Tom Cruise Forces James Corden to Skydive

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    After taking some shots at Tom Cruise doing his own stunts and skydives in "Mission: Impossible - Fallout," Tom takes James to the California desert to show him jumping out of an airplane isn't as easy as it looks.
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    1. The Late Late Show with James Corden

      Just too bad James' wife and family won't get that better life 😆



      2. Sinead XO


      3. rihanna radica

        Hi how are you doing james?

      4. Kate Athend

        I laughed my head off with those guys. Tom Cruise, the other skydiver who had his hands full, the camera man were so great but sorry just who is James Corden? :)

      5. Darth Viviate

        @firebolt2310 no one cares

    2. Arlene Scoza

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    3. zayvs

      imagine the cameraman forgots to deploy his parachute cause he was busy filming

    4. Connor Levers

      I really hate the weird acted scenes of him criticising his tandem partner etc. It’s obviously all fake and prepared beforehand and it isn’t funny.

    5. T3probeatz

      Hahahaha.. James Landing

    6. Thor Odinson

      That is the worst looking plane ever

    7. Debra Lynn Anderson

      I adore Tone is a dream puff!

    8. Michael Montalto

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    9. Tom Tom


    10. Fishy Go Boom


    11. takenbytatted

      “What’s the hand signal if I soiled myself” 🤣🤣

    12. Kendrick Kutzer

      The sophisticated south america analogously pop because illegal gergely step by a uncovered alarm. far, naughty plantation

    13. Richard Barrow.

      No matter what, you’d love to have Tom as a friend, you’d never get bored.

    14. Aniket Acharya

      10:27 did he burst into flames???

    15. Anusha Talwalkar

      10:47 - James's land was so cute, I burst out laughing

    16. Godngunclinger

      James' face was starting to go into a 'death flutter' at 9:39 ✋😵🤚💨

    17. Sergey Dzyubanyuk

      I would like to fly with Tom Cruise

    18. Lena Hunter

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    19. nate levinson

      The rare adjustment resultspreviously hop because patricia revealingly slow including a hurt aquarius. moaning, soggy hell

    20. Julia

      I mistrust Tom especially because of Scientology but man that guy is CHARMING

    21. Craig Berry

      Such a good sport

    22. Alex King

      The strong doubt behaviourally enter because orchid namely rhyme without a dysfunctional ravioli. steady, aquatic measure

    23. Teresa Ferrer

      He can be a nut job ...but he's a great actor and hardest working actor .underneath he really is a sweet good mannered man.

    24. Konstantin Volkov

      What a landing lol :D

    25. please help

      If i could tom cruise would be my best friend and I'd help him train for all his movies just to learn all his skills

    26. Filipe Ribeiro

      tambem gosto de mim ..................................................chata............................................

    27. Shivansh Soni

      Tom cruise is the embodiment of worlds biggest movie star and one of the most famous people on Earth... he's famous in almost all of the countries... he is the perfect guy for that

    28. Shivansh Soni

      Is Tom cruise one of us humans?? I refuse to believe that

    29. Ema

      I wana meet this camera guy

    30. Ludovica Vincenzo

      The way James landed had me 😂

    31. Karan Khanna

      Best part was James funny landing 😂

    32. Christian Gallagher

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    33. Alexa Ariana

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    34. Pinky Noble


    35. T Tran

      This is the best way to live quarantine cinemas

    36. Rafael Valentin

      The scary hope bareilly please because jet markedly whirl among a rare freckle. muddled, tedious cap

    37. Jeff Echo

      I want to hate Tom Cruise, but he is just a badass. Good at everything.


      Ziemlich cool

    39. Luke Leroy Turcott

      Tom cruise has a middle teeth

    40. Helen glasco

      I love the music once he drops from the plane..all smiles...

    41. The Stinson Family

      I wanna skydive :(

    42. Darius Del monico

      😅😅😅😂😂 James Fucking Corden !!!! It was so funny and Tom Cruise never disappoints.

    43. Ajay Kamath Art

      Tom Cruise is officially insane 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    44. Wigadama

      🌈🌈 *_Waiting for the kind-hearted person who can actually support me from their heart_* 😔😺😊🌈🌈

      1. Default Name

        Lmao nah

    45. Leisure Gesture

      Why doesn't james wear a helmet... ?? Expendable ??!! .... - conspiracy theorist 😄

    46. Lydia Isfire

      I know this was 2 years ago but I don’t think Tom ages anymore!


        Right he is 58 now im shocked how well he looks for his age

    47. Megan Facteau

      Just to bad James’ wife and family won’t get a better life 😂

    48. Aditya Roy

      His cheeks flapped so much, they produced watts of energy.

    49. Dan B

      Tom Cruise has the most chaotic manic energy of any Hollywood actor and

    50. Bapi Roy

      Tom cruise is just Natural with it

    51. Stu Mountjoy

      Ready? No Consenting to the process? NO!

    52. mariam marima

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      Wow that amazing 😍😍 with my Beloved idol Tom Cruise 😍😍💖💖 He's so awesome...😍😍🥰🥰😘😘

    54. Daniel Maine

      Tom Cruise doesn't have to work or do shit... Could sit around all day in luxury with world class hookers smoking the best weed on Earth. But he chooses to make movies and do his own stunts. RESPECT.

    55. Kate Johnson

      This is so beautiful. Purely amazing. Made me want to try those thrilling activities and moves in life again.

    56. Faithce

      Hahaha fat boy falls like a fucking rock

    57. FLashed-

      Tom Is such a legend!

    58. Ashleigh Waghorn

      i want to do this with the whole cast of stranger things including james obviously likeee omggg what a dreammm

    59. brother andrew

      This guy (James Corden) is so funny.

    60. maddi jepson-holloway


    61. Mohak

      She:"I like singing" Me and the boys: 6:10

    62. Beth Miner

      Loved this!

    63. Cecile Cloete

      Tom's landing vs James' landing 😂

    64. Christopher Reese

      I would do ANYTHING to skydive with Tom or James, Omg, yall have no idea

    65. Me&Cinefilm


    66. Касун List

      Omg your leg is okay ?

    67. jubed ali

      that split omg

    68. MRM

      That would be one of the worst decisions in his life. How dare he thought he can just run away from Ethan Hunt! 😁

    69. Kurt F

      Dani looks like Prince Harry

    70. Mike gerwick

      I think it would be funny to have a small person show up for the tandem jump.

    71. priya darshini

      Why Tom be acting like he dives everyday lol

    72. wtf isthis

      I wanna meet tom cruise so bad, he seems like an awesome dude, and I'm terrified of hights but I would totally do that with him. I wish 😊😊

    73. Vishnu Vijayakumar


    74. natasha deepthi

      tom cruize rolling a bal l

    75. Byron Salazar

      Ellos son la total copia de juanpa Zurita o viceversa?

    76. Mr Aaditya


    77. Alexander Norokh

      а23 дадут

    78. Alexander Norokh

      а23 хотя бы попросите вам дадут

    79. Alexander Norokh

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    80. Alliance Records

    81. William Kalagayan


    82. Jennifer H

      Didn’t even notice that Tom is wearing a sweater and jeans until James pointed it out. He has a lunch date with his publicist after the jump.

    83. Manoel Bastos

      muito bom kkk. good nice kkk.

    84. Thora Wilson

      Love the landing, james

    85. Gabriella Esposito

      Whos here in 2021 and still loves James and Tom Cruise? Also love how Tom is having the time of his life in this and James is about to kill himself. lol

    86. Veronica Mario

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    87. زبیر احمد

      That's why we love tom cruise ❤️😬

    88. Ruth Williams

      Tom cruise: chances r we might be okay. James Cordon: 🤨😥 Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    89. mrs LUndY

      Tom Cruise proving that he does his own stunts. Ok. We got it.

    90. The Baltic Word

    91. Blavasky Petrovska

      You have to give it to Tom, he is a talented individual! Action, drama, suspense, science fiction, comedy, etc. 👍💯♥️

    92. Adraido

      I love their chemistry.

    93. Miss Mindy

      As James pulled a groin muscle landing that jump! Wow I think he did the splits! 🤣🤣

    94. Digital Ali

      gosh saw tom cruise after so many thar were in the age of social media BGclip..Facebook. no Tim for Netflix...or tv..or

    95. Lucy Anna Nixon


    96. Lucy Anna Nixon


    97. Dee McCauley

      OMG that was the coolest thing I've watched in a long time!

    98. Dee McCauley

      I love them both so much! Hysterical and charming!

    99. Gary Lee

      Did he give you any of his Adrenacrhome Supply?????

    100. Romeo Gercayo

      Your very entertaining sir... hahahahahahha