Demi Lovato - Butterfly (Visualizer)


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    Music video by Demi Lovato performing Butterfly (Visualizer). © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Igor Rodrigues

      3 comentário tá ótimo

    2. Igor Rodrigues


    3. Cheyenne Lackey

      I know she said this song is for her dad, and I feel like this song is describing that complicated part of loving and hating him, going back and forth between forgiveness and resentment, before finally settling on forgiveness. Or at the least finding peace with what is left. She says he’s exactly what he needs to be now and is there for her now. I also feel like the lyric “thought this was something I’d deal with my whole life” alludes to not only dealing with the pain of losing him, but can also refer to the comfort that may come from having him there despite all of the horrible stuff that happened. It’s a moment of self reflection, when she realizes that the struggle is “gone” now (not gone but in the most basic sense replaced by another struggle all of a sudden) because he is no longer alive. It’s a beautiful song.

    4. Marília Sousa

      Maravilhosa ❤️

    5. Jordan Lee

      Miley: Butterfly Fly Away Demi: Butterfly fly High

    6. Anne Carvalho

      perfeita cara

    7. Marline Noguera

      live life like a butterfly take a rest but never forget how to fly. may the winds of life always carry you toward your goals and dreams...

    8. Alexander Moreta

      Por qué tiene tan pocos views estas chuladas?

      1. Dash120z

        su disquera no la promociona como se debe.. :(

    9. Young Town

      Amazing ❤️❤️❤️

    10. Karina Machado


    11. paulinha st

      Never been hurt and ihydlm's baby vibe

    12. Shadia Rashid

      My dad passed away in May 22nd 2020 and it’s been one year ago. So every time I see a butterfly it shall remind me of my father. Because he took care of us and dedicated us.

    13. Ruth Samson

      the ending bridge to this...always ruins me

    14. Ruth Samson

      there’s not even 900 comments here, what the hell. Every song Demi makes for her Dad makes me cry even though I have a loving father. Praying for y’all who can relate to her ❤️🧡💛💚💙💞💖

    15. Mila Lima


    16. Darren C

      ㅤㅤ Demi Lovato - Butterfly 0:48 ───❍────── 2:37 ↻ ⊲ Ⅱ ⊳ ↺



    18. Rogue Bordeaux

      my dad passed away last june and listening to the first few lines of this song made me realize i am kinda dreading this upcoming june…

    19. MrPenfold4

      2:00 to 2:20 is very katy perry like vocals

    20. DEBORAH LIM LI JUN Student

      fathers day is in june and thats why this song hits so hard

    21. paulinha st

      I know it's for her father and the message is completely different, but this song kind of gives off some never been hurt vibe

    22. Victória Vasconcelos


    23. thescarletwitch

      you saved 2021💘

    24. Melissa Lima

      I can feel the healing in this song

    25. Virginia Beach

      I listen to this song over and over again ! Thank you !🦋

    26. djflopy

      the pre-chorus is insane

    27. Rodrigo Parotti


    28. Rodrigo Parotti


    29. Rodrigo Parotti


    30. Rodrigo Parotti


    31. Rodrigo Parotti


    32. Rodrigo Parotti


    33. Rodrigo Parotti


    34. Rodrigo Parotti


    35. Rodrigo Parotti


    36. Rodrigo Parotti


    37. Ashleigh Merchant


    38. Sierra 산맥

      Unpopular opinion:this is the best song on the album.

    39. Samantha Lacerda


    40. Prathusha

      Her best album 🥰

    41. love is love

      so catchy

    42. Quesia RAmos

      Chorei litros

    43. 7yno

      Your dead in 2022

    44. Pedro Henrique


    45. Pedro Henrique

      Maravilhosa 😍😍

    46. Thamirys A.

      this song hurts so much, but heal at same time

    47. GAGA FANS

      Demi, Butterflies are as beautiful as you

    48. Christopher Rodriguez


    49. Christopher Rodriguez


    50. Christopher Rodriguez

      Love you so much!!

    51. Yukio's Music

      That bridge is so epic

    52. Jude Skylar

      In June of 2020 my ex boyfriend almost killed me and while I was in the hospital he actually killed someone. Had a mental breakdown. And as soon as you sung the first line I started to ball. And it just hit me all at once. That despite that happening I was still able to find live again. And I really wasn’t expecting that. She understands what I went through. She understands why I don’t hate him but most importantly she is why I trust again. I wasn’t looking for love but I found her. But it still haunts me every night. Not something you get over in less then a year😅

    53. Jayda S

      Demi really poured her heart into this album. This album is so beautiful ❤️

    54. Kim Celestine

      My whole life 🧿🦋💜

    55. ana escobar

      Mujer excelente trabajo ! Eres autentica! Tu puedes con todo...

    56. Ranyah Eady

      that first line made me cry

    57. Chellie Chelle

      Beautiful 🔥🔥🔥

    58. Zahraa Muntazir

      I cried listening to this

    59. Bichota4276 M


    60. honeymoon ari

      Thank u so freaking much for this masterpiece 🤍🌸

    61. honeymoon ari

      So proud of you girl !!

    62. _drayaiscrazy_ Tehe

      I’m crying 😭

    63. Kardoli

      Je suis heureux d'être ton fan depuis 2014, je t'aime

    64. Kardoli

      ta voix s'améliore.

    65. Kardoli

      tu es incroyable.

    66. Kardoli

      chaque fois que je t'entends, je ressens de la joie.

    67. Kardoli

      vous êtes spécial dans chaque détail.

    68. Kardoli

      vous êtes spécial dans chaque détail. chaque fois que je t'entends, je ressens de la joie. tu es incroyable. ta voix s'améliore. Je suis heureux d'être ton fan depuis 2014, je t'aime

    69. Bel Izabel

      I LOVE IT

    70. Dimev

      The vibes of this song, the art of starting over, and the kind of lover I am always give me some chills😻😻

    71. Evie Oliveira


    72. Ernestina Alejo

      Te amo reina lovato

    73. Alex Gutierrez

      Mariah Carey =butterfly sound much better than this song ???

    74. slideshowgurl

      You can see her evolution of coming to terms with the trauma her father caused her through her music over the years. “For the love of a daughter” was when she was still angry and hurt at his behavior, “Father” was more forgiving but still expressing her pain, then “butterfly” shows she’s at peace with her relationship with him and the impact it had on her.

    75. Dylan B


    76. Alyssa Clark

      I don't think her voice has been any more smooth and flawless than it is now.. she's just absolutely amazing in all ways

    77. Susanna Larini

    78. Sara E.

      I think this might be my favorite song in the album. I was wondering what this song was about after hearing it the first time and I just had to find out what it was about. I honestly cried listening to it a second time after finding out it was about her dad and their history together. I'm glad that she finally got her closure and found her peace with him.

    79. Arin Yoon

      Remember Demi’s first song was called butterfly as well?

    80. Caroline Marinho


    81. Alyssa

      Damn this song is so painful

    82. Anny Gamb


    83. Anny Gamb


    84. victoria elizabeth

      this song feels meant for me and my dad, we have such similar stories, thank you so much for this

    85. Gitty Rosenberg

      This is beautiful just like this whole album. It is a beautiful journey of transformation, strength and peace and chaos at the same time. What a Powerful thing!! Love it and inspired by it all!!💖

    86. Pedro Estiven Ariza Juez


    87. Pedro Estiven Ariza Juez


    88. Butterfly Feels

      I love this song so much 🦋🦋🦋

    89. Eduarda Brandão

      MY FAV

    90. Nayra Farias


    91. Luis Torres

      Who else felt like the "I can feel you, like I need to. I can see you, flyin' over me" bit was super powerful? I felt her emotion so deeply when she was singing and shouting it out

    92. Bia Maciel

      Esse álbum tá tão perfeito

    93. Karine Vitória


    94. H. Isaac Alvarado Gonzalez

      she sounds great!!!

    95. Rikko

      All the Songs are so Good!

    96. Rikko


    97. Diego Magaña

      Favorite lyric of 2021 possibly ever: "Forgiveness is the hardest truth. It's something that you have to choose. Well at least I got my heart from you. That much I'm grateful for. I know because You lie and taught me about honesty. You leave and gave me my loyalty. I'm growing into who I'm meant to be. No more looking for a sign."

    98. S T

      This kinda sounds like this would be on her here we go again album

    99. Paul Africa

      this is so ethereal

    100. Key

      I hope she does a video for this song!!!!