Kouvr being a mood part 1

Aryana Rocha

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    1. The Fontaines

      Alex: think fast Kouvr:I thought fast Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Athbah Al Qadeeri

      shes always in a mood lol :)

    3. jaya tsung

      You’re so cringe he but they’re so cute

      1. jaya tsung

        I don’t know why but my brother Just said that srry

    4. Izis Raya

      Iam a sloth 😂

    5. Suba Gregorio

      Yes finally a couple that is cute AND has been together since the hype house was a thing

      1. Strawberry Milk

        Yes omg like there going to be the one couple that actually makes it and gets married

    6. elle russell

      i ship these people so much "trees dont move"

    7. Jamie Cusumano


    8. HoH Iso

      Loop hole bi got me dead

    9. Hahau Thought

      That’s not that late

    10. Justin English

      I think Kouvr gets a little delusional at night... I still think they are such a sweet & funny couple! Especially my favorite couple!!

    11. Kate Innes

      I thought fast 💀😭

    12. maria pinotes


    13. maria pinotes

      Lol hahahahhahah lol

    14. Marie McFarlane


    15. Marie McFarlane

      Kouvr is so F up

    16. Aurora Wilson

      alex never by her dolls again it will give her to many ideas

    17. Elvira Hernandez Ornelas

      yay they were watch my favorite show on my block



    19. Samiyah cook


    20. good vibes




    22. Kawaii P0tato ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      Am I the only person who choked on my food 👁 👁 👄

      1. Asha Omar

        My and my sis

      2. Asha Omar

        I do to

    23. Aurora Stoor

      I love you guys

    24. Rex Bahle

      Kover act like my sister

    25. Jadin adlernowoj

      OK am I the one that thinks Alex sounds exactly like David Dobrik

      1. Kaitlyn Misch

        Maybe he is David dobrik undercover :0

      2. iiAestheticBestieii

        I swear your not! Lol it’s insane of how they sound so alike.

      3. anime lover

        No your not the only one

      4. Aidan Reed

        The Walmart version

      5. Madison Hale

        @Melon not really 🤨

    26. Khloe Rios

      They are watching on my block I just finished the movie

    27. Charchini’s World

      I’m like mum I’m moving out ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    28. I’m to cool for school


    29. I’m to cool for school


    30. Simply Clxver

      Aww she’s like a little girl

    31. Naomee Gee

      they were meant for each other 🤣🥺 They are probably my favorite couple 🤪😚

      1. Bunny Lover

        Doah is my fav couple but they are meant for eachother

      2. Dxnielle B.


      3. Joanna Arciniegas


    32. Libby Davies

      I just choked on mah food lol

    33. ily-S1NX

      Bro if you don’t pin this ur mom doesn’t love u

    34. John Hill

      I don’t care if she takes it it’s fricken hilarious

    35. Sandy López

      I love the hype hose so much

    36. this ain't it

      *kills the person who disliked*

    37. ꧁ᬊᬁTadamᬊ᭄꧂ツ


    38. Riley Loke

      my clone シ

    39. Susan moore

      I’m a sloth 🦥

    40. Notadiison

      Poor ken..

    41. Allibbys Slime


    42. Kymara's horse vlogs