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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)


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    1. S2 Phantom Boy


    2. USA Sucks

      Lol, like humans are gonna make it to 2042.

    3. Link Haus

      This trailer is a love letter to DICE's loyal fans.

    4. Nirban

      Thus trailer exposed imposter among us.

    5. The Balkanizer

    6. Hunter B

      at 1:44 I hear motley crue lol

      1. Hunter B

        edit: I didnt realize that they stated they used kickstart my heart lol

    7. Cristopher Olate

      3:15 epic

    8. Yasser Ayad

      it's been 1 month and I'm still watching this trailer.......

    9. Die

      How did I just watch an hour long video in 5 minutes?


      Uau! :O

    11. Huasito

      ES BELLISIMO PD: 0:35 El vector XDDDDD

    12. Nelson Del Jesus

      Qué pasada😍😍😍

    13. pop

      I love how when they're getting shot at they immediately run away don't even try to fight

    14. Lucas


    15. Karla Pramudita

      When DICE watching "Battlefield 4 Greatest Moments" = 3:15

      1. Di4m Gaming

        It was bf3 but ok

    16. Kaiser Epsilon

      Battlefield was at it's most fun when players were given the opportunity to solve issues presented at them in the most creative, chaotic, and ineffective ways possible. It looks like DICE understands that now.

    17. SS GAMING

      dazz duz duz duzz daaz. every where :p +

    18. Hans Huck der Dritte

      2042.....When Graficcard are effordable for this game!

    19. TheFlyingdude

      *BF DICE* *Same BALLSHIT DEFRENT DAY* *There is only 1 BF i enjoy play, Project reality made by some devlopers*

      1. Di4m Gaming

        Go play Arma dude

    20. Hangry Bear Gaming

      Apparently they live in a completely different universe where the laws of physics are not the same. Here on earth the falling vehicle wouldn't have caught up with the soldiers who jumped around 5 seconds before the aircraft fell. I learned this basic fact in 4th grade or so. Devs?

      1. Hangry Bear Gaming

        Don't you know it, I"m positively riveting. It's basic physics.

      2. Di4m Gaming

        You clearly have no idea that this trailer is just to showcase and impress us, not be realistic

      3. GT

        I bet you're really fun at parties, tell me if I'm wrong

    21. Vordackai 2Raw

      Already Pre Ordered 🖤 Can't Wait

    22. Slavisiaman Kvuser

      А представьте, если бы туда ещё бои в космосе добавили! Все бы кончили от такого

    23. MLP Shawn

      "how many explosions do you want to have" Battlefield CEO & Michael Bay: "YES"

    24. Bruno Guimarães

      Vou começar a jogar de mouse e teclado ja que a empresa não faz nada pra barrar quem faz esse tipo de coisa

    25. Miles Dyson

      Очень стильный трейлер .И саунд 5издатый .

    26. Never Cry12

      tbh cant observe nothing new in this trailer...simple as always sadly :(

    27. Pizza Hawaii

      Why 28k dislikes???

    28. Kesy Jore

      I think there will be Nosha Kanals again like back in the BF3 Days.

    29. Ricky Nicol

      Battlefield 204Boo

    30. gtx 1050ti

      If you ever feel usseless, remember that this game was made in a 2013 engine, no campaign, 5 maps and it costs 70 dollars on my ps5. This game just sucks

      1. Jeevan Sahagun

        @gtx 1050ti why do you complain that this game has no campaign? Just enjoy the game, or if you don't like, then don't. Were not forcing you to do it.

      2. gtx 1050ti

        @Di4m Gaming why would i pay for a game with no campaign

      3. Di4m Gaming

        @gtx 1050ti i agree with you on the price, it was most likely a Sony decision since they're increasing the prices on ps5

      4. gtx 1050ti

        @Di4m Gaming i asked you something kis

      5. Di4m Gaming

        @gtx 1050ti was talking about the engine, don't try to change the subject

    31. MxK69

      wonder whats the price

    32. Hank Hill


    33. Cringelord

      My only question about this trailer is how did they get that ATV on the roof of that building?

      1. Di4m Gaming


      2. McNuggers


    34. obama hamburger sussyballs

      1:57 when Jeff Bezos forgets to pay everyone before launching into space

    35. Barnali Dutta

      Game cost : 500 USD the GAME : open game : 50 dollars Choose mode : 30 dollars Make loadout : 100 dollars High graphics DLC PACK : 999 dollars Ability to move : 10 dollars Ability to shoot: 60 dollars Ability to aim down sights : 5 dollars Ability to kill enemy : 99 dollars Ability to sprint : 20 dollars Ability to change loadout after dying : 5 dollars GRENADES AND lethals DLC : 100 dollars This will be the if y agree. :D NOTE : I just wrote it for fun EA studio. The graphics are stunning!

      1. Di4m Gaming

        Basic maths ability: 0 xD

    36. Luis Torres

      every battlefield player: "Ima hit this rendezook"

    37. inFamousPlaysX

      I smell damavand peak

    38. Alexandra Herrera

      Me gusta más el aspecto de 2142... Lol

    39. Armani.T


    40. Dam

      Lol the jet was dope



    42. Maria José Díaz


    43. John_3_16

      I have a feeling that the reaction to the BF2042 reveal trailer went slightly better than the BFV one

    44. Supraboy28

      I would like a battle royale from Battlefield similar to warzone

    45. Yohan R


    46. Caporal_Bric3


    47. Evercreeper

      Finally Canada gets some representation! And we died. Nice.

    48. Trolis7777

      this trailer look so cool

    49. Portland Rob

      Don’t mean to be hating on BF or DICE but I refuse to get this game seeing that there is no campaign. Not everyone wants to play multiplayer online games.

      1. Di4m Gaming

        There's bots to play against solo, the progression is the same but it doesn't allow farming

    50. Kurd Wolf K25



      Battlefiled 3 tadinda ve daha fazlasi.

    52. Gallick Gunner

      I dont understand whoooo would dislike this , like seriously why .

    53. MrChr1S

      If only it has a good single player I'll buy it! Enough with the multi-player!

      1. Something

        No single player lol

    54. Dharmendra Kumar

      Battlefield, you won the fight seriously!

    55. TAM566 HgH

      i became so addicted to this trailer that when i hear the song i know what part it is

    56. Zule Funel

      Is there any chances of BF Vietnam 2 or Remaster

    57. Benny T

      LMFAO! 😂 What a Battlefield move!!! Eject out of a jet, WITH a rocket launcher, blast your pursuing enemy then climb back into your jet! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣❤️❤️❤️

    58. savith unni

      If this game live up to hype... this game will be by far the best first person shooter game

    59. atomique_dax

      Jai hate a sa sortie

    60. Ballistic Berserker

      0:27 someone better make that a meme

    61. Jon Škoberne

      So ... more of the same for 60-70 euro? Got it.

      1. Di4m Gaming

        70-80 euro, you're not in US

    62. PashGang

      Опять победили русских. Какие молодцы, уже даже надоело как-то.

    63. union

      Think I'll stick to 1 & 5

    64. captain Iglo

      This is awesome getting BF4 vibes all over again

    65. Melih YILMAZ

      Thankfully looks like they stopped putting woman to Battlefield.

      1. Jeevan Sahagun

        I don't get it about that issue.

    66. Toaster Bather

      People are freaking out about how he blew up the other plane but I’m more impressed with the fact he GOT BACK IN HIS PLANE

    67. Thomas 'Grizzly' Kossivas

      at first i misread, thought it was 2142 and got super excited. Then, i realised its just another typical lazy EA cash cow this time being a merger between BF3 and 4 which people didn't really much like anyway both modern and old school players. But because we're so desperate ea will just serve the same dish with different sauce over and over again. There's no mutual love and passion anymore, only pure mercantilism.

      1. Thomas 'Grizzly' Kossivas

        @Hoang Vo Exactly, many tasteless people will throw money at EA like a stripper just because guns go bang and they feel like they've accomplished something by griefing people on the latest $100+ game. its become a zombified routine and an insult to the real fans, news flash for EA, not all of us are upper middle class middle schoolers who buy every new AAA title religiously

      2. Hoang Vo

        News flash; the majority of people like this "reused" content.

      3. Thomas 'Grizzly' Kossivas

        @Yuuki Im sorry you dont have an attention span longer than 6 seconds but im not going to edit my comment just for lazy readers like you

      4. Yuuki

        Tl;dr. Just be quiet please

    68. Falcuun

      For this good of a trailer I'm really hoping for 128-man servers.

      1. Yuuki

        Next-gen consoles and PC will be able to have 128 players

    69. AnthonyLu123

      Any BF3 players out there? 2021 and beyond.

    70. Benjamin Bison

      if only we had gpus to run it

      1. Hoang Vo

        Just play at low settings xd

    71. stealthpro123

      I really miss the political messaging. This trailer sucks!!

      1. Yuuki

        Please go away.

    72. Orion

      Why don't they just make cinematic movies with game engines? This looks awesome

    73. Marshall M

      Got same feeling as the launch trailer of bf3 back then

    74. DON KAZ

      They should also add modern iconic vehicles as well like present day attack jets (not just stealthy ones) like MIGs, SUs, F22, F18 ... etc. Also Attack helicopters like MI 24 Alligator, Comanche 66. I like it to be more varied not just set vehicles

    75. ever eady

      Equioment looks old for 2042

      1. Hoang Vo

        Pretty sure the military won't tell us anything futuristic since its "top secret"

      2. Channe

        It's just 21 years away.

    76. Communiste -

      Where legendary music theme Battlefield ?

    77. Merryweather Security

      What makes this trailer better is that it represents the chaotic nature of Battlefield multiplayer. The Rendezook and the guy driving a four wheeler at a chopper are all things players have done in BF3 and 4. It fits in with this because it's a semi modern setting. BFV failed because it tried to mimic the character customization, respawns, and pure ridculousness in a WW2 setting with female soldiers.

      1. Merryweather Security

        @Hoang Vo what?

      2. Hoang Vo


    78. Hendra Li

      3:01 F35 vs SU-57

    79. ShoNuff215

      Looks like a new & improved BF4! BF3 will always be the best out of them all

    80. HaciendoCine Producciones

      What measures will be taken against cheaters?

    81. SpaceOwl

      Am I the only one who finds this kind of horrible and disturbing?

      1. Yuuki

        Says the soyboy

      2. Tb_the_mini


    82. Hollowsoul

      Battlefield 3 vibes

    83. HaciendoCine Producciones

      que medidas se van a tomar contra los tramposos?

    84. Shiba and Cats

      sou fokin gooddd

    85. ᏰᎡᎯᎻᎽᎷ

      Effects we haven't seen in any game before, imagine with me what the next Battlefield 6 will be like 🥇🥇

    86. oh hey didn't see u

      this is the 50th time im watching this masterpiece

    87. niIIer1

      So what is this, like the 5th re-release of battlefield 3? I swear these games are all the same with 2-4 new gimmicks each and reskinned models. Why people pay 60$ for these games is beyond me.

      1. Yuuki

        Found the dumb comment

      2. oh hey didn't see u

        u can go play roblox my guy it fits with u

    88. Sean

      People are hyped like these aren’t the same people that made bfv

    89. Creeping death

      The new BO2.

    90. PsychoSight

      Teacher: define fan-service Me: shows this trailer

    91. Светлана Санькова

      А, стрелять по врагу на истрибителе, для лохов?

    92. Corona

      I'm starting a GoFundMe to purchase this game.

    93. xLoKs TiGeR

      omg it's just the frekin music hit with what u see it's soo awesome

    94. Max Justh

      How many of you had already a dream about tornadoes because of this? 😂

    95. Rbusy 98

      Remember if you dont like it dont buy it

    96. Reginald Armah

      3:15 This scene lives in my head rent free

    97. Its Havit

      most like pc game trailer