This Is SO SMART!!! 😂


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    This Is SO SMART!!! 😂
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    1. sarita_kyan uwu

      El tercer video que me muestra lo mismo xD

    2. Luzminda Diron


    3. Dan of the Dickman Clan

      Can we talk about the number of suicides this videos created.

    4. Sostenes  Fernandez

      I know foxy did that

    5. Ereni Andrade


    6. FatSardine

      I just wanna know how these videos get so many likes lmao

    7. Constantina Cristian Alexandru

      129 MILLION VIEWS AND 4.6M LIKES??!??!? HOLY !!1

    8. Munazza Sajid

      The second one is smart.

    9. Chris Harrison Droning


    10. m.s beats inventer

      Name of soundtrack

    11. JJ samouhi

      Flaming be like how is he o famous 100 millon views in 3 weeks while lankybox is like that’s because we work hard

    12. Kat Pa

      That was so smart

    13. Saadia Zaghar


    14. Ms Appling

      I have seen this

    15. Sagarika Nayak


    16. Link 2.0

      When Justin switched the two cups both of them are upside down wtf

    17. Ayaan


      1. Ayaan


    18. Anime Fan Channel

      Natang bodoh nak like curi idea orang lain..

    19. اميرةالفضاء


    20. Nalem Gomes Da Silva


    21. Priya Patil

      Ha ha so smart 😂

    22. cecen ohoira

      Ini sangat pintar

    23. Vanessa Katrina Omac

      Ya know? If Hydrogen would be seen the people who liked this would become a whole new red supergiant star.

    24. noor rajput

      How funny 😂

    25. i'm Rusalina,i'm from Russia

      Там же видно,когда он звал его вторая кружка была перевёрнута

      1. bofooit gojo

        "There seems to be no sign of intelligent life" Buzz lightyear, 1995

    26. Marlon A. Metz


    27. Шахзод Тураев

      Он же налил молоко в обее стаканы

    28. Crystal Gonzalez

      It is just a 1 dollar

    29. Salem Kukelenia

      Il est très bête Fr

    30. Dusan Miladinovic

      Why God why

    31. Official Deceased

      Stolen but ok

    32. 4B MSSS


    33. Asmara Jelita


    34. Rosa Castaneda

      Lanky box

    35. Stephen Hubbard


    36. Uciey Uciey

      I mean NO DONT REEEEEE

    37. Uciey Uciey

      NO DOT

    38. Amihan DG

      Hahahahaha naisahan

    39. Amihan DG


    40. Heddwyn, cloak of Timekeep

      Hundreds of great content creators work hard to make BGclip videos and get barely any recognition, but these 2 idiots that made a effortless video that's under 1 minute long get over 100 million views and 4million+ likes. This is disappointing.

    41. Autumn Thompson

      Wow I like your videos 🤩🤩🤩

    42. Ayries Fadzlin


    43. Teehee Haha

      Insert thanos joke here

    44. Ivantheboyy

      Wow one dollar

    45. Jonathan Solis amaya

      Hola como estas💖💕❤😁

    46. verran miral

      This is SO SMART😂😂😂

    47. verran miral


    48. Hannah Mancol


    49. Christine Cordero

      That is funny

    50. Pamela Aylin Nigro 2 A

      Pero qué broma

    51. Silmara Simiano


    52. E Smith

      A doller

    53. Isatu Bah

      Love it but what if Adam drink the milk?

    54. kelron koobis

      I hate my life

    55. John Dambra

      I love your videos and I like it all the time

    56. Rosa Trujillo


    57. enrique aguilar

      , no entiendo nada

    58. Luna quinn Villalba


      1. Luna quinn Villalba


    59. Kheloufi Tarek


    60. Ermira Brati


    61. ☠︎︎KXMシ︎

      The Pranked Pranked The Pranker LOL

    62. Chynia Davis

      I don't get it

    63. lazare Qobuladzetedoraze


    64. Memory Pig

      Wtf, poor children

    65. Kazbar

      How does this have 4.6 million likes

    66. Manuel Rafael

      Oye mira deja te enseñó un truco mira cuando vayas a hacer un truco mira primero vas por el la cosa que fuiste y ya luego para que no te ve y que la

    67. Hala Almohamad

      This video from lankybox so funny

    68. Henriette defrance


    69. edwin Macaraeg jr.

      So smart how.

    70. Ieva T


    71. Zoe Villalba


    72. Zoe Villalba

      Xd xd

    73. Midnight

      Wait didn’t Justin do the same thing to him?

    74. Niel Corral


    75. Muh Adi

      Itu Abang atau adik

    76. Ana Khairunnisa

      More like this is so dumb🙄🙄🙄

    77. gianniguerra


    78. Tanairy Medina


    79. Meerihelena

      I don’t get it

    80. Luisabeth Maxilom


    81. Gggggguk

      Who told ya that's so smart 🤣?

    82. Palangka Raya


    83. Zenaidaz Barbo

      ha ha ha

    84. Chel Mancol

      Justin so smart

    85. tales

      Where's the milk I expected? I wanted to see a disaster.

    86. Katrina Ranger-craig


    87. Hema Bodhnarain

      Weird but okay

    88. Olivia Ibarra


    89. Melissa alex😎Lopez Escarate


    90. Pola Valenzuela


    91. Katrina Ranger-craig

      lol haha that's was good hehe

    92. Erica Sims

      Hahhahhaha that was so gunny

    93. hypicam

      125 million views for a 110 IQ trick?

    94. hypicam

      This is so stupid

    95. rachelcbales


    96. derick mapulanga