Food Theory: How Long Could You SURVIVE Locked In A Grocery Store?

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    I've seen the videos Creators posted about trying to live for 24 hours in a grocery store or places like Target. That got me thinking. How long COULD you survive in a grocery store? Whether you were locked in or it was your home base in a zombie apocalypse, how long would you be able to SURVIVE with that as your only source of sustenance? Today, I'm going to settle in and find out!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
    Editors: Josh Langman, Koen Verhagen, and Forrest Lee
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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    1. • SimpllyZara •

      what if the rain is toxic?

    2. Feran Walloga

      how long could you stay in costco omfg it would be double

    3. Zi Xuan Yeoh

      I can just imagine the amount of equations you had to make for this video 😅

    4. ••epic icecream bunny••

      One day a episode will make us not wanna eat again.

    5. Millie Dragon

      Now you need to upgrade this too a supermarket and could live for generations provided you have enough people in the store. Then worst would is inbreeding. For instance you could generate your own power using bicycles. Just imagine the possibilities from a Walmart or a target. Some even an automotive department, an health clinic and a pharmacy. I heard one that sold caskets/coffins.

    6. corpsehub_yt

      Hello dear matt pat please start a channel named music theory and practice of the first time musical notes and its video meaning thank you

    7. Dylan Barnes

      What entertainment features does Evan have, he would go insane in year 1

    8. Sara Fudge

      You can also toast the breads to make croutons to last longer

    9. Vedh Maddi

      im disapointed it wasnt 69

    10. shadow spartan zeta 7

      Scp 001 when day breaks is what caused the apocalypse

    11. Tina VanWey

      Now how long could you survive in a Fast Food restaurant?

    12. Evan Ratcliff

      I Always had that question

    13. Beware The guardians

      This guy is the embodiment of the chaotic good meme.

    14. FrameZ

      Theory: eat a Chinese buffet using your nose

    15. imagine Magic City

      Me moving around at matpat intro that's how realistic it is

    16. Blue Pine Productions

      What about all the canning supplies grocery stores typically have? Then you could can the meat in produce to buy more time

    17. kay R

      Me thinking was gonna trap himself in a grocery store: 👁👄👁

    18. -Chat~Noir~Simp-

      Food Theory Idea: Is Powdered Lemonade really Lemonade?

    19. Not Leviathan

      I'm a few minutes into the video, but I don't think he's gonna talk about all the seeds that Evin could've used. Walmart, has spaces in the roofing where it allows a good chunk of sunlight to come through. I've seen other smaller grocery chains in my area with similar set ups. Evin could EASILY start his own self sustaining farm, all the farm tools, dirt, and instructions to do so. Are in the gardening section of the store. Not to mention pots, pans, and other things to hold plants. Regardless of the food that spoils, the only thing Evin would have to worry about is Water, and Winter. However, he could easily substitute water with juice from the different fruits and vegatables he's growing. All that human waste and food leftovers? GOES right into fertilizing the soil. I get for the sake of the question, he HAS to eat the food in the store. But nobody said he couldn't just grow his own in the right store. Especially if that store has windows to collect water, or GROW PLANTS.

    20. Zion Mew

      my class react to you food theorists

    21. ldelgg h

      If evan did his best to economize calories, he’d probably able to reduce the daily calorie intake necessity by 100-200 calories, thus giving him a few more years of food

    22. dustin fowler

      Twist at the end!!

    23. Vincent Brinson

      wait would this theory be effected by age? or height? and what if an alien/zombie got inside? how would you lock the doors?

    24. Mathiscreative

      POV: Evan is vegan

    25. ohte

      it’s pronounced “skew”

    26. Viktoria Knight

      Idea: Food Theory: Could you live off of 1 TYPE of food for your entire life?

    27. Luke Warburton

      This is all good if he is the only one around. Pretty sure in the early days of the apocalypse people will be emptying the supermarket. Look at what happened with Coronavirus. I still love your optimism. Even if Evan was alone and could prevent anyone from access the supermarket completely, you are going on the theory that he would have the survival skills to know how to cure and smoke meat, make a compost garden and know how to work out the prevent of food spoilage. Ironically thanks to the invention of supermarkets a lot of people in the world have become lazy in how we get how food and how it is prepared. You should do one on How long you could survive in a bunker.

    28. Grape Muncher gaming

      Food theory idea: how much mineral water do you to drink to make the ISS

    29. Zirumi

      Food theory question: How long would you survive in a wendys or starbucks

    30. Ethan Tyler

      How about this Wait out the day and the janitor finds you

    31. Zayn Matt

      You forgot to mention the store room in the back were they get new shipments of stock in.

    32. Garfield Arbackle

      I'm not quite sure about this, but if Evan smoke meat, don't we have to take account carbon monoxide poisoning?

    33. Badmi Game

      1:57 me when im hangry and i eat every single thing i see.

    34. Kieffano Zeeshan Anandri

      do krabby patty vs green eggs and ham

    35. Madlyn Latrina

      The dysfunctional precipitation scilly copy because blowgun lovely fry over a modern sideboard. six, wasteful power

    36. นิกกี้ กลิ่นลำดวน

      Film thory idia why the thomas the tank engene have a face

    37. Cookiesdabest123

      Oop- 😃

    38. sleepy sapa

      who hasnt thought about this while walking around in a store as a kid

    39. Wither

      how long can you survive at an fast food restaurant

    40. Brody Morgan

      Hold up but what if Evan is vegan 🤔🤔

    41. Tyler Mcbasketball

      If a McDonald’s burger can last a year Can we make the rest of the food like that?

    42. 216trixie

      If there was an open window to smoke, he could throw the poop out the window.

    43. 216trixie

      Why do you wear that purple ribbon around your neck?

    44. Beercan77

      Not everything in a grocery store is edible?! What have I been buying!?!!

    45. Khaos Mer-X

      imagine getting hi off your own turdshrooms for the rest of your natural life

    46. oh my gosh ponies

      Just started video. My guess is, you run out of water way before anything else

      1. oh my gosh ponies

        But really. Does a grocery store really have 63 years worth of bottled water and soda?

      2. oh my gosh ponies

        Omg it turned into Grocery Store Fhe Martian. YAS!!!

      3. oh my gosh ponies

        Oh wait. No power. Nevermind

      4. oh my gosh ponies

        Lol, should you only drink milk for first month?

    47. Gaming with EnderDragon_98

      Can I say I have watched this 10 times now I am addicted to this channel and how long could food Theory keep me entertained

    48. fallout 76

      What about the backroom in the grocery where there is extra food

    49. One More

      Anyone else see Evan as Berleezy? The image looks just like him. #eezygang

    50. Whitened Phoenix

      Watta bout with the warehouse in the back some if not most grocery stores have?

    51. Sams the bezt at stuff 888

      How long could someone survive on subway

    52. Twisted

      What about mushrooms since they're fungus they can grow on dead and spoiled stuff

    53. Elvira Renae

      The unsightly tom-tom feasibly grab because ice surprisingly multiply including a hard-to-find sheep. stimulating, towering pint

    54. J Be talking

      Which is the best fast food burger

    55. Moni Moni

      U forgot the Employee only area that has boxes of food

    56. Stephen Wylie

      I mean for him to die in there someone would have had to locked him in. But in your scenario it sounds more like he locked himself in.

    57. Stephen Wylie

      lol the vitamins go bad....believe everything you hear?

    58. Stephen Wylie

      Lol I love how your "worst case" apocalyptical grocery store is still 100% stocked.

    59. Luke Abrams

      how long could someone survive in the wilderness

    60. Clapperonies

      Imagine getting locked in a Costco

    61. Paveix Keffer

      Food theory: (VERY DUMB) Are packing peanuts edible and if so how many would you have to eat to get a days worth of calories. and another one How many books would you have to eat to have enough calories for an entire life time?

    62. Isaac Dahan

      wow u watched this mrbeast cool

    63. Pepe The frog

      How long could you survive in a Starbucks

    64. Adam Longyear

      But what happens if Evan didn't have degrees in nutrition, food science, and agriculture?

    65. Peter Wan

      Soil is not good, wrong answer 🤣😂😜

    66. Ian West

      How long can you survive locked in the warehouse with only the food week here

    67. Kgmom Jgdad

      id like to say something about the mushroom growing thing, i would not live long if my diet was just mushrooms and junk food from a supermarket

    68. Sieko Valantin

      As someone with a corn allergy, this would be impossible. Or deadly.

    69. King Kevin2000

      One word Spam I saw a store with a full aile of it and those are good even after 50 years

    70. Mason Bryan

      Type in cannidit56 on Roblox on characters Weird things has been happening near him I don't know what though

    71. Cool girl1101

      Mr beast should do video last to leave grocery win money

    72. Damian Maddox

      Everyone who watched this has no excuse to not have a garden. Grow something.

    73. Lilou

      Gutted for Theorista 😭 Update: They made it! 💜😭

    74. Michael Song

      Uhh, I think you need to do the basics first. Water. Specifically, clean water. Rain water spoils over time (about a week), meaning collecting them in certain days won't save you, esp since depending on where you live, it may not rain for months. So unless you have some way of filtering the water which you collected, you're not gonna last one year. And drinking spoiled water will result in you losing more water than gaining water.

    75. Ulysses Hubbartt

      Game theory idea :Why did some of the bosses in Super Kirby Clash turn parralel? 🤔

    76. Super Jenny's World

      How long can you survive on a footy in the ocen

    77. Gunawan Tandy

      As long as you live, though not mentioning how long

    78. SHEEPinator

      POV: You are looking for Evan's comment on this video.

    79. The Dominator

      My number one priority would be preserving the Safeway chocolate mud cake If I end up in a Coles their mud cake is going off first

    80. Jan Paul Baclayon

      food theory idea:how long can you survive on a vegtable farm but you have to do it are you up to a challenge? or not?

    81. Shadow Ash Gamer

      Food theory idea: how long could you survive in a abandoned warehouse...that has food

    82. Test La

      if anything this highlight how wasteful mass consumption is

    83. - ManiacalFlame -

      Me near the start: “but can’t he just grow food?” Me when farming is mentioned: “he heard me” :3

    84. Glammm

      Well wouldn’t you eventually get allergic to mushrooms

    85. Christie 67

      Food theory idea how long can you survive by being a candle and having a human ho can instantly regenerate.

    86. Alaina Moore

      Just imagine getting stuck in a MALL though. You'd get food, clothes, books, toys, sanity... all that stuff. And the best part, since this is likely an apocalyptic scenario, you would get to hoard everything in all the stores to yourself without spending a single penny! XD

    87. MentalRebllion

      What about radishes? I’m told they have a good multiple cycle, are easy to grow, and and have a lot of much needed nutrition, even over potatoes. Also I learned from this I need to learn to make dehydrated foods, how to smoke meats and fish, and also how to garden in a way that maximizes my crop yield (and learn how to dry mushrooms for long term usage). And it might be important to attempt to get roof top access (which is possible, I worked in one) from inside. This means that further important crops can also be harvested and rain barrels can be set up. This is assuming the being locked in doesn’t mean locked in but just unable to get out and away from building. Yeah I know you said soil is important to consider but the compost can work better being outside and properly treated by the wildlife that can access the roof top. would honestly be smarter for his health (due to diseases) to....just use the roof to do his business over the edge of so it isn’ his living space....anyway. Sorry for the tangent m. Thanks for the video! Food for thought and something to consider for story ideas!!

    88. Myles O'brien

      I you end up living in a Costco there would be tribal societies established in that thing centers around what the free samples were when they were trapped there. The free sample tribe that was a piece sausage rules with an iron fisy.

    89. IAmAgentZ

      Food Theory Idea (with some form of apocalyptic spin) : what's the safest way to keep your food stockpiles topped off on the chance of different apocalyptic survival scenarios?

    90. KingAlex0908 Lussier

      you should just do the challenge like mr beast. It would get you so much more subs(just giving advice)

    91. An Apple

      I immediately thought of farming when the video started. I was ready to rage type about it on the comments if you didn't mention it.

    92. Johnny Cake

      You know it's funny I work at a Safeway

    93. Madison Bates

      Lol 63 years is a long time

    94. 24Solar24

      my brain: how do you become a successful youtuber? Me: be matpat

    95. Ryan McClintick

      Problem is you can get, will get some nasty diseases from eating food grown/fertilized with human waste. You see deadly diseases in what some call 3rd world nations because they fertilized food with human poo.

    96. Shelbus

      Evan and Theorista

    97. feh meh

      I compost. I make "dirt". I plant seed. I farm.

    98. ren is dumb

      "oh yeah i understand that" i say to matthew patthew, not understanding that

    99. LittleBugPlayz

      Food Theory: How long till you die from eating human flesh