Sabrina Carpenter - Skin


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    Directed by Jason Lester
    Produced by Laura Burhenn
    Production Company: Our Secret Handshake
    Starring: Gavin Leatherwood
    Creative Director: Sarah Carpenter
    Cinematographer: Luis Perez
    Colorist: Tyler Roth
    Production Designer: Taylor Almodovar
    Art Director: Justin Gardner
    Gaffer: Hiram Borges
    Lighting Designer: Gigi Pedron
    Key Grip: Nate Thomson
    Assistant Director: Tasha Petty
    Line Producer: Siya Bahal
    Production Assistant: Brent Assayag
    1st AC: Misael Audelo
    2nd AC: Brian Callaghan
    2nd Lighting Tech: Michael Rosman-Hyman
    Asst Lighting Tech: Khoi Nguyen
    BBG: Zane Tan
    BBG: Ashley Petrie
    Set Decorator: Ashley Cripe
    Set Dressers: Max Cunnane, Xavier Rodriguez, Sam Rodich
    Carpenters: Alen Stubbs, Mike Buckman, Tige Daroff, Dustin Bradley, Gabe Gonzalez, Steven Crowick
    Special Effects: Scott Harrison
    Stylists: Jason Bolden & John Mumblo
    Hair: Scott King
    Make-Up: Allan Avendaño with Ruby Vo
    Gavin's Groomer: Mayra Godoy
    Gavin's Stylist: Chainé Leyendecker
    Gavin's Wardrobe Assistant: Jacquelyn Veliz
    Tailor: Olga Podymova
    Covid Compliance Officer: Jori Teplitzky
    Medic: Nick Matosian
    Director's Rep: Emily Sanders for Reveur Agency
    Commissioner: Tony Corey
    #SabrinaCarpenter #Skin
    Music video by Sabrina Carpenter performing Skin. © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. lola chapelin

      I love this song and @sabrinacarpenter are the best actress

    2. Fabiola Alexandra Ferreira Landaez

      el que diga que la perfeccion no existe no conoce a sabrina

    3. Danna García Saa

      Ily Sabrina:3

    4. Melanie Martinez and billie eilish edits

      I love you sabrina carpenter I love this song too the first song I've heard about you is, why, I'm just so obsessed then the 2th song was, Thumbs, I think those are the names btw I'm still obsessed with you

    5. Lisham rajnish

      Love you

    6. Brooklyn Boyd

      Me just thinking abt nick (idk his actual name srry) from sabrina the tv in this 😂 but it is a good song

    7. Kat Barz

      Only thing I can imagine all over her skin is her Botox guy 😂

    8. Hails Green

      maybe blonde was the only rhyme don't drive yourself insane gurl 👀☠️ *tea twerking*

    9. The Scarlet Witch

      Tbh it's not as catchy as drivers license

    10. Rebeka Gabriella.

      mds essa treta foi ótima briga usando música pftooo mas foi mal Sabrina mas a Olivia tá ganhando ela fez 2 músicas pftas

    11. Lujin Sony

      I like other driving licences songs

    12. Josephine Hunt


    13. naomi vera

      She’s so pretty

    14. Shilah Gorman

      This song is good but Olivia never said it was abt Sabrina CHILE anyways play Driver License By Olivia Rodrigo

    15. Queen queen

      Her song is barely getting any views 🤣

    16. its Rosé

      You are a snake!!!

    17. Taylor Solomon

      Why are people here because of the drama? It's not our business

    18. Taylor Solomon

      Everyone: is here for the drama Me: here to listen to this song

    19. At Yi

      Imagine, okay just imagine dont hate on me, like in couple of years sabrina and olivia make a collab where they sing about this guy whos actually just a player

    20. yvon Pérez

      Si tengo un crush con ella..... DIOSA

    21. tinatheboss yong

      please Lord stop this

    22. tinatheboss yong

      I got you sabrina


      To be honest im on both of there sides...

    24. Deyviellem Santos

      Elas podiam fazer uma música juntas com a letra "a gente tinha muita possibilidade de ser amiga,mais sempre existia aquele cara,que machucava sempre,e nenhuma queria esquecer,mais ainda bem que nos livramos desse drama,somos melhor amigas do que rivais,brigar por homens não dá certo quando existem duas garotas maravilhosas"

    25. Anna-Rose Shaw

      this video came out on my birthday luv this song sabrina

    26. Kennedy Shaw

      her and Dove Camron can be sisters they look similar.

    27. Irish Katelyn Belen

      I love how she chose Gavin Leatherwood as her partner in the MV considering he was Sabrina's soulmate in CAOS ❤ smart

    28. Mime

      omg wtf so cute lol

    29. Candice Garcia

      This is def a diss track to Olivia because she said maybe blonde was the only rhyme but NO I feel bad for both girls I ain't on anyone's side.

      1. Ramona Javier

        it's not a diss track read the other comments

    30. Brittney Morrell


    31. alana insyira


    32. Chris922

      i do everything completely. this is what everyone says. BUT I REALLY MEAN IT. 4 reals? HOW COULD I EVER PROVE IT? hmmm, ,i guess you can't. THE END

    33. Mashood Pkp

      Favorite song💋💋💋💋💋

    34. Interesting Things

      Happening to my life nowadays :'(... I always remember about someone when I hear this song...

    35. Shaira Marie Alteza

      *sad twerking* 😟

    36. Kris Acullador

      *I love your voiceee but she's not trying to get under ur skin, she's singing her pain.*

    37. Zofia Rose Hope Csikszentmihalyi

      Hell yea

    38. Himiko Toga

      Love how yall attack sabrina but not olivia

      1. Himiko Toga

        @Zahara Yusuf me too

      2. Zahara Yusuf

        I really wonder why

    39. just say jess

      To think that the attribute as generic and vague as blonde is referring to you 😭 she really let it get under skin if she thinks it's all about her bc of that kne rhyme. Lmaoooooo

    40. Shirin Kotian

      okay let's get things straight the drama was between josh n olivia but then olivia dragged sabrina into this n dissed her then olivia stans started sending sabrina death threats n lots of hate that no human deserves so sabrina just came out with a song defending herself from the haters n now ya'll mad at her? let me remind you josh was her ex at that time it was not like he cheated on her with sabrina like tf are you soo mad at? y'all be really taking the side of someone who only suffer from a break up than someone who suffer from so much hate and death threats

      1. Ramona Javier

        @elazar renteria Sabrina was silent for two weeks form the day driver license was release and during those two weeks she was getting unnecessary hate and then she drop skin so she didn't respond instantly but the thing is Olivia never spoken about the hate that Sabrina was getting which still leaves a bad taste in my mouth but when Sabrina dropped skin people started to come at her even more but Sabrina went to Instagram and had to explain herself and said that it is not a diss track and that people shouldn't send any hate i wish Olivia would've done that for Sabrina but she didn't

      2. Shirin Kotian

        @elazar renteria i mean i don't understand why sabrina has to be silent she had to defend herself from the threats at some point or another

      3. elazar renteria

        I’ll probably think her stans do that because Sabrina hasn’t been silent about this.

    41. Celine Basson

      Lovee this song so much !!😍

    42. Eunice Cruz


    43. BTSARMY 1

      i feel like people came at her for no damn reason . its not her fault...its not olivia's fault....its actually nobody's fault . she seems to genuinely be cool with olivia and just have fun but people got no chill-

    44. zeynep beyazpınar

      griffin gluck:👁💧👄💧👁

      1. Bea and Sabrina fans♥️


    45. Ananyaa

      weather and disasters cant break them

    46. Cali Mackinder

      Sorry but seriously she’s complementing you if she is doing something to hurt you you tell her don’t make a song about her to make her feel horrible

    47. ItzMeVero

      can we just forget about the drama and agree that both song are really good

    48. Jhoselin Pérez Huamán

      I Love you beatifull♡:3

    49. Brianna Kirkland

      not me shipping Gavin with another Sabrina

    50. duhxcloudy

      I don't even get it if Olivia and Joshua was dating then broke up I'm guessing then Sabrina and josh not even official so really of they broke up what's the problem people break up all the time do they make stupid songs about the new girlfriend because its really dumb Olivia dramatic AF

    51. duhxcloudy

      People keep saying drover licence is better but really drivers licence is Jack shit skin is amazing Olivia had no business making drivers licence its annoying as fuck always on the radio a horrible song

    52. Angel Grace Ecube


    53. kamilla Merida

      Why are you bragging

      1. owen

        because olivia is whining that she "Found it first"

    54. Katelyn T

      Driver's license: your probably with that blonde girl Skin: maybe you didnt mean it? maybe blonde was the only rhyme? I'm happy and you hate it.. Ok theres some drama here and I think we know it UHMM. Dont drive yourself insane, I got my driver's license last week

    55. Stranger Things is the best in the world

      And drivers license was WAYYYYYYYY better!!!😎😎😎😎

      1. Bea and Sabrina fans♥️

        But deja vu no jajaj

      2. abbie


      3. owen


    56. lps Maggie may 25

      I love this song and i wached it when it came out i got the corig to comeit

    57. Lucia Cruz

      Olivia solo decia que eras perfecta, encuentro que te lo tomaste muy mal

      1. Bea and Sabrina fans♥️

        Además skin no fue escrita completamente para olivia

      2. Bea and Sabrina fans♥️

        Decir a alguien que te hace insegura no es que te esté diciendo guapa o perfecta además me darías que todavía estén comentando esas cosas

    58. Allyson Baumgartner

      Olivia was just being rude just ignore her

      1. abbie

        finally someone with common sense lol


      Idgaf about the drama going , that song was simply just beautiful , her voice just😍😍😍chefs kiss!!

    60. Júlia Tavares


      1. Bea and Sabrina fans♥️


    61. Arnela Hrustanovic

      Stop being so rude to Olivia Rodrigo

      1. Nolan Dolan

        Sabrina Carpenter received death threats (for Joshua Bassett allegedly not wanting to date/continue a relationship with a then minor) and you consider this song a piece that's 'rude' to Olivia Rodrigo even after hearing the lyrics: "I just hope that one day we both can laugh about it"???

    62. Peterson Silva

      Música sensacional, uma resposta direta pra Olívia Rodrigo!

    63. Kelly Lee

      When you're the main character of the story and you know that the author won't kill you off.

    64. Χριστινα Βαγγελακη

      We are blessed with this girl. She always wants to make us happy. She is just the best. Ily Sab. ❤

    65. Aradhana Ray

      Diss track twerking💃🏻

    66. Aradhana Ray

      Angelic voice twerking✨


      Love you Briana, take care of yourself.

    68. Thalía Tarrillo Díaz

      Wow , absolutamente bella la canción éxitos siempre saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪 😘 Sabrina 🌟🎶🎶que Dios te bendiga siempre 🙏😇 💕💕

    69. Yasmim Fernandes

      I love this song so much!!

    70. Arbuzik i Bananek

      A pamiętam ją z tego serial bajki 😍

    71. Daniela Yolanda Tejera

      hello i`m spain

    72. Maria de jesus Granados garcia

      What an ugly song you make yourself the victim and we all know who the real victim is

      1. abbie

        check ya facts

    73. Rafael Júnior

      Essa música é linda, ok

    74. Danna Castaneda Farfan

      Yo soy fan de ella

    75. ASM _ CLC

      Is that joshua??

      1. Grace Xu


      2. Viet Vibez


    76. Cynthia Siasia

      This song is the bomb😊

    77. Yolls Tek

      the lyrics are great but i don’t rlly like the song ):

    78. Ivy Dianne Arceo

      im just here for nick

    79. Pan Cat

      Olivia Didn't Even Say Something Bad About Her She Even Compliment Her.

    80. danny

      Sabrina is very wronged and needs more recognition

    81. Itz_ÃvaPañda

      This drama is getting more further bc of fans if everyone would have shut there mouth and mind there own business even if they are wrong or right this would'nt have gotten further Imagine beign sabrina and getting hate comments and death threaths Imagine beign olivia, getting heartbroken.. Tbh olivia is taking out her anger and sadness in songs which is a REALLY good thing. So please lets mind our own business

      1. Itz_ÃvaPañda

        Um no need to be rude its a fact :-:

      2. Ethan Pfx

        I.... ok boomer

    82. Ava's life

      am I the only one that only cares about the fact that the guy with her is nick from the chilling adventures of Sabrina

    83. Delaney Ellison

      all the people in this is awsome and no one is to blame

    84. Brenda Isabelle

      Waiting for SC5 🐻💖

    85. aesthetic with tai

      Litteraly me a Pisces and my ex best friend is a taurus and this is actually happening to us, I mean it she's like the same like this song and I'm the same as Olivia's one u know? And know idk if I'm gonna lose him or win him, yes :) should i be friends with her or just leave them both?

    86. Angela Naliza


    87. •mo̸cha.chip•


    88. Sam Sawdon

      best song love it petty good :)

    89. Sara Shar

      Why isn't she with joshua bassett

    90. Abby Rae

      None of your business , olivia can love who she want to .

    91. Madelame

      Love gavy

    92. Anja

      As u should queen x

    93. KINGOL !

      Ariana Grande? It's you

    94. T G

      it's sad how kids these days are living their lives on social media and perceiving others as how the media clout sees them. Painting others as bad people because of one issue is like when someone assumes you're dumb because you got a failing grade on only one subject at school. Kids really need parental guidance these days fcvk the privacy sht i don't think i'd be able to handle my kid either if she's using social media to harm other people and do dumb sht. I'm still 19 but the new generation isn't becoming better than the old gen either.

    95. Rosie

      I hope their relationship become better.

    96. Janelle Aguila



      I love sabrina and all but her and joshua will break up soon anyways so she should just let olivia have it after all drivers license is jumber 1 for a reason it hits diffrent and alot of girls can relate to it but sabrina wantsbto stirr up the pot of boiling water and make things hotter and eventually it will explode and she will knly get hurt so just stop what was the point of making a burn video like wth

    98. Jon Groendal

      First song with new record label is 100% 🔥. Now she deserves to take off and sky rocket to the top of the charts.

    99. Ryan Hu

      some people say that it is Sabrina's fault but I think Joshua is just a player. LOL jk Please don't take this seriously