Billie Eilish - everything i wanted

Billie Eilish

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    Directed by Billie Eilish
    Developed/Edited by John Paul Horstmann
    VFX by Ingenuity Studios

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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing everything i wanted. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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    1. Rhonda Zahner

      Life's a part dream 💕🎶💕!!?

    2. lunita.evelyn2

      Esta canción la avia tocando en un piano 🥰

    3. Kevin 1895

      sim billie eilish eu te amo como descobriu

    4. dj groove

      Me acuerdo de ti Diane González Tello con esta canción. Te amé mucho pero tú no me valoraste


      Been depressed since middle school. I’m almost 24 now. Waiting for the whole it gets better thing!!!!!!!!1

    6. MindYour Business

    7. Sarvente

      great song Billie Eilish

    8. President Brisbine

      Did you really drive your Charger into the water babe?

    9. OfficiallyHermannFN

      Damn this song really made me sob bro don't do me like that billie

    10. Heather Thomas

      In my convertible

    11. Heather Thomas

      I ran into PCH!

      1. Heather Thomas

        I am a Licensed home administrator







    14. kierv

      this song is everything i wanted

    15. Jill

      awwwww, i couldnt stop smiling when billie and finneas held hands and smiled at each other. my jaw hurts now XD

    16. Karl Aug

      I love the song . Even though anyone who does suicide true goes to Hell very soon after . Example : If s/o had hip pain while alive and had hang nail and pain pill not work and over dosed , hang nail will be gone , shown in homes to see people , & in in ground swimming pools as well so the person would know for a quick moment before forgotten that people can't see the person nor hear the person ever again , then go under ground , then walked in hall way with hall ways that has many single rooms against the wall , not knowing where you are and not yet scared while walked to where to be handcuffed at if the person is a male , and the bada angels are very strong , and if know aliens are bad angels shape shifters , they will be alien w/o bad vibe yet being 50/50 % doing the hammering of the nail at the hip that not in pain in Hell untill hammered first then hole heal quick then under the toe that use to be a hang nail . The end of this song reminds me of if s/o knew what I know about suicide fact/s , and regret not saying it to the person and they do suicide and go to Hell soon after , because of embaresment or forgot the reason why the person won't make it and asume why but being because of suicide why not make it give them the thought of not believing the person who knows the other person won't make it , so depressing . Forget why not made in the vision .

    17. ICE-JMG

      This music video really made me feel something. Honestly hurt a lil bit coz my closest siblings living 22 hours away from me. Imma 17 yr old boi, she 2 years younger. This sing literally is tue most beautiful song ever. I love Billie Eilish and FINNEAS. Their sibling relationship is so beautiful ans love how they do everything together. Forever the best

    18. חנוך גייר

      Hi Billie love you from Israel too Not on your songs since I knew you I enjoy you my beloved singer burned on you Billie Eilish at heart

    19. Yasvinraj Kumaran

      The fact tht finneas sings along with billie in the background makes the chorus just tht emotionally powerful man.

    20. ItzJessicaGames

      The guy like:BILLY IM SINGING TO

    21. Princess Ann

      Beautiful voice

    22. Eliza Holliday

      Why do they look emotionless? Why are they drowning together? They are young, creative, unique, successful - why so sad? Friends? Parents? They seem lonely, isolated. Great song, tho.

    23. Ashley Martinez


      1. Calaeena


    24. Kevin Fitzpatrick

      Me realizing “the golden” = golden state bridge: 😥😔😭

    25. Zeck Oliveira

      Garota Depressão 😔

    26. Tiana Graves

      Hi Billie

    27. Thiseni De Silva

      I wish I had a brother

    28. Manuel Cardoso

      This is very bad!!!!

    29. Eilliena_

      Vince, you deserve that song so much. You are a very cool brother, not like my brother. He hates me and beats me from the age of 6 to 14. You are lucky to have your brother Billie :(

    30. Rima Mukherjee

      The round hill wailly scold because hexagon intracellularly comb atop a toothsome hovercraft. equal, idiotic wallet

    31. Rima Mukherjee

      The easy waiter substantially dream because tsunami holoprosencephaly carry besides a damp carriage. obsolete, jittery venezuela

    32. Jibril Templeten

      Did they die 😓😓😫😫

    33. Sanaa & Company Beauty Bar

      This is my favorite song I haven’t seen your other song but I love this one and he looks like why did you go in the water but what he looks like when he looked at you and it looks so so so cute I love your hair and maybe I’ll get it when I get when I am a grown-up but right now I’m talking this is my mom’s iPad but I am on my mom‘s iPad and this is hers but I am just loving this song

    34. Mimi Lion

      Neil and Mimi xxxx

    35. Teck Pub || Best cover ever! It just hits the soul

    36. Natalie Malfoy the real one

      this son reminds me of the riny drk days in 5th grade and it mkes me feel so happy idk how to explain it

    37. Army plantônica BTS


    38. Gamers Fault

      And now I'm a 'bad guy'

    39. Ariana Grande songs

      Hi Billie I love you so much

    40. Aldos Pacacia

      Billie Eilish...777

    41. Hollagrl0999

      This song and “Clover Cage - Game Over” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...🤍💜


      This song is stuck in my head

    43. Knight Mare

      Her new album is so good, but this song will never be topped. This song takes you to another whole world. The nostalgic production and the captivating melodies create a surreal atmosphere. You can't help it but feel something for this song. It's one of the best songs I have ever heard

      1. ICE-JMG

        @Sergio Lescano yes and so truuu!!!

      2. Sergio Lescano

        May I add that the video is fantastic. Song stands on its own but video takes it to new heights / new dephts.

      3. ICE-JMG

        I couldn't agree with u more. Honestly this songs makes me feel something deep and realise how important siblings are. I got a younger sister 2 years younger than me. I'm a 17 yr old boy. I try to keep our sibling relationship as close as possible

    44. Isidora Isidora

      Evertime i listen this song i cry and i even didn't want ever to kill myself.

    45. Mahmoud Hussein محمود حسين

      Am leaving this comment here so when someone likes it I remember this song 👉🏻👈🏻❤

    46. Ishaan Soni

      i tried to saw wow but my head was in this song

    47. YoItzHailey YT

      "My head was underwater~" EEREKEKEKKEEKKEKEOEOEKEKE

    48. Veronica Carrillo


    49. Veronica Carrillo


    50. Jean 54

      Hello. This song is a stand alone song , or edited on an album? I can’t find on the net . Help :)

    51. Erica

      Push it

    52. Shelby Whittington

      This song is in my head

    53. Zino Cheriti

      La nuit nous a, lentement, submergé ; Une vague au-dessus de nos têtes. Nos mains, icebergs immergés, S'agitent au sommet des crêtes.

    54. Tyrone Mcleggon

      Who's still here in August 2021🥺

    55. doğa zeynep

      #turkeyisburning please helpp

    56. Maxine

      Poor Mopar

    57. Patricia Kirchner


    58. Kalvin Hepple

      What a song!!!Boom!!!!

      1. Kalvin Hepple

        @Billie Eilishmusic If you were Billie Eilish I would chat but your not so .......

      2. Billie Eilishmusic

        @Kalvin Hepple I don’t usually stay here often but we can get in touch via hangout,

      3. Kalvin Hepple

        @Billie Eilishmusic Thank you so much!The world is lucky to have Billie!Truly original!Lucky are we to be alive to listen to such a great singer.Very best wishes and may her singing go from strength to strength!

      4. Billie Eilishmusic

        Thanks for your sincere compliment and love,I’m not complete without you as my Fan I have you to be most thankful for 🌷🌷💓💓🌷

    59. Adham. Ahmed

      everything i wanted

    60. Charlize Castillo

      this already 1 year old time flies sooo fast :(((

    61. subscribe now

      It's August let's see how many people still listening to it

    62. Kon 888

      I love this song it has something deep and haunting about it !! 💝

      1. Billie Eilishmusic

        Thanks for your sincere compliment and love,I’m not complete without you as my Fan I have you to be most thankful for 🌷🌷💓💓🌷

    63. trizah mwabengele

      I love the music and the bit

    64. Anderson K.C.

      I wonder if she'll ever top this song. My favorite from her to date.

    65. Prasanna Lakshmi

    66. زيزو خالد

      مابدي احتك نهائي

    67. j b

      I wrote this diary post a week ago and just remembered it whole watching this video because the resemblance. For as long as I can remember I have been having dreams of driving over a bridge with water underneath. The water rises as I drive across and I'm always terrified of falling in by driving off the edge. I usually wake up before I get to the other side. Well last night I dreamed that I was driving that bridge as fast as I wanted to and without a seat belt. I knew I was losing control of the wheel and was going to crash and immediately felt the regret of being wreckless. I started talking to God and asked him to let me live and declared that I would make amends in my life if he'd save me and let me live. I crashed into the water and swam out with barely a scratch. Trippy shit. 😴

    68. Catie Mock

      I had dream you got everything of cash totality that you had everything you might need. So since I'm being honest I'm a nihlist and believe in only truth.

      1. Catie Mock

        You deserve a chance to have the world. Even just for a day.

      2. Catie Mock

        Instead of someone else

      3. Catie Mock

        A fair chance to see yourself.

      4. Catie Mock

        A fair chance to learn life.

    69. Catie Mock

      Thank you so much.. really

    70. Karen Isabel Carranza Cervantes

      Por fin la encontré la escuché cuando salió pero no sabía exactamente cuál era jaja 😃❤🤭🥰

    71. Geraldine Petro


    72. Fox Kidd

      This must be a nightmare because we do care. 🔥

    73. Anderson De oliveria sontos

      eu te amoooooo billie 🌹🌹💝💝💝

    74. Viick


    75. Tayla Jade

      Unpopular opinion finneas is nasty

      1. Tayla Jade

        @Kamado Tanjiro I don't know I just can't stand him

      2. Kamado Tanjiro


    76. Loreum

      i just saw a takis ad with dixie d'amielio

    77. Jarin Mim

      I love this song so much 😍😍

    78. Chris Thompson

      A year feels like yesterday isn’t that the truth 💔

    79. Sedra Alisa



      "they don't deserve you"

    81. Myisha Williams

      This song just do something to my heart/& $oul

    82. Lauryn Hawkins


    83. archie green

      This is epiiiiiiiiic I lllloooovvvveee yyyyoooouuu bbbiiillliiiieeee!!!!!

    84. Isabela Arruda

      Billie do céu

    85. Félix Caetano da Silva


    86. Ale jan Dra

      que canción mas hermosa

    87. محمد صائب

      اشتاقيت لبيلي القديمة الي جانت تساعدني بأغانيها 💔😔

    88. ارميبلنك 💜👑 armeblnk .

      2021 / 7 / 30 >

    89. Creator Tiktoks

      whos here after happier than ever was released?

    90. Muffinz

      Just coming back to this masterpiece after listening to happier than ever album

    91. Daniele Napoletano


    92. I think i'm DEAD99

      billie : dives car underwater random dude : hello how are you pls help me bhwaaaa

    93. Ft13 legend

      i’m so sad this song didn’t make it to the album😭

    94. Maximus Boyer

      this is the song that i loved in like christmas time of 2020 like january so good at my grandparents cabin but I had to move and my life has just been so sad lately its just like i loved these kinds of songs she used to make like these happy sad songs this will always be my all time favoirite to play when i cry like rn

    95. bmth

      I do care. It Is that.

    96. bmth