for a day. They should be glad she left. Good riddance!!!

      2. TikiBird 98

        She redesigned it with more diamonds to closely resemble her previous engagement ring. She was married twice prior to marrying Harry, her first was annulled. Harry is her 3rd husband.

    91. Kelly Day

      Meghan here: I dont read anything,positive or negative,it doesnt make sense Meghan on Oprah: I was suicidal while pregnant because of the British press Me 🤔

    92. Three little birds

      Well she’s managed to alienate both sides of their families. There’s only one man left standing. Gosh, I pray I’m wrong but when she’s through with Harry, I fear that he will be the one left suicidal-for real! Harry has changed so much. He is barely recognisable. He has been stripped of everything he was. I believe this pair are a ticking time bomb 💣

    93. YesIknow

      Meghan is a strong independent and successful woman. She came from nothing and achieved so much. Harry on the other hand was born in wealth, never had to make decisions by himself and rumors has it that his teachers from Eton helped him to cheat to get his diploma and have better grades. He had it easy to get his career including all his promotions, as a royal member. So now he has nothing left. Now Meghan seems to have the pants on, including bringing the money home and having a successful career on her own. She is just benefitting from this marriage and Harry lost it all. What is his career now? How is he earning money? That just shows that he has no idea how the real world works.

      1. YesIknow

        @Ara Jo well she said in an interview, that in order to get to auditions she had to climb into the trunk of her car to enter it, since it didn't open otherwise. And I see where you're coming from, but why did she had to wait so long for a good paying acting job, if she had all these connections??? I mean if she knew people that could have given her a job why did it take so long then??

      2. Ara Jo

        She didnt come from nothing. She came from a family connected to the media industry. Her first husband got her the Suits jobs. She got where she is today through connections...

    94. Dennis Bean

      Absolutely fantastic

    95. Monica C.

      I hope harry come to his senses soon.

    96. Monica C.

      She looked sick poor thing she needs help.

    97. Monica C.

      When people are evil you can see straight through them.

    98. Monica C.

      You look like a witch it's my honest opinion look at her she's so nervous false pretenders.

    99. Monica C.

      Stop laughing because it looked so fake.

    100. Monica C.

      Look at the evil look and staring in Harry's face so he can up hold with her lie's big fool.