FINNEAS - Break My Heart Again (Official Video)


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    Directed by Sam Bennett
    Cinematography by Justin Hamilton
    Choreography by Monika Felice Smith

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    1. 12 MIPA 7_Adinda Yuli Febrianti

      heio, im just listen. if u're on heartbreak, get well soon ❤️

    2. Salma jelek

      Mas udh ga sayang aku lagi ya:')

    3. Hello There

      Damn…this is something else I am addicted hahah

    4. Shadia raouf Raouf

      This song will always hurt

    5. lina fairy

      Just found out that this Song is existing but I love it

    6. Ria Pangtey

      His song just flows beautifully ❣️

    7. Hazin

      I'm back for this song


      To love someone who lets you break them twice.💔💔💔

    9. Nune Williams


    10. Glauciusazeredo azeredo

      Canção quântica...

    11. Levi Ntola

      This song is so therapeutic, especially in late nights like these (23:53CAT) All love from this side🇿🇦❤💯

    12. Tom V

      I don’t even relate to this song but it still hurts


      2021..aug2..6.31pm dear UNKNOWN plz like this ¢m .. so that I can get notifications and come here again to listen this ❤️🔥

    14. Tiago Pereira

      That's Magic, what a beautiful sound, amazing, no words

    15. Muhamad Danny Setiawan

      Are you still breathing?

    16. Jennifer Cable

      This is a good song, and he's got a good voice. Not sure I care so much for the video, itself, which is why I won't be giving it a 👍, but I do like the song, and his voice sounds good singing it.

    17. Ariana Quiroga

      man... what a masterpiece

    18. Pisey Nov

      Reminded me of someone I know

    19. Vaandalism

      thanks for describe how i feel now..🥲

    20. Steffan Hoffmann

      Great melody again fella. Love the changes, going the ways I thought they would. BUT Didn't. 👍🙄🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    21. Mhmd Kautsar

      1:41 what app? im so dumb

    22. Shahjad Rich

      Come from James Blake video

    23. Samia Babiker

      you have a brilliant voice 3>

    24. zewos

      I love you man

    25. Leories hmar

      Are you the definition of insanity? Or am I??? 🌈

    26. RANFO

      Yeah of courses that's more than fine !

    27. Paul Hennigan

      The most gifted singer songwriter of his generation. Absolute perfection.

    28. Mark Balazo

      Are you the definition of insanity? Or am I?

    29. Chromineos

      I think this song a influenced the sound of "EVERYBODY DIES" by Billie. Genius brother.

    30. nessa

      the “i’m fine” caught me off guard 😭

    31. LaTuana Mooney

      This song is so amazing. So many of us have been there.

    32. C

      Love, Love, Love this man's undeniable talent..

    33. Littlechick Toldyou


    34. she amel

      2 years ago my boyfriend ignored me without any clue but I was try to understand about him he said “I need time for myself” ok i keep waiting n stay for him but he's gone with another btch I play this song every single night n cry but now every time I listen this I just smile like damn this song was with me when he's gone

    35. Hitesh Bhagat

      found this masterpiece from a dashcam video, guy was playin this on his radio, cheers mate

    36. Stephanie Rchrds

      It took me a sec to realise this had actually made me cry

    37. Anaya Miss

      Your friends can also break your heart, by loving them too much, and they don't care about your feelings.

    38. Firdawse RH

      Who came here from AGT 🙋🏻‍♀️

    39. Waziha Monsur Chowdhury

      Both brother and sister are rocking it

    40. Aiza Faraz

      after listening to this since it came out, i just heard the texting sounds 🤦🏻‍♀️

    41. joe123456789953

      39 millions views well spoken for. Im glad you got you light Phineas. Good job brother

    42. kamorah k .

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️ !!!

    43. patrea lynn

      such sad words.........

    44. six  was here


    45. Rahma Cinta

      Go a head and break myheart again :)

    46. Enhmaa Boldbaatar

      Listening again after 1 year yet nothing has changed... The one i love still doesn't love me back.

    47. Steve 091

      Gara gara postingan film gading marten jadi kesini.

    48. Lorena Anderson

      His piano playing is lovely!!! So talented , beautiful song !

    49. Nicolas Begazo

      This song helped me to heal my heart again

    50. Fit Kid

      Better than drugs🤍

    51. Zaen Huda

      I’m in love this song , realate

    52. CjayNZ

      AGT audition brought me here 2021

    53. kazirafsan hossain

      This song is just a masterpiece!!!! Love it🖤🖤🖤

    54. One Of Time

      TheFatRat - Fly Away feat. Anjulie 0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:14 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷

    55. Leumas Bulletproof

      Here after James Blake introduced me to Finneas

    56. littlesunlele 9

      me encanta esta canción es tan hermosa

    57. Rihab

      I came here because of Skz Felix

    58. jotajota e30

      40 millions views. Only 1,22M followers...?? Amazing and beautiful song.

    59. Algérienne Alg

      Beautiful piano .and voice lm fun😍

    60. Kaylee Suber

      This song is so underrated

    61. Juanita Manis

      A work of art. Divine.

    62. Anindita RK


    63. Sofia Bernal Vargas

      Sorry but why is no one talking about how amazing the lightning on his music videos is?

    64. Ariana Hunt

      accurate representation of me getting ready in the morning in the dark.

    65. Mia Beaulieu

      Holy fuck it’s already been 2 years since this came out

    66. Lotan Levi

      4AM, headphones on, this song comes on and tears are flowing

    67. Melissa

      Am I the only Person who thinks that the melody is Stolen from 'listen before I go'???

    68. Szasza

      Come home and shout at me. Come home and fight with me. Come home and break my heart, if you must. -iykyk

    69. Fairystarr1977

      This song is timeless as we all have shared this pain but to have Finneas put it into words Mind blowing! So clear so clean absolutely heartbreaking yet so beautiful ! 💕👏

    70. Animegirl's channel


    71. Elijah Payne

      Ive only cried 3 times in three years but now it's 4 because of this song. So relatable.

    72. Elizabeth Camacho

      Tbh only on this video bcuz I heard his name in IheartRadio and I thought I would see a triangle Faced cartoon kid of Pheneas and Ferb. Now im here as a new fan

    73. Dane Gunther

      I resonate with this. I, too, get trapped in my shirts.

    74. sanukadesh stuffs

      i cnt stop listening to this evn it hve on my phone😪❤️

    75. Asri Agustiani

      I. Love so much thiss song ❤️

    76. Hussa Osama

      Why is finneas so underrated!!!

    77. motivational moto

      Crying while listening to this song cause my boyfriend leave me 3 times and I still accept him and then on 4th time he got another girl 💔

    78. Data Stats

      Is that was Claudia’s voice on the phrase: I am fine???!!

    79. Jawad Tarik

      Finneas was texting while recording the song! 😆

    80. Braga

      Shoot! I listen to this song way before it become popular even play it while texting my girl following the lyrics from this song lol

    81. Laur Ell


    82. pixiepqueen


    83. Someone

      3:58 worst part :(

    84. Someone

      2:44 best part

    85. Andrea Mercado Alemán

      Te amo

    86. Arif Ramzah

      jom tengok phineas and ferb - mimi

    87. Simran Sharma


    88. Nyhrox

      I'm screaming I'm crying and listening this song ☺️ never got what i wanted in my life till now. Never was happy in my life. I'm the unluckiest my life is cursed by the god. I feel so pity for my self. Just wanna leave this here. I'm proud of you Saad. You've gone thru enough. You don't have to try hard anymore :")

    89. Juni Juli

      Abangnya Billie

    90. José Adames

      I feel this song in my ❤️

    91. Luv

      Little story time: been in love with them for so long and cant get them out of my mind but im with someone else and have done everything for them but i cant end it now..

    92. Apoteker 84

      What a very sad song

    93. Nawin Kc

      This song really replicate my current situation. Because of pandemic she return to our city and we started dating again like we used to in our past but we both know this will end soon but still pretend like this will stay like this forever, i really dont know how am i going to control myself again when shell leave this city. God😶😶

    94. Maryam Memarian

      Love love love the song but when the girl says “Im fine” Its so out of context I just cringe, like a noise in the middle of sth amazingly beautiful

    95. Sriparna Maiti

      You are my favorite composer

    96. Hodean Green

      I’m still here.... can’t get enough of this song!!

    97. Matty Butcher

      Found this from Americas Got Talent💯

    98. Hanna Nasera

    99. Tania Mori

      We've always appreciated Finneas's ridiculous talent but this is just next level x 1000. I'm so in love with the lyrics, the performance and how we all can relate to this in some way