Iron Maiden - The Writing On The Wall (Official Video)

Iron Maiden

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    The official music video for Iron Maiden - The Writing On The Wall

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    Written by Smith / Dickinson

    Across a painted desert lies a train of vagabonds
    All that’s left of what we were it’s what we have become
    Once our empires glorious but now the empire’s gone
    The dead gave us the time to live and now our time is done

    Now we are victorious we’ve become our slaves
    A land of hope and glory building graveyards for the brave

    Have you seen the writing on the wall
    Have you seen that writing
    Can you see the riders on the storm
    Can you see them riding ~ can you see them riding

    Holding on to jury is that all we ever know
    Ignorance our judge and jury all we’ve got to show
    From Hollywood to Babylon ~ holy war to kingdom come
    On a trail of dust and ashes ~ when the burning sky is done
    A tide of change is coming and that is what you fear
    The earthquake is a coming but you don’t want to hear
    You’re just too blind to see

    Have you seen the writing on the wall
    Have you seen that writing
    Can you see the riders on the storm
    Can you see them riding
    Can you see them riding. . . Riding next to you


    1. David Alan Gay

      Just when I think Iron Maiden has run out of song ideas and gone one time to the well too many, they come up with fresh new stuff like this. Up The Irons, Forever.

    2. Linuxuser87


    3. Cristian González

      Es el mejor video musical que he visto!!!

    4. Graziela Molina


    5. Kieran Regan

      Great song

    6. Daniel Gonzalez


    7. Sergio Jordan

      Viva maiden ////viva maiden

    8. juanpa

      si un chileno ve este comentario, simplemente canción qlia wena

    9. Elizeu Sousa

      Deus é Soberano sobre todas as coisas...

    10. Mini_Ue

      My first time: 1 year Now: 15 years My last time: 1second after my dead

    11. Bongo7

      It is telling us "the Devil is winning the battle". dclxvi = 666

    12. Kenny Hall

      Maybe this song is telling us we always have a chance to change. But we always fall back into familiar patterns? We're Doomed!

    13. Alex C.

      This feels so much like a Heavy Metal Comic the way it flows and I absolutely love it!! Up the Irons!!

    14. christophe cherel

      Up the Irons! a new Maiden Album and tour announced, best news ever! this is sick! great track. Maiden follower since 84!

    15. clint kernodle

      Epic as hell when eddie reveals himself, unleashes the four horsemen and then Adrian slays us all with that filthy guitar solo. \m/ up the irons bring me senjutsu!!!!

    16. Rick James

      That Is excellent song writing. Classy stuff by one of the greatest bands ever.

    17. Daniel Echevarria

      Forever Iron Maiden

    18. sally face

      is it me who remembered the story of eva and adão?

    19. Bryan Mcfadden

      I don't have a particular favorite album but plenty of artwork...if I have to pick anything as one ... Seventh son ..

    20. Amir Alwely

      there's a special place in the universe where all Maiden fans meet by heart..i hope these fuckers know how much they've affected and helped people through time btw this song is a fucking classic already

    21. RB CN

      Eddie as Samurai Zombie is kick ass !!

    22. franchu

      The beginning riff sounds like "village on the sand", of blackmore's night!!!

    23. efthimis madellos

      Ι like the Eddies that take revenge for all the poor people of.the planet......

    24. Rex Carkinidov

      Вынос мозга. Сука, клёво!

    25. Gabriel Moreno

      Esse vídeo mostra um futuro não distante. Futuro do apocalipse.

    26. Andrew Marllon

      Muito foda. Iron Maiden sempre impressionando.

    27. Mike Mike

      An epic song from a legend band...

    28. Evgeniy Gilnichev

      Четыре всадника Апокалипсиса, сделают обнуление всей псевдо цивилизации на этой грешной земле. ( И деньги 💰 всей земли вам не помогут, черви навозные.)

    29. Marcos Genness

      Altas referências ...

    30. Michael Vaughn

      this is why i love iron maiden they don’t have to tune down to D or C this song 🎶 is in standard tuning and sounds awesome 🤘🏻i already leaned this song just by playing along with it see kids you don’t need to play in drop F or whatever to play metal

    31. Ramon Pacífico

      Viciante!!! Esse som é muito foda. Quem diz que o Rock morreu só pode estar louco!

    32. Aaron Tunkin

      Brilliant video and amazing song from a exalent band



    34. E5150

      "I wish I was a real artist!"-- Beyonce'

    35. E5150

      There are real musicians among us.

    36. EXIT YES

      Круто )

    37. Adam Griggs

      Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks, has never heard of Iron Maiden. Always leaving us wanting more. Up the Irons 🤘🏻🤘🏻

    38. Andrea Salvati


    39. Nani Romanni

      incredible music! 🖤

    40. Superfro

      Trop bien !

    41. OFIFGamerz

      how maiden keep thumpung out fantastic songs after so long... its mind boggling. So many bands live on past success ans dont release new stuff. Damn I love em

    42. Damir Laković

      Surprised? No. Masterpiece is something completely normal for Iron Maiden. They don't know any different way.

    43. Rodrigo Castro

      Eddie seria Jesus Cristo?

    44. Huru Novak

      Wow! This is amazing! The riders are already here! Let's clean this mess up! 🤘

    45. Krzysztof Stasko

      I think I have a Déjà vu. I have seen these scenes watching Naruto Shippuden (eddy is being transformed)

    46. Ile


    47. Eugene Enriquez


    48. Dima Palienko

      Старі-добрі часи повертаються

    49. Bruno Menezes

      Povo será escravizado

    50. Bruno Menezes

      Muita mensagem subliminar

    51. Flar Ith

      Iron maiden ! The best ever ! Iron maiden !

    52. Cristian Rodriguez


    53. Carlos Anacleto

      Lembra muito a animação Heavy Metal. Se tivesse top 10 na MTV, estaria no topo.

    54. David Ch. A. T.

      Este video es mucha cosa. Me dejo impresionado los escuchare muchas veces mas

    55. Zulkifli Achmad

      Always same maiden

    56. Jesus é o único Caminho

      O próprio satanás avisando o mundo o que ele vai fazer e todos levando isso como uma obra legal e bem feito no sentido de animação. Por nao conhecerem o conteudo da bíblia sagrada vcs nao enchergam o que realmente é esse conteudo desse vídeo. Isso vai acontecer de verdade e ja esta acontecendo . os que aceitarem esse sistema sofreram graves consequências do Deus ALTICÍMO. Os que não aceitarem essa marca que enganará muitos com uma suposta vida boa pra sempre serão salvos por Jesus e viveram eternamente em sei reinado. Esse satanás ja esta condenado e quer arrastar muitos com ele entao nao caia nessa , acordem pessoal , buquem a palavra de Deus o tempo esta acabando.

    57. Marco Marrero

      Simplesmente brutal!

    58. YuriuSSS

      Iron Murmaider! Yeah! Rock!


      Live the irons

    60. vincenzo valentini

      Iron maiden per sempre!!!

    61. Lee Hambilton

      Another brilliant song from the mighty Iron maiden up the irons Lee Hambleton from Sheffield

    62. SweetTomatoSauce

      The structure of the arena at 2:00 reminded me a lot of the Yggdrasil temple in Assasin's Creed Valhalla

    63. Viboto Awomi

      Hell yeah!!!!

    64. Andi Bartha

      I love the heavy metal esque (as in the classic 80's movie) video though.

    65. Rick McBrain

      La Profecía Maiden de lo que pasa en el mundo actual

    66. Claudio Lambertini

      WOW! Finally a new oldschool Maiden song!

    67. Robson Rocha

      Simplesmente Fantástico!

    68. RocksMetalHour

      vocal by Bruce I think it's intentional Bruce has a tendency to shift himself into different modes like any good vocalist you don't want to be the same all the time granted what Bruce does have under your belt is not able to be reproduced by anyone other than him when it comes to Iron Maiden Bruce is the most recognized vocalist of all time. Wales you do get older and wind is getting harder to find sitting at home eating bonbons and ramen noodles for a year-and-a-half eventually that's going to kick your ass I know speaking for a vocalist you have to write to your capabilities so you don't have to struggle performing this song 95024325 times. And Bruce stays in pretty good shape he is rather active and the main thing is they do it because they don't know how to stop the music continues to come I highly doubt they're doing it for any other purpose other than passion they really enjoy the fans this has been an entire life long career ..just to have a release today is good enough for me. Some other stuff they write I might like some of the stuff I might not they're not writing to please me directly that's the name of the game you can't keep everybody happy on every song why would you ..different collaborations . it's made for a different ear in targeting strategies whether or not Steve sees it that way is another story but that's kind of how I see it.. it's all in the ear of the beholder and basically it generally is a matter of life and death. it's what keeps them driven . They've been doing it for so long keeps the blood flowing . Bruce has absolutely nothing to prove in his ability Diamond Dave had nothing to proven his ability very few vocalists out there could have ever done what Bruce has accomplished he is a gifted Soul just like everybody else there. . That's just my opinion isn't it a little late to try to criticize now I'm not as old as any of the members in Maiden you know what I feel like Eddie looks God bless the children's all I can say any release from Iron Maiden in my opinion is a true bonus on top of everything we've already been given and learned and seen the last thing I want to do is have one of the members feel that they're not haven't we all been beat up enough already can't we just play isn't that what it's all about is enjoying what we have I mean I don't recall ever seeing a member of Maiden trying to borrow $20 bucks from anyone. Last I heard they're selling out about 30,000 seats in 10 minutes. Such a shame . could have sold 20.000 more who knew? There isn't very many people like the members of Maiden anymore with everything that's going on in the music industry these days these people are their Own Worst Enemy and some of these and I'm not going to name any names have deliberately destroyed the music industry in the state's. And I hope you're paying attention to this comment because there is something that they can do that really needs to be done but highly doubtful anybody will bother music industry really isn't their issue they have their own..

      1. JD Knight

        Spot on! 🤟🙌

    69. Adiestramiento canino y felino SIN MALTRATO Bogota

      the best band in the world, a kiss from Colombia 🇨🇴🍷🥰

    70. Piotr Sobucki

      Fucking awesome!

    71. Joe Hahn

      It's been about forty years since I first heard Wrathchild. Although I dug the music on the first two albums it wasn't until I heard the "Number of the Beast" album that I became a true Iron Maiden fan. It was a very fortunate day for all involved when Iron Maiden got a "Human Air Raid Siren" to front the band!!! I love this fuckin' song..."UP THE IRONS"!!!

    72. Macej1976


    73. mint smofla

      why are they doin the stupid "2 cd album" again. hate that crap....albums on for like 82mins...surely they could of took 2 mins off and put it all on one album. 2cd albums suck, like the metallica one...u dont play it as a whole that one cd...then end up leavin the other....dumbest idea ever.

    74. Retrovariable 34

      My favorite band of all time😎

    75. Kasper San

      Best metal band ever

    76. Carlos Genilson

      Jeova e maior !!! Jrsus cristo

      1. Carlos Genilson

        Pai nosso que estas no céu.

    77. Lucky FPV

      Ennio Morricone?

    78. Jc Kabelo

      iron é fodaaaaa o som gruda igual chiclete na mente

    79. -_-

      SICK !!!

    80. arshia 2005

      Iron maiden is life🤘🏼👌🏼👌🏼👍🏼❤

    81. Theo someca

      C'est trop bon ça !!!!! 🤘🏻 une vague de changement arrive et c est ce que tu crains my old friend 💕💕💕 changer tes habitudes .. moi je suis prête pour toi . C'est quand ?

    82. Kross Junkie

      is it new song?

      1. Joe Wilson

        yap, after 6 years ago

    83. Jorge Otávio

      Como os BR gostam do Irom isso é muito bom! E essa banda é sensacional!

    84. Rocaulita plays

      Viva maiden

    85. R Si

      Through time tunnel back to Maiden's Golden Years!

    86. Antoine BIANCHI

      People are more like this when leaving the festival than when coming to it.

    87. Esteban Céspedes

      Siempre Maiden tirando pura crema! Saludos a todos desde Costa Rica 🇨🇷❤️🔥

    88. Rick Dangerous

      Brilliant Iron Maiden ❤️❤️😃

    89. Кирилл Чеверев


    90. Tomislav Kovač

      I am 45 year old man whith lovely wife and 3 beautiful kids but I must confes: EDDIE I LOVE YOU!!!!!

    91. Guilherme Neves

      Música do carai meu velho

    92. Ryan Vanarsdale

      Sooo fucking boss

    93. Paola Stagnaro

      Buenísima!!! Saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪

    94. Matthew G

      I enjoy this song and Dickenson's voice is as amazing as always, but is this Maiden's version of St. Anger? Certainly feels that way, on my first listen. I welcome being wrong.

    95. HeWasA DragonMan

      Wh/te shaming and painting us as the bad guys. I'm disappointed Iron Maiden.

    96. HeWasA DragonMan

      Free speech is a joke. Freedom is a lie. Free Will does not exist.

    97. HeWasA DragonMan

      Yup. Keep taking the truth down BGclip.... typical. Doesn't fit their narrative.

    98. James97 ITALIA

      Anche gli Iron hanno capito che sta per tornare il messiah a spaccare il culo a quest’umanitá degenerata

    99. Joe Wilson

      Stuck in this music, bruh, its getting better when you repeat this song again and again