Last to TALK Wins $30,000 Diamond Chain - Challenge

FaZe Rug

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    If you talk, you're out. Super easy right?
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    Chanel - chaneljabroo
    Nour - nourxturki
    Junior - jaywadis_
    Noah - @Simplistic
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    1. FaZe Rug

      If you talk today you have to subscribe

      1. Segovia05


      2. Segovia05


      3. Goatedgamer8 Lumsden

        @Alma Reyes jk lol

      4. Goatedgamer8 Lumsden

        @Alma Reyes to me????

      5. Alma Reyes

        I subed

    2. Official IconixX

      You got me out of the game with Lana and I wasn’t even playing 🤣🤣

    3. Blzrd 7

      Noah wants that 🐈

    4. Jason Ramirez

      I want 100,000,000% the the same

    5. Foos ali


    6. 4dafDev Bhatt

      Don't waste money you

    7. emma meile

      B-but when ever you spay painted chenells car she was out and kaylyn is out? Cuz chanell is out

    8. ShadowLuvsU

      We have lost another person to the simp squad

    9. Debbie Anderson


    10. Ana Vasqis

      Who remembers his first video ever

    11. Matti & Niko


    12. Aahil Alkamadhy

      What is your real name

    13. UhItzLexie.

      lmfao watch this vid in 0.5 playback speed

    14. jjdjdjd jejejejsjs

      get this guy to 19M

    15. Super jamil

      1:50 in sync noah and nour

    16. Mansoor Hamad Mohammad Yousuf Al Zahidi Al Zahidi

      Five here faze rug

    17. Mansoor Hamad Mohammad Yousuf Al Zahidi Al Zahidi

      The jacket loooooks gooood in nour

    18. Main Braxy

      I would take the 10k if I was Noah in this challenge

    19. Alis life Of soccer

      I would do Cristiano Ronaldo

    20. EEE

      Dat dice roll tho

    21. Jaydog 9825


    22. Jaydog 9825

      Hi FaZe

    23. Joe Ann

      Send a chain to 229 East Nebraska Street walkers

    24. Joe Ann

      Can you do something for me

    25. Joe Ann

      I need to talk

    26. Joe Ann


    27. Joe Ann


    28. Loads_YT


    29. Musa Khan

      Of course I’ll subscribe

    30. Ben ben

      i literally likes the new house more that your parents house

    31. Aadila Thoufeek

      Next you can do last to stand still

    32. Ibrahim Bousamaki


    33. jake far

      is lana from the hub?????? i think i seen her on there before

    34. Baby Xavier

      Did anyone realise that junior said, do you wanna fight? Literally no one realised that he said that.

    35. I love Morgz videos

      Ever video he gives money imagine he forgot to turn the camera off and brain said give me the money back now NOW

      1. I love Morgz videos

        @TJ_gotdrip 82 imagine though

      2. TJ_gotdrip 82

        He can edit it out

    36. Kaleb Rodríguez


    37. Jordan James


    38. Mhamad Pshtiwan


    39. Mhamad Pshtiwan


    40. Speedpetey gold clan


    41. Ξxile Robloxer

      Damn boy 9k cheaper then Tesla wtf

    42. DexsPro

      Noah is fan of Lana Rhodes wow Noah chill buddy (you now what that means)

    43. Alfred Sibomana

      You have more subscribers then mrbeast

    44. Daleen Gamer

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Funny

    45. Ethan Sebastianus

      I talked and I already subscribe

    46. Pewdiepie Is the king

      When kdb finds this video recommended screams LET ME TALK

    47. Karen Downey


    48. boujemaa boukraa


    49. Hayley Ward

      Jhivicicicivjucigoucigjuce Erle

    50. FiteZ88


    51. Warrior Clan

      hey junior should be out

    52. Cherry

      This video came out while I was watching last to talk part 2

    53. Saul Trujillo

      Nour is legit a baddie

    54. PHOENIX PLAYZ1234

      i literally got that chaine of wish

    55. Bentley Playz

      7:44 Noah shocked

    56. Ohh Yeah

      Am I the only one who’s being as quiet as I can while watching this video 🤣

      1. Toogz YT

        Omg same lol

      2. Renzo is cool シ


    57. Johan Andren


    58. Faysal Abdirahaman


    59. Bentley Playz


    60. Adrian Gonzalez izback

      0:32 0:57 14:04 14:26

    61. Roberta Kelleher

      I would do it

    62. macro gameing

      How do any challenge you give me

    63. macro gameing


    64. Jediknight

      the lhana rhodes part did not age well

    65. Niko Naivota

      If I was doing this challenge throw my phone in the pool idc the real one hit me in the head,annoy me Idc

    66. Citrix

      Well I wouldn't talk because his phone is waterproof

    67. Iam Babyash

      They just enjoy annoying you 😂

    68. Ryan Leffew

      It’s funny how he talked to himself the whole video

    69. No Name

      Yeeesssss Noah that’s my boyyyyyyyyy

    70. Sf viper

      He says nearly at 20mil when on 18mil

    71. Ethan Strout

      I completely agree noah

    72. Salvador Sanchez

      I would’ve done the same thing Noah by the way love yawls videos

    73. Jacob Mills

      I would’ve just took the 10k who’s with me because u have something ur bringing with you and that would be a challenge to get that chain

    74. Valentin Huma


    75. Slash Lightning

      Is so funny is quite and the one only talking is FaZe Rug, A.K.A brian lol he’s the only guy talking in the video

    76. lucas anderson

      go subscribe to @UCuzGmxcgziVWbHFMHAqYZ-A/featured

    77. Pavel Georgievski

      why is noah a fan of lana rhoads

    78. Gurfateh Sran

      Did you know my name is Noor

    79. Ya boi BayBay

      I know I’m late but no one is going to talk about how junior says you want to fight? 2:19

    80. Josh Dousset

      Who is Lana Rhodes

      1. Josh Dousset


      2. Damion Coleman

        Idk but I think u said the name wrong lol

    81. coolkidfam

      the big one

    82. coolkidfam

      the guy talked

    83. KingEzaan !

      Bring chain to PAWN SHOP

    84. Zaharoon Akhaar

      l not talk this challenge l so happy

    85. Gamer Navya

      Your the coolest guy ever faze rug I love u so much

    86. Brody Woodbury

      intro got me goofin haha

    87. Alan Li

      Sa w5{

    88. Durvze _-

      To Faze Rug, Your videos are Always fun and funny to watch 😁😄😃😊😋🙂🙃😉👍

    89. Iliana Valenzuela

      Like and sub guys

    90. Wyatt Mcconnell

      I see u Brian with the full send cooler

    91. InferneX 101

      "im a fan of ur content"uh Noah?

    92. CG7

      At the start the last guy to lose their phone said do you want to talk like thats ok

    93. abdelrahman Elshenhaby

      If I'm instead I will not be scared because he would never do that

    94. Hayden Whited

      I would have of talked

    95. Zeb Goossens


    96. Aswin M Baiju

      2:20 did junior just talk... 😝 Bro he said : wanna fight??? .... And he won the 30,000$ chain....Chanel is the real winner since she is the runner up 😃😃

    97. BlazyAx

      Ngl I didnt see the title of this video so when I heard about the 30k Chain I was in shock.

    98. James Janey

      If it was XXX

    99. Achille Lorge

      junior talk so much


      What’s going up guys faze rug