I got the Galaxy Buds Pros.


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    1. LakCer-

      galaxy wearable app

    2. Jose Yamashita

      Another great video. Would love to see you review the Fiil T1pro.

    3. Joe Gillian

      Have you tried the windnoise setting on the wf-1000xm3?

    4. Avantle

      I've got the standard Samsung Buds, the sound is really good but the mic is horrible. Case is fine but nothing holds the buds in at all, you have the door open the buds might just take flight. Though upside with the case, the door doesn't wiggle like the Pro case does. Though my biggest gripe with the Samsung buds is a flaw they have, had to replace mine after a year cause the left bud just up and gave up. Went super quiet.

    5. Aaditya Naik

      You realise it’s better

    6. Aaditya Naik

      The other colours case is not cheap

    7. Alejandro Haynes

      2:57 this actually happens to me in real life somehow

    8. lol

      teachers mic sound like: 9:39

    9. rin55

      Women: pocket, what's that

    10. Seagull

      Why do you review on an iPad?

    11. openwaters2

      Hey dank what do you think of the KZ Zsn Pro I like them what do you think

    12. Kla rsicht

      I love how the beyerdynamics lagoon anc did touch controls it mostly doesnt matter where you touch them because the controls are relativ to the starting point.

    13. Myfishdrowned1

      You should review the lg tone free earbuds that clean themselves

    14. SnowCYYCling

      I thought I was the only one who hates touch controls.

    15. SheildSheafson

      I have the galaxy buds + and I found a pretty cool extra use case for the ambient pass-through--ear protection while shooting. I've always used old-school ear plugs, which are annoying, but I could never justify spending money on like, Peltors or something. But the ambient pass-through works basically the same way but with bluetooth. And the extra loud ambient mode is great for hunting. It works pretty well considering it does a thing that I wasn't planning on buying a separate device for.

    16. Wilson Ramos

      Worst touch controls on headphones for me was the Harman and kardon solos.

    17. YonasBonas

      what about the jabra elite 75t? they got buttons and are pretty cheap

    18. Kyran Lior

      Did you leave the beans in the Sony headphone case?

    19. Seroma Ezinu

      You left the beans in the Bose Audio Sunglasses' case

    20. TotallyOriginalUsername

      Its not really the magnets that hold the airpods in its the stems :)

    21. kosche99

      test the new Razer Inear pls! hammerhead i think. 199$ in their shop

    22. Joezppy

      My real name is Frank.

      1. Joezppy

        Beware of random max volume if you take me up on this

      2. Joezppy

        I mean. For 50$ I’ll send you Enacfire earbuds if you make a video.

    23. Tiberiu

      The audiophile that doesn't know where his ears are. WTF ?

    24. Epic Gaming Time

      Do the galaxy buds pro have audio bleed?

    25. Jonah R

      Sassy? I-is that you???

    26. Mindboggler123

      fyi, when i preordered my galaxy s21 ultra i got $400 dollars off and approximately $295 credit in the samsung story which let me get the galaxy buds for free as well as some other things. so even if the buds arent packaged with the box you can get them free when preordering a phone. Sooooo

    27. Kait

      this video made me finally upgrade my airpod 1s lmfao

    28. MattyTube

      7:31 is true a

    29. Sledge

      I own the Sony’s myself for about a year now and although the case is a bit big the noise canceling without any wind present is pretty decent and the earbuds are very well made and quite rugged. Currently i intern at a garage and I’ve dropped them more than a couple of times on hard concrete and it just shrugs it off. And when doing something noisy like belt sanding or grinding the noise cancelling still holds up

      1. Joe Gillian

        Yes, the sony are amazing...but they require some time to know how to use them and wear them

    30. Nikhilesh Bagwala

      u can disable touch control in settings

    31. Spec tator

      those microphones are really interesting. Samsung seems to muffle background a litttle bit but keeps voice at level volume. Apple seems to prioritize cancelling background noises at the cost of fluctuating voice volume. Sony also prioritizes cancelling background noises but not as great as Apple's?

    32. Edal Hues

      6:36 crack me up! 🤣🤣🤣

    33. IntelliPocalypse

      Waiting for the iPhone 100 double pro max triple screen bendable phone

    34. Senpai Summers

      You should review logitechs g733 gaming headset! Ive been thinking about buying a pair but there's not many reviews on them

    35. Sam Squids

      Basically "everything sucks except Apple"

      1. Sam Squids

        ps I still hate apple to an extent

      2. Sam Squids

        apologies, I gone on an anti-iPod tirade

    36. KZ drift

      Damn i thought u were gonna dis samsung but still good vid and FRANK

    37. Regulator Johnson

      what wireless earbuds do you recommend?

      1. ɢᴀʏ ᴘɪɴᴋғʟᴏʏᴅ

        Sennheiser cx 400bt have the best sound

    38. ibrahim Alharbi

      Why did I not find this Chanel any sooner have a lot of videos to watch

    39. loxslo

      5:16. Yes, the “Airprods”.

    40. Portal Freak

      0:46 The uh, *opposite* of what girls say to me on a daily basis 😎

    41. Ella XxX

      Dank pods pro :o

    42. Mad man

      Can you do a Video on these as i plan on getting them but i want to know how durable/good they are. Link Skullcandy Sesh True Wireless In-Ear Earbud - Black

    43. charge4 bass

      I feel harrased when he said how terrible touch controls are cuz i LOVE IT

    44. iiChief_Enforcement


    45. Satin B

      I'm like the only one who actually likes the beans 😅 I have some in ear piercings and just generally don't like squishy earbuds, so the beans are quite nice

    46. Danila Lebed

      Try razer hammerhead true wireless. Please

    47. Sidney Hooper

      I have jabra Ellie 85t and I love the buttons cus your not drilling the earphone into your ear

    48. LazyFox1990

      6:53 , really close to Clarkson saying, "this is brilliant, but I like this"

    49. GH05T x_x

      I really wanna know what he thinks of the Jabra elite 85t

    50. Talen Horton-Tucker

      I got my sony's for 199 au I'm so lucky

    51. tand more

      3:48 you can just turn off that

    52. Michael Street

      12:42 and automobiles

    53. YouTube User

      it's amazing to see how fast Samsung abandoned the beans

    54. Rocketfox

      But... I like the touch controls...

    55. Cool Ass Dudeman

      Are the beans in the sony case still?

    56. Becci Sharp

      You ever considered/ looked at the skull candy true wireless?

    57. Herald

      The green iPad has stains. It’s not your screen.

    58. Tristan _v.d_neut

      Tbh I bought these they are good the case is annoying and the controls are bad ( that's a learning curve from the first buds samsung made) and they don't really fit my ears I would have liked if there where fins like the buds did

    59. Rohith Krishnan

      6:40 what song is that?? Pve been searching pt for ages

    60. Alyx

      did sony steal that case from that greezy ass MP3 player?

    61. Jordan Davis

      Please do google pixel buds 2

    62. Sachin Desilva

      Rip beans

    63. Failing Novelist

      I have the Sony ones and The Galaxy ones. The Sony ones have better sound quality, but the Galaxy ones fit better. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    64. Ann Giltner

      7:33 Here I come, dum da da dum dum dum dum

    65. a1l12e5x24

      The plus actually have fine controls

    66. Lukas Fuhrmann

      I think the LG Tone Free FN6 (didnt test the FN7) have the best soundstage for tws earpods @DankPods would be great to see a video about the FN7

    67. andsin 1010

      these dont fit in my ear at all, none that go into the ear like, that do

    68. Patrick Featherston

      I happen to have the Sony's that he showed. They where the "Top of the line. As well as the "Highest rated" that the Verizon store I frequent had in. I'm not complaining because 1- they are the priciest ear buds I ever owned. 2-Even though the case ( like he states is clunky and cheapest in material and design) at least the battery life, from my experience so far, has been great at keeping them charged. And 3- I got them at a bundled discount with my phone(Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G). As he said the sound is still great and comparible to the other contestants (at the cost of mobility). only wish I would've gotten the Samsung buds in the sake of having matching Brands.

    69. Matthew Day

      If your future bean tree falls in the futureforest and no one is alive to hear it, does it make slightly less sound because of its crappy noise cancelling ability?

    70. Ethan Chong

      TIP: the app has an option to lock the touch pads | I tend to use that feature a lot

    71. Jenny ᰍ

      Sony had the best microphone wtf

    72. Shadow Noob

      And say hello to the olives

    73. walker clinedinst

      The title of this video should be "i got the galaxy buds pro - but this is why i like the air pods pro better"

    74. An Omnomnomnivore


    75. Anton

      I think that your Magic Beans are in the hard case for the Sony WH 1000 XM4. lol

    76. Ok I agree but

      They're wack, if you get water in them they're done for

    77. Alex Vdovich

      What about the galaxy buds the normal ones

    78. Egan Dao

      My favorite dank pods quote "oh my pkcell"

    79. First name Last name

      What is Sony's naming like the naming for their phones earbuds headphones cameras I can't understand it.

    80. Emendio

      6:17 Oh I have those. They came with my phone

    81. krombopulos rick

      Month 8 on flag ship sonys. Have yet to use touch controls on purpose

    82. Sebastian

      😂 how do I get me a Kangaroo Dollar!?!

    83. The Redstone miner

      I got a pair of those Sony's for 50 bucks at a pawn shop in all thay needed was a good cleaning and they're AWESOME

    84. Ryan Fiscus

      If you’re gonna go with earbuds by Samsung, I’d recommend the Buds+ (no, seriously, I use them with my iPhone and they’re pretty great for what they are) I did happen to get my pair free but I love how they fit and I’ve had only limited issues with the touch controls (I frankly wish the touch pads did more seeing as they have two on each bud but whatever) the case is a dumb pill shape but it feels more durable than it looks

    85. Everyones Favorite Side Character

      Are these the buds plus?

    86. Superdoodledoom

      We get it, you like airpods.

    87. Hardcore Bob

      I love how you compare the product to some of its peers, but I'd LOVE to see you do like a roundup of everything in a certain category. Like wireless earbuds in the 100-200 range for instance. You kind of did this with the gaming headset one but you left out some very popular models like Logitech's.

    88. Alexander King

      If you can procure them, could you do a review of the AKG N400 true wireless ear buds?

    89. fubby chatso

      Samsung beans

    90. DOTcomm

      I got those Sony headphones. I've ran with Sony headphones for years now. I think they are grt. Can't speak about the ear buds

    91. Baran Ucar

      Galaxy buds is included in: Galaxy fold, galaxy fold 2, galaxy flip, you can order galaxy buds pro free with the s20+,S20 ultra, s21 plus, s21 ultra Airpods included in: NONE Sony buds: also none

    92. Jeremy Yap

      Check out the Grado GT220

    93. Eiskalter Freund

      Sony mic and Airpods mic is even worse than the buds pro.

    94. Eiskalter Freund

      On the "beans home" it's more than good enough, thinness isn't very important for me

    95. spoopydoopy


    96. OrcaStrike77

      I can’t tell if “do runners” is an Australian phrase or something you made up, but either way I find it hilarious.

    97. Carlos Jimenez

      Every Australian on BGclip is the chaotic good

    98. Flame _F1yer2037

      Theres a setting on the buds ,where you can double tap to activate.

    99. Andrew Mayo

      Yea you should totally check out soundcore liberty 2 pro