James Charles Entire Channel Demonetized by YouTube - Frenemies # 32

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    1. Jace Lendori

      H3h3 😔😔👁👄👁

    2. brielle minshew

      her step mom was insecure as fukkkk

    3. Alli Lee

      i have a heart disease. i was born with a massive, near lethal hole in my heart. i eat sugar free products bc sugar is extremely hard on my heart. The fat it creates is the base of a lot of long term problems for me. When i was little, very very little sugar free products existed, i barely got to eat anything. Going to birthdays and sleep overs was hell. I am so grateful that companies now give options for people like me. Just because you have a trigger doesn’t mean the entire world has to cater to you. that mindset is disgusting. Are people with diabetes, heart disease, and other ailments that could have lethal side affects if not catered to, are they less worthy of life than you? Are they less worthy of health and happiness than you?? This woman is absolutely disgusting for tearing down a local small town mom and pop business, simply for offering healthy options? Fast food mega chains don’t even do that. Disgusting. Attention seeking.

    4. 听太阳

      Pick up your trash

    5. Alli Lee

      ETHAN! Talk to your doctor about ur weight! My doctor gave me ambien but it made me gain weight so they prescribed me something to help. they can prescribe you a drug to help or a drug to replace the lexapro or even help her n other ways.

    6. Kawaii Sux

      Ethan hyping Trisha up for having a good month on onlyfans is so wholesome lol 😂 love you guys!!

    7. Alli Lee

      playing through all the ads, never skipping one :) gotta help ethan w that lawsuit money.

      1. Dolly Studios

        Your an angel I’ll join u

    8. Alli Lee

      yassss trisha checking her self out in the view finder!!! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Also, ethan, I used to model for baby gucci, but lost modeling gigs as i got older, because i didn’t have the proportions required for traditional modeling. Im very thin, I just have breasts at about a C cup, wide hips, and skinny runner legs. And my face doesn’t have traditional proportions. I have been wanting to get back into modeling, but it’s so hard to find companies that would go for different from the norm models. Please please please. i’m going to email y’all and send y’all some shots on twitter. please give them a look. I promise, i’ve been told by many agents that i have a very beautiful appearance, they just have a set cookie cutter appearance they require.

    9. rudyhackl

      Used to love Ethan and hila, now I'm wondering why and how I got here.

    10. martindh98

      Handsome squidward when he takes the hat off

    11. Auchura

      Is it just me or does Ethan look like handsome squidward?

    12. bob i u u

      joe rogan was the fear factor dude ??!?!?! i thought hellooked familiar, i guessed that he was just some comedian

    13. Chanel Siva

      I loved shallow Hal 😩😭😭😭

    14. lottie

      trish and ethan calling each other their best friend brought me to tears. their friendship brings out the best in trisha and she seems genuinely happy in life.

    15. Josie chadwick

      put demi up for a steamy

    16. mariam Hilal

      Awwww thats so sweet you guys wished us ramadan

    17. Graeme Jones

      Someone has to make a shirt saying "onlyfans for tha homies"

    18. Planetpulse

      Wow laughed way too hard when Ethan was saying one liners as the mask. Haha too good

    19. Anna N

      can trisha stop saying everything is tourette's is rlly annoying especially for him and prolly triggering she doesn't even know what she's talking abt

    20. Kendall 136

      I’m voting demi for the biggest douche bag steamy of 2021

    21. Emigoolovescake

      i wish there was some way we could get gerard way to know about trishas wedding

    22. Tianna Roth

      he said you can promo “get that paper boo” they’re so cute!!

    23. kishy pishy

      Trisha is just so pretty ugghh

    24. Andrew N.

      Ethan: “I’m a top for sure” *looks off camera and grins* 48:22

    25. x Becca x

      Shout out to team BOTTOM

    26. Bronny

      How is it culture appropriation to name someone a name you like ? That’s insane Lmaooo

    27. Bronny

      When Ethan talks about religion so confidently it makes me laugh because he’s almost always wrong

    28. Claire Pearson

      Trisha has the best laugh

    29. Hannah Hodgson

      "I'm a top, for sure." *looks at Hila*

    30. Icy Mike

      48:12 I'm here for this 😂

    31. Anomaleee

      every time Ethan says, "SOMEBODY STOP ME!" i fucking died

    32. Anomaleee

      You know, I tried pressing charges and it is THE most difficult thing to do. It's not just an open and shut case and for the most part if they don't have assets (not including homes/cars) lawyers aren't interested.

    33. N E


    34. Amira Brown

      Personally I struggle with an ED so the idea of diet foods and zero sugar makes me feel better about eating since I process it as not consuming food while still eating (I have body dysmorphia). I hope people understand it helps people with ED’s (maybe not all) get back into eating and could prevent relapsing.

    35. Emmanuel O

      I despise this guy with a passion. Tried lying to everyone through his teeth knowing he was lying and got caught in 4k. Most manipulative and hypocritical guy on yt.

      1. autumn rain

        what did he do?

    36. just a small town girl living in a lonely world

      The year of" trish was telling the truth! "


      Trisha and Ethan are so funny together hahahaHahaha

    38. Drawhp _Heavy

      there are several levels of hilarity of ethan in costume! i'm dying over here!

    39. Erika Bourgeois

      Love this podcast, love you guys in general, Trisha is an icon 😭💕. don't love the hate on the "right wing side" it is kind of generalized and it seems like your comments are based on crazy stereotypes, that don't apply to everyone. :/

    40. James Russel


      1. Zeno Blues

        oh that's gonna put a hole in his "joke" defense.

      2. Furness Prime


    41. Lelani Harris

      nooo cause that “twonk” comment was so funny

    42. Corinne Capitonoff

      i think what demi's point was, was that they were /promoting/ diet products by putting them in the impulse buy section next to the register and stuff. By putting them here, it can trigger all the people that have issues with dieting and/or their body, instead of just leaving them in an area that people who actually want them can get them. they way she handled it was awful, but it's not like she was calling diet or sugar-free items bad, it's the way those items are promoted and how they elevate diet culture BY being promoted

      1. ceerw buty

        Caught in 4K

    43. Corinne Capitonoff

      If Trisha wants to do better, she needs to actually educate herself on how tourettes works. Ethan seemed really annoyed with her this episode

      1. ceerw buty

        ethan please do handsome squid ward

    44. cultural marxist

      please do frenemies x teddy fresh trish as goldilocks and ethan as the bear I would buy the shit out of that

    45. Bleu Clues

      jack black was my childhood crush

    46. Charlotte Streeter

      I live for this podcast, its the only thing that gets me through the week. Currently eating dominoes in my underwear and there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing

    47. Rosa berry Vaughan

      I think that since women are often valued based off how desirable/attractive they are to men, women are socialized to believe this and desire male attention and validation. Because of this when men make derogatory comments about a women's appearance its more than a small comment, there are larger power dynamics at play.

    48. Lunchbox bleh


    49. Lore Kellens

      Trisha should do an asmr video

    50. LyleDeYounges

      that's a fucking great costume

    51. lee picc

      Demi is kind of encouraging eating disorders bc if someone wanted to lose weight and there was no diet food they were just resort to starving... like girl.

    52. caroline goodfriend

      Trishas thumbnails I can’t 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    53. caroline goodfriend

      I’m crying at trishas initial seriousness of green face 😂😂

    54. cYberʀᴀᴛ

      C’mon organized Libra!

    55. Dakota Jones

      I think it’s funny how when Ethan is reading Doms “apology” he was saying “shut up!” ,Stop!”,😭😭😭

    56. kasey karais

      Educate urself on Islam before u go saying happy Ramadan. Ethan said Mohammed is a prophet and then trisha says that a man named Mohammed is named after a god. She made me wana rip my hair out of my head, what an awful way to wish Muslims a happy Ramadan. Of course the topic of islam is brought up when AB isn’t there to defend it. Trisha really showed that she is not actually listening to Ethan but just acts like she’s listening while thinking about the next thing she is going to say.

      1. kasey karais

        @mahid5000 I am also a Muslim, you aren’t the only Muslim with an opinion sir.

      2. mahid5000

        @kasey karais There are plenty of Arabic names derived from things attributed to god. Mohamed is one such example. As a Muslim, your outrage is misplaced. It’s non offensive.

      3. Samwise

        Oh fucking get a grip, non Muslim people do not know or need to know the intricacies of any religion.

      4. kasey karais

        @mahid5000 Here’s an Arabic lesson for you. Surah al baqarah verse 42 says وَلَا تَلْبِسُوا الْحَقَّ بِالْبَاطِلِ وَتَكْتُمُوا الْحَقَّ وَأَنتُمْ تَعْلَمُون Which translates to: Do not mix truth with falsehood or hide the truth knowingly.

      5. kasey karais

        @mahid5000 Saying that something isn’t offensive, doesn’t make it any less offensive. That is like telling a gay person to not be offended by homophobic slurs because you don’t happen to find it offensive. And thank you for the Arabic lesson but it doesn’t change the clear statements made in the video. I’m paraphrasing but, Ethan: Mohammed is a prophet. Trisha: A man named Mohammed is named after a god I don’t need to speak, read, or write Arabic to understand that she made a false statement. I have been watching H3 since it’s inception and I have always liked that Ethan makes it a point to always be politically correct. The show’s standards of political correctness should not stop when it comes to Islam. So I guess what I’m saying “in a round about way” is you’re wrong to say that she’s not wrong.

    57. Patrick Mctighe

      ethan please do handsome squid ward

    58. Boss Karen

      Caught in 4K

    59. Cecilia Costa

      You two need to dress as a version of Ru Paul. That id like to see

    60. Rxe Plays Msp

      Funny he admitted to pirating the fight 😂😂 then deleted his tweet and claims I never said that mmhmm

    61. Jck17

      I watched the beginning of the video briefly, but ended up getting distracted with other stuff so it just ran. I think I may have caught the last 10 minutes or so? I do this a lot, then forget to go back. I might click on a notification, open a new window or just catch their next video. I'm fairly new to BGclip but I doubt that I'm the only one who does this. I go to do something quick and start doing other things. I think that people can view and like, to help a channel or Creator's numbers as well, without watching the full video. I don't know how that works? I skip ads as fast as I can, especially the long ones, the ones that I can come back to and are still playing. It would seem odd that I would watch those, as I never do, unless I am away from my device. Hence, I would not have let those play if I were watching, although I don't think Ethan and Hila play those? I ended up seeing the fight clip somewhere else. This being said, although I doubt anything will happen with this "lawsuit": if views are counted, I don't count and I'll let his channel know this.

    62. Alejandro Villalobos

      I haven't seen Trisha in a while ... and honestly I've never seen her this good and "mature" ! wow ❤️

    63. Rachel Dasilva

      This is the only podcast I watch lol I love it

    64. Francesca A

      They need to sit down in private and dissect their communication because they’re both on different wavelengths I get where they’re both Tryna come from home that makes sense

    65. Brittney Xoxoxo

      Love all the Trisha love! Xoxoxo she’s so adorable love her love with Moses

    66. Juan Cruz

      Shallow Hal is a masterpiece. The name shallow Hal is so on the nose, like, you know it’s gonna be offensive.

    67. Lauren Collins

      What time does the new one uploaded!!!!????

    68. Jay_said


    69. 4sureitsnat


    70. digital dan

      Speaking of "legal teams", I hope that diet Frozen Yogurt place hires someone to sue the ever-living hell out of demi. They would non-ironically have grounds to sue her. I thought it might be some marketing/advertising tizzy between the business and demi, but if those fans knew anything about her for the last decade, she's been known to be this way, absolutely harassing and targeting the "lil' guys" while victimizing herself and using eating disorders and mental illness for ill-intentions rather than raising awareness for good. she needs to be put in her place. she made a fake insta to bash selena gomez, etc. she's cringe, gross, and a predatory opportunist.

    71. Fawad Fawadi

      17:00 - 18:00 gg 41:00 lol logic stop double down

    72. Preston Petersen

      I don't understand how people can watch a town bike and an old man bullshit for 2 hours

    73. Baron Von Balls

      Holy shit people still watch these clowns ? Ethan today would hate the OG Ethan

    74. Chris Scars

      Hey how did that pirating go?

      1. Chris Scars

        @qopoy dnon Yes, worship them. Lick the boot.

      2. qopoy dnon

        i looooove u trish & ethan😘💗

    75. Jambalya Lombardi

      "I pirated it."

    76. Shy boiii

      Anyone know what's the timestamp where he said he watched Jake Paul's fight?

      1. qopoy dnon

        you sounded like missy from big mouth when u started reading james' accountability post @1:32:00

    77. Exene Vandenberg

      41:54 should not be this funny

      1. Francis Yono


      2. Francis Yono

        Catching up on frienimies at 2 am... we need to be friends.

    78. Brookie Leiner

      The one thing I think about morphe supporting James for as long as they did is prob bc of some sort of contract they prob had

    79. vbddfy euuyt

      I feel like ethan and trish are like the devil and angels on people’s shoulders 😂

    80. Jesse Nash

      lol why did you delete the tweet?

    81. luomio

      Obese mask

    82. IMA PLEB

      Joe Rogan is 5’8, 2 inches shorter than Ethan. They’re making a weirdly proportioned fuss about more or less a single comment in reaction to a photo. Yes, Joe Rogan is on steroids, hes very open about it. He used to be on tons of hgh which is why he had a weird gut, hes toned down his hormone use but has ended up using different chemicals to enhance his bodys performance due to his increasing age and history of injuries. Also, most steroids don’t “shrink” anything. Hormones and some anabolics will cause your balls to shrink causing a smaller bulge (which is what led people to believe that it caused your dick to shrink) but not most. This really an unnecessary comment but this whole topic was annoying to me. Also I doubt Joe Rogan would wrestle Trisha because of his injuries, but if he did, it would be unfairly tipped in Joes Favour.

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Aww theyre so sweet with the happy ramadan , love themmm

    83. luomio

      Hey it’s fat mask and fat chick in mask movie

    84. Fox Squad 6

      Trisha: promoting her OF and talking about how much she squirts also Trisha: We're trying to adopt, its not happening....lol and that wasn't meant to be shade but knowing someone in that industry it's CRAZY how much they dig into the adoptive parent's lives. It's sad cause these people would be GREAT parents but they're not "society norms" of a parent. I've actually always been on the fence when it came to Trisha but this episode has really pushed me more onto the liking side. When she said we as humans shouldn't comment on other's appearances was the most truthful statement I've heard from a youtuber in a long time. I really appreciated her saying she wants to be good and she's trying. Not that it matters but from someone that's been on the fence, I've seen the difference and growth in maturity. Keep it up Girl!! Do your thing and screw the haters!!!

    85. Anna Gallo


    86. melissa fonseca

      1:25:49 - 1:26:30 is the best part

    87. hyperboy 2

      1:55:46 4k

      1. ur girls cooch

        @Ryan T LOL u know nothing stfu hes gonna get sued jake dont like him either

      2. Ryan T

        Well he won’t have to go to court cuz he didnt stream it all he has to do is pay 50 bucks. His reason for pirating was pretty understandable, not supporting a sexual assaulter is fair

      3. joker jack

        They deleted the clip lol

    88. Dragunov

      U goin to jail

    89. Jake

      you sounded like missy from big mouth when u started reading james' accountability post @1:32:00

    90. Angelika Bumgarner

      i looooove u trish & ethan😘💗

    91. Nun Ya

      Trish thought the vulture jokes were TOO funny 😂 I love her

    92. Lottie Summers

      please make trisha a shirt that says squirt queen in rhinestones

    93. Lottie Summers

      don’t forget she also said she looks like steve buscemi

    94. Natalie Garcia

      Wait I’m an hour and 30 mins in and have been watching this over like multiple days and I just realized like what is Ethan supposed to be? I thought he was trying to be the joker and then I realized the jokers not even green like what is he. His suit looks like curious George’s dad but like why is he green

      1. Natalie Garcia

        @Reiki on the Run ty

      2. Natalie Garcia

        @Hibbs Dibble omg I just looked it up I remember that so faintly ty

      3. Hibbs Dibble

        You're either really young, or very uncultured. You don't know what The Mask is?

      4. Reiki on the Run

        The Mask

    95. carlie boyd

      Definitely not getting his facts from super bad😂😂

    96. trashbaby1999

      why is no one talking about trisha paytas fucking crispin glover

    97. Manny

      *Aww theyre so sweet with the happy ramadan , love themmm*

    98. hxppy.yxilin

      14:41 WHAAATTTTT💀💀

    99. soiung toiue

      listens but when men get involved things start to actually change.

    100. H3ART

      You guys should do kiss costumes!!!