I got some in ear monitors.


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    1. Rui Fernando Caldas

      noisy cable because don't go on top of your ear. run the cable on top of your ear and noise goes away!

    2. VixWasHere

      1:57 this is literally the best joke/story/whatever that i've ever heard

    3. 闇風- YamiKaze

      aRe tHeSe lAbRaDoR fLavOuReD

    4. Magnus Høegh

      Pretty certain the balanced tip for the Fiio don't actually work how normal balanced signal works. Since the cable is still just an unbalanced cable and doesn't contain two more signal paths. Basically balanced audio needs two cables per channel and a ground cable to share between the channels. The adapter doesn't change the cable, so it can't be a balanced cable. Also just using a balanced signal somewhere in the chain doesn't use the advantages of balanced signals, since it has to be throughout the cable. If you don't want the nerdy bits stop reading here. A balanced signal is used to avoid noise caught by the length of the cable. The way it does this is by using two opposite fases for one signal, so one signal is at the transmitting end split into two, where one has negative fase. Then when the signal arrives at the receiving end the fase of the inverted signal is corrected back to it's original fase and the signals are combined. This means that any noise picked up by the signal through the length of the cable, which is the best antenna for receiving noise and where most noise comes from, is inverted at the receiver along with the signal we want, thus destructive interference eliminates the noise. Noise + (-noise) = 0. TL;DR The little adapter is not the same as a balanced cable. Balanced audio signals don't work like that.

    5. Relentlessly Stupid

      I understand there's leaps and bounds ahead of Spotify but the convenience of it is a bigger pull than the quality changes, at least the ones I've heard

    6. Roach Dogg JR

      How is that Fiio manages to put together so many great features with good quality at the prices they do?

    7. gtzgreatride

      3:30... These headphones will not distort for me on the desktop and sound very amazing using the OnePlus phone with the dirac audio controls. I recommend these, I love em. When I plug em into the receiver upstairs, they distort when your ears bleed. They are indestructible.

    8. ApexPenguin

      I have been using a pair of iSport by Monster for years, mainly when I am doing yardwork. I paid $18 in the Walmart clearance aisle, and I knew they weren't the best, but my KZ-ZSN Pros just got here today, and I am amazed by how much better they are.

    9. young tax return

      I want to give a shoutout to Sony MDR-EX110LP. They're really cheap (like I think 15-20 bucks with 21% VAT in Czech Republic) and they sound surprisingly clear for that amount of money. They're also the most comfortable IEMs I've had, ever. They're light and the eartips are made from really soft silicone and they make the earbuds virtually disappear in your ear. I've never had any problems while wearing them, other eartips make my ears itch after a short while. I even bought the replacement tips for my KZs. They're also really smol, so they are passable for naps (they don't press against your ear as much as other buds do). The sound is towards the brighter side, but they're never piercing. The bass isn't disappointing, there is some and you can even feel it, but it feels drawn out compared to other headphones. The KZ ZSN Pros feel more balanced and feel like they have less bass than the Sonys. It also has an L-shaped plug, so that's a plus (I've already ruined one pair of earbuds because in bed i tend to press the phone against myself and that kills the connection between the cable and the jack after some time) Probably the biggest drawback is the cable. It's noisy (it's not outright terrible and I got rid of it by just tucking the cable under my shirt for some reason), but there's a rubber protective sleeve from the earbuds, and that disintegrates after several months of use. The cable is also overall thin and doesn't feel durable.

    10. KillTheKrow 68

      13:38 YEEEEEEEE

    11. CONTRA YT

      Dank pods: Kindergarden My brain (german): wait... did he just used a german word? Also my brain one second later: oh wait. It is just the one german word, that was stolen from the german language (in other words, the english language did the Apple move, whitch is: stealing something and change a tiny, tiny little thing to call it your own)

    12. CONTRA YT

      On the Samsung AKG in ears u told something about in my case non-existant issues, so u probably just got a VERY VERY shitty model (or I had newer ones)

    13. JRD

      am I blind or did nobody notice the face reveal. or has there already been face reveals

    14. Viator 5O6

      Romania greatest country lmao I love Romania so much, beautiful place too

    15. CreeperTheKing Creeper

      Awe comeone. Ow are doing buy the kzs bat I can't find them in my country easily.

    16. Daan de Jong

      I actually got a pair of kz zsn pro X's because of this review, and I have to say: they're great. But I think you should try Xiaomi's piston pro hd's, they're in the same price range but more of a conventional style, a lot more open (dare I say open-back like) but the sound quality is really comparable, the bass is less defined though, probably because they're way more open, but I really like those too.

    17. Brady

      for some reason i read the title as It's ICBM Time

    18. Ron 133

      bags: *says do not eat* dank: mm snaccs

    19. Skyparrot1999

      First set of IEM’s received today. KZ’s he recommended. Next set is gonna be the KZ S210 Pro X o recommendation of Zeos. Definitely enjoy the KZ’s, first set of in ears I’ve ever felt comfortable wearing

    20. Popa Robert

      Yeahhhh romaniaaa 💪💪

    21. why man

      Dank:2000 dollars! Me using half a pair of overears I stole from the music closet at school

    22. Lat Le

      Addicting humor. Love your style

    23. TheOutsider Jess

      The Akg are the only iems that sounded the best to me but the only one that come close is some cheap ass headphones from the cornerstone when I was 12 years old

    24. Minde Obolys

      What is up with this channel? I have 0 knowledge bout ipods, yet i have watched every single one videos and ordered KZ IEMs, SO ENTERTAINING!!!

    25. DootDootMrSkeltal

      I bought the KZ's after watching this and experienced a new world of audio

    26. TheDarkZEK

      "Cuz romanians go yeeeeeee" Me: I am romanian, so I am allowed to say that *inhales* YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    27. EYXYE

      Man , the Samsung akg ones are not that bad wtf.

    28. papergamiman121

      0:55 They may not sound the best but I've put my pair through everything they've been through the washer and dryer 3 times still sounding relatively the same... and been connected to my phone as it has fallen out of my pocket and yoinked em out of my ears... This is why we don't have nice things

    29. nana yaw berko

      I like the dirt cheap akgs

    30. jgamer 86

      Why didn’t you bring up the shure 425

    31. Chesler Garbanzos

      Thanks for recommending the kz i love them huhu

    32. Big Dogge Tom

      This was the best microphone story

    33. DeathRite

      7:08 Is the type of dark humor that if apparently said around the wrong people lands you in a mental health institute XD (May or may not know from experience lmao).

    34. That one vr guy

      My brother got some AKGs. In ear things.

    35. Just Jenny

      remember the v stands for the v in vun

    36. Reax


    37. Seven

      Honestly I think he really just needs to review a bunch of KZ earbuds

    38. WokeUpScreaming

      I have some AKG Samsung earbuds that came with my galaxy s20 and they're honestly really good (different to the ones in this vid). Listen to UZ's Freezer EP for some STINKY SUBS!!

    39. mohamed chand

      i'm pretty sure that if it costs so little its fake... i tested the ones that come out of the box with samsung phones and the ones around that price you mentioned and its a huge difference

    40. Loststylus

      I wish you had a chance to review creative aurvana trio :) Not really meant for monitoring, though

    41. Dominic Landry

      I bought a pair of kz because of this. I don't have any regrets thanks m8

    42. John Suarez

      Hello dank pods. I've been watching your videos and I really like how you bring up the sound graph every time. Can you please recommend me a pair of earbuds, the kind where the battery/soundcard sits in a collar around your neck and then the earbuds are attached to a retractable cord? If I want advice from anyone, it's you. I'm looking for a sound profile as close to the hd600s as possible. I want a balanced sound. No bass boost, no exadderated sparkle. Thanks in advance

    43. Cyberdawn

      Just got a pair of KZ ES4 buds. These are probably the best wired in-ears I've ever used. For 20 USD you cannot go wrong

    44. Pedro Reis

      I miss the graphics for the earphones but I guess it is not what the video is about

    45. Robert

      Why can I only hear the bongo man in September

    46. Felipe Arias

      2000 dollarydoos for something that will end up getting damaged in your pockets.

    47. Josh McCallan

      I hate the feeling of IEMS because of how they feel and how it translates everything the cable touches directly into my brain. Now I'm starting to realise...its probably because the ones I was wearing were hot garbage with a shitty cable

    48. justeeknow

      Please compare the AZLA ANUBIS with your recommendation IEM's!

    49. Alasdair

      I dont know why but the "Airplane Double Dingus" at 13:31 really caught me off guard

    50. Bubasarba

      It's funny how he takes a pair of great sounding (and not cheap) wired earphones and plugs them into a BT receiver and then continues to praise that setup, completely ignoring the great drop of sound quality over ANY BT connection. Also - ignores the fact that those noisy rubbery "noodle" cables DO NOT GET TANGLED easily. That's probably why they make them that way

    51. Edwin Mactal Music

      LOL nice

    52. Patrick Walker

      I think AKG was designing a lapel mic, then realized they could tack some earbuds on it.

    53. DomDom_ Official

      im listening to this with akgs.

    54. Brandon Gray

      I'm watching this with the AKG's that came with the S20 Dang, I never noticed anything bad about them lol

    55. bruh

      2:36 thats his face

    56. Mlaga Thomason

      "you can listen to a mezay and a feeyo if you wanted to" THE TRUE WIRELESS MEZO

    57. Chase McClelland

      if you change the rubber earpiece on the akg buds they sound way better

    58. Chase McClelland

      lol i have the same exact akg earbuds that he shows at the beginning of the video

    59. Purple_Chalk

      I’m unlucky I lost my wireless earbuds, my headphones won’t turn on, and now I have to use the wired headphones except my iPad has a headphone jack but my headphones are the charging port headphones and I think they’re breaking my iPad But my iPad’s speaker isn’t loud enough, so I’m sad

    60. Harry Mallett

      I'm curious where he bought the Samsungs because they are copied everywhere so he may have tried the fakes

    61. Blockbuster Video

      I can only think of DankPods as a pair of hands.

    62. RADU Radu

      Those are Romanian?? Get outta here, no way!

    63. Sebastian 127

      What do you call headphones that go in your ears but dont use those soft fleshy things

    64. TVsForSale

      What's the device that he's holding at 7:58 ?

    65. Edbert Khovey

      I thought the scrubby earphone sound is normal, I thought everyone have it 😔

    66. Calm- Men

      I used akg earbuds before, used it for studying on my wooden desk, had to get wireless earbuds because I couldn't stand the constant rubbing noise

    67. Justin Espiritu

      “You can’t ignore the bongo man!” - DankPods

    68. The Doctor

      Have to recommend earpiece tips for the ZSN Pro X's, Comply Foam Comfort 500's. Seriously they make these good headphones GREAT.

    69. Kyle Paulsen

      I was looking into the KZ Z3N Pro X because of this video but saw a decent bit of negative reviews on amazon. Can anyone vouch for their quality or where may be a good site to buy them on?

      1. WB IsMe

        Skip the Z3N pro, go with zs10 pro. I have one and it beats $300+ IEMs from mainstream brands

    70. fclp67

      i'm very sadge neither tin t2 nor moondrop starfields made an appearance

    71. Michael Mechex

      I didn't know veranda is a word in english

    72. ¿WalkingPeace!

      the dog buiscits from 3 years ago werent as good as the buds

    73. Luke Farnsworth

      those akg buds are probably fake! idk if you can actually get them except with the samsung phones

    74. Tom Lis

      DankPods is the first person I can call an influencer, he made me buy ZSN PRO X's AND Samson SR850s, both are GREAT. I was surprised to find I have to crank the volume up to drive the Samsons though, the impedance figure is somewhat misleading.

    75. eraser

      I watch your vids just for the microphone stories. Pure gold, bless you mate!

    76. Slushy Jarl

      Right, you raved the KZ too much so I went and got a pair. Blaming you if they're garbo Dank!

    77. Kyle Sims

      Does that wireless fiio thing work with the KZ pros?

      1. Great content

        Probably. It's the same connecter so yea

    78. Ethan Medeiros

      Not to be that guy, but you've gotta check out the BLON BL03 IEMs. They cost the same as a pair of dirty buds and sound better than most $200 headphones. They're sold by linsoul, same as KZ and FiiO. The box is also so fucking funny. It says oppoty on it and honestly I really wanna hear dank say oppoty

    79. Raihan Aradhana

      I upgraded my basic earbuds to a $50 TFZ S2 and the difference is night and day. I started to hear new details in the songs that i've been listening for years lol

    80. Oz—__—zy c:

      I mean the stink buds mic was actually good so just take the mic from it at use it for other headphones that you like

    81. super Jenius11

      What I know about dank so far: - he has a beard - has a snake - is a big manly man with man hands - is either 5’7” or 6’4”

    82. Immortui Praebibo

      I wear exclusively IEMs and over/on ear headphones, the other kinda earbuds just feel weird.

    83. daniel

      Thanks so much for the recommendation of the KZ headphones! Got my pair yesterday, first really audiophile-y headphones for me, absolutely love em.

    84. Liam

      Those OEM samsung ones SUCK and they also mega SUCK cause you cant use the charger at the same time cause its USB C. The type of earbuds before those ones were actually amazing, and sounded WAY better

    85. Marvin Oehler

      10:55 why ist da das Aldi Logo

    86. Ashenryn

      When he said bongo man, I didn't know wtf he was talking about. Started up September, listened for 4 seconds, and now I can't unhear it :( I only hear bongo man going bop bop bop in my right ear someone send help

    87. Rolland Iordachescu


    88. Gordon Irving

      I was kind of suprised when you mentioned you are sporting a beard, being POV its always up to imagination. I always pictured you with one of thoes long skinny mustaches like a cartoon villian has. always waxing and twisting your stash after ever brutal 1 grit haha

      1. Jamie Vatarga

        Go check out his dankmus chanel. He has a couple videos talking directly to the camera

    89. tt t

      For the kz zsn pro x. What would be the equivalent of them that has more of the Apple earbud shape.

    90. P3chv0gel

      I bought the ZSN Pro X top. And i must say: Holy shit, you hear every bit of noise floor your dac produce. Really. Since i dont have any fancy music Players of dacs for my phone the only devices i van use these with are my notebook and my Workstation, because evey other dac just produces way to mich stativ. But with these, they sound just solo awesome

    91. last man on earth

      Just ordered KZ zsn pro X let me tell you something i never found any satisfying earphones if it turns out to be same am going to unsub you

    92. your sleep paralisis demon


    93. Anti Hero

      Romania yeaaa 🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩

    94. edd1EroxPwDblah

      If you got a new Maserati and they had earbuds waiting for you, they'd be store brand earbuds.

    95. Bobbie Graham

      Dankpods: yes I say zed just deal with it. Me: SAY ZEE YOU ASSHOLE. Sorry for saying asshole it's just I don't like zed its weird to me bc i watch American BGcliprs

    96. PHAZER _

      oh for anyone with a noisy cable , u can cover it with tape and that solves it completely

    97. Jammas Chan

      The Samsung akg ones actually sound decent to me, who is obviously a non audiophile.

    98. Leila Dandan

      Do you think that you can find wireless iems for a decent price that would be worth buying? I've been looking for a new set, and Id loved to switch to wireless but Im afraid hahaha

    99. jezusmylord

      but i liked AKG always : (

    100. Fast Gunz

      When we get headphones it sounds good but for him it is bad