Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro VS Samsung Galaxy Buds live - Which pair is the right FIT for you?

Digital Slang

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    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro VS Samsung Galaxy Buds live - Which pair is right for you!
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    1. Petra Jurkovic

      Is it normal one of the earbuds dies before the other,cause on my new pro ones right dies first

      1. Petra Jurkovic

        @Digital Slang alright then,i was scared somethings wrong with them and was about to exchange them.thank you

      2. Digital Slang

        Could happen sure

    2. Mika van Beek

      Good video

      1. Digital Slang


    3. ISI Music

      are the buds live it's comfortable for long time in ear?? Plz help me i don't know what's the best

      1. Digital Slang

        Everyone has different ears.. can’t really say

    4. bberry 10

      I heard buds live disconnecting issue is this true?

      1. Digital Slang

        I’ve never even heard of that

    5. ParaGaming

      which are louder?

    6. Rosenfeld

      I saw alot of reviews of the pros not being able to stay in people's ears, so I got the lives instead, they arrive tomorrow and they were cheaper

      1. Digital Slang


    7. Trey Heywood

      Galaxy bud pro vs Power beats pro please

      1. Trey Heywood

        @Digital Slang i was trying to decide between the two haha. I put original galaxy buds through the wash

      2. Digital Slang

        Sorry I do not own them

    8. Joji Thomas

      Buds live is the best design I've ever seen. Fits perfectly on any ear & sound awesome. I wouldn't look for another until they come up with next version of live. (bean design)

    9. Brain Fog Vapes

      I put the buds live in correctly, however my ears are apparently too small. They get sore after 10 minutes. Makes me sad. Anyone want them?

    10. iocif iocif

      Hello, I would like your help in purchasing a wireless headset as an expert in these matters .. would you like to tell me is Samsung live or Samsung plus a smaller and more discreet headset? and also better than two; but what I am primarily interested in is the size to be small and discreet ... thank you very much..

      1. iocif iocif

        thank you very much. which of the two is more comfortable and stable in the ear? also who rested to wear it for many hours?

      2. Digital Slang

        Buds live are smaller and more discrete

    11. MythicalSLIM

      Man thank you very much for the review! I was looking for some new bluetooth earphones and was thinking about these two

      1. Digital Slang

        Sure thing!

    12. Karen Concepcion

      I was supposedly going to get the Pro, but I got the Live instead because I prefer the on-ear buds. Very comfortable. :)

      1. Digital Slang


    13. Ashley Ideaz

      My galaxy beans are the best I laso got the buds pro they don't sound as good as the live for some reason idk maybe I should retry them only used the pros one time but this was a awesome video

      1. Digital Slang


    14. Jonathan Ignasius

      What is anc?

      1. Digital Slang

        Active noise cancellation

    15. Tom E

      The pro has a lot of good features that "manipulate" sound and they sound really weird when using toilet.

    16. Marit Jansen

      I have the black Pro's, due to an allergic skin reaction I can't really use them unfortunately so I got the buds Live. Going back and forth between them, I actually prefer the sound on the Lives?! It's a lot more clear, on the Pro's there's a high pitch sound to it that I don't like, the Lives sound a lot more natural and I am quite impressed by the bass in them. Anyone share my opinion or are my ears funky?!

    17. sean lim

      It's not even a competition. The fact that the live doesn't have those silicon ear tips to completely seal your ear hole makes their anc thrash, period.

    18. Drift

      We need galaxy buds prolife. I really like the design of the love earbuds. The back era of the live buds should only add a silicone or shape change like the Samsung s7's earbuds. The front design of the live buds to make it even better. The front of theive buds should stay thr same maybe with minor changes.

    19. RedBlueSpot

      I got both. I bought Buds Pro hoping they would be awesome. And the are. But.. the Buds Live are already incredible. I hardly notice the Live. They are so comfortable and great sounding. Buds Live: Amazing fit, great sound, weak ANC and incredible battery life. Buds Pro: Great sound, great ANC but average battery life. Weak fit compared to the Live. Should you buy Pro if you got Live? NO! Only if ANC is the most important thing and you are willing to sacrifice everything else.

    20. Brodi Slater

      lives are much better. They moved away from the "in ear" bud and they fit sooooo perfectly. My mom and I fell in love with them on the first day of purchase.

      1. Digital Slang


    21. John's Crafts

      Can a protect case for live's fit to the pro's?

      1. Digital Slang


    22. CHI Nation

      Just got the Galaxy Buds Pro with my Galaxy S21 upgrade i feel like a kid during X-mas now 😁

      1. Digital Slang

        Haha awesome

    23. Maris R

      Love the buds live the battery is insane I haven't charged them in a month and it's still fully charged❤️

      1. Digital Slang

        Nice… enjoy!

    24. Lone Ranger22

      Loved the video and thanks for posting👌👏👏👏.

      1. Lone Ranger22

        Your welcome😊. Thanks to your video I've decided on purchasing the pro version. Just hope they stay in my ears during activities 😂.

      2. Digital Slang


    25. gourav saneja

      Hey bro!@ great video!! Which one to buy? Live or pro ?

      1. gourav saneja

        Irrespective of the fact that buds pro are 50% costlier than buds live? Price difference is worth it ?

      2. Digital Slang

        Thanks and Pros

    26. Anna K

      I’ve watched many reviews hoping someone would mention the fit for people with small ears. The ear buds I’ve used in the past, seem to fit me at first, but begin to hurt after wearing for awhile. Does either of these have tips? And would those help for small ears?

      1. Digital Slang

        Pros have tips

    27. Hassan Salgado

      Thank you! I already have a Galaxy Buds Live and I really love it. I was about to buy a Galaxy Buds Pro just because of the music share and now I'm using it on my Buds Live. I though it was an exclusive feature of Galaxy Buds Pro.

    28. simeon hector

      I have all the buds except for the beans and IMO the pros are the best, although no boos beat the buds plus for Battery & play time.

      1. Digital Slang


    29. The Plague

      I have the buds live but feel the fit is not too good for me. Should I switch to the pro or plus please? Thanks.

      1. Digital Slang

        Thanks.. have a great day!

      2. The Plague

        @Digital Slang thanks for reply. Subscribed.

      3. Digital Slang

        I can't say.. everyone has different ears

    30. Tab Adams

      You can wear these and forget you have them on.. Music sounds good.. And you can hear while working.. Thr buds might not do a lot of things other buds do but i promise they do what u need.... First time wearing is kinda strange but once u get them in right.. Perfect.. Voice is incredible i drive trucks they sound amazing and everyone can hear while im in my truck... Guys buy them!!!!!!

    31. Tab Adams

      Excellent.... Samsung makes some of the best products.... And what sold me on the buds live besides sounds and build quality.... I washed my buds by mistake full cycle and dried them... When i took them out the dryer put on the charger still worked... Both times... So for that alone i will forever buy these guys.

      1. Digital Slang

        Haha nice

    32. Ryan Joffe

      Do the buds even fit in your ear and not fall out?

      1. Digital Slang

        They are fine for me but we’re all different

    33. Mr_PatFenis_96

      Wow you only have 11k subs??? You are producing videos that are better than people at 300k

      1. Digital Slang

        Thank you!!

    34. robbin hellsen

      i have Buds live and im not happy about the touch :/its waaaaay to sensetive, sometimes when i just trying to move the bud just a little it goes crazy and changing songs, pauses and plays everything at the same time :( i was really happy about buds+ but maby i should go for the pro now haha :D btw great video! =)

    35. Cleili Mazariegos

      Broh thank you so much for the video I was struggling on which ones to get, video made it clear thanx again!

    36. Grim Reaper

      Is the extra high ambient sound the same ass the galaxy buds plus labs on ambient sound in labs?

    37. Jawad Raza

      A very comprehensive comparison. Although its lengthy but worth watching.. I did both... like and subscribed. Thank you.

      1. Digital Slang

        I appreciate it

    38. Logan

      Bro what’s the lump hanging out your left ear

    39. WiseGaines

      Which galaxy buds are good for working out tho?

      1. Digital Slang

        Any of them

    40. Chris Diego

      Man I really don't know what to get I had the lives and really liked them I do perfer more bass but my dog chewed them up so idk if I should try the pros or stick with the live

    41. Alba

      I love my blue Buds Live 💙😍.

    42. THE LEGEND

      I bought live today sounds good before I used just buds🌟⭐💣

      1. Digital Slang


    43. Robert Reyes

      I've been using my Buds Pro for almost a week and the buds made me think that I might have an ear The left bud is super secure and feels like it's not going anywhere but the right ear bud feels loose and I've noticed while I'm talking, the more my jaw moves the more it feels like it's slipping out little by little. I thought I was crazy at first so I put the larger silicone tips on thinking it would help but no. Then I had my wife pull each bud out very slowly at the same time and she noticed the right one popped out too easy. It's a really uncomfortable feeling in my head knowing that one feels loose and the other is super snug. I guess these buds are going back to Best Buy.

      1. Robert Reyes

        @Digital Slang Yup! There's a sale on Airpods Pro at Target right now for $200. I'll probably scoop those up.

      2. Digital Slang

        Damn that’s crazy

    44. Sarah Handke

      Quick question. My father has the buds live and I've tried them in my ears but they started to hurt after awhile. However, regular earbuds with the silicon covers tend to fall out of my ears very easily. Which do you think would be better?

      1. Digital Slang

        Keep searching for a pair that fits. Can’t really help you with what fits in your ears

    45. jahro

      I like how live looks becauswñe it nlt as noticble for work but i want the bass

    46. paul smith

      bud live sounds better in noise

    47. MrJrboss1

      Buds pro don't show the case percentage ?

    48. magoob1982

      Only had buds live a few months and are currently at Samsung being repaired due to faulty headphone. Really tempted to get buds pro now 🤔

    49. Hassan Abid

      I Love my Galaxy beans😊 The ANC is like almost not there so i never use it and use the extra battery and it helps sooo much❤

    50. Robert Reyes

      I just swapped over from the Buds Live to the Buds Pro today. I still have to play around with them but so far the sound is pretty good. The fit feels comfortable and I have no problems with the tapping features. The Buds Live were cool but they let in too much noise. I definitely prefer silicone in ear tips over an open eared style set of headphones any day.

      1. gourav saneja

        Sound is better on which one ? Loudness and bass ?

      2. Robert Reyes

        @John Smith lol...I hope you don't take too bad of a loss. I bought my Buds Live again but refurbished for $80 and they're like brand spanking new.

      3. John Smith

        I sold the buds live, brought the pro but now I want to buy the live again and sell the pro.

      4. Robert Reyes

        @Digital Slang Thanks!

      5. Digital Slang


    51. DISCO HEAD

      I'm using the s21 ultra 5G and also i am using galaxy buds pro one more thing is the app that u are using is"Galaxy wearable"

    52. Mind -O- Freaks

      Is it worth upgrading from buds live?

      1. Digital Slang


    53. NABYL Photography

      I i like the live more great sound and designe all in 1 and must cheaper

    54. Jose Calderon

      I got buds live for free with my note 20 Ultra last year and honestly I think nothing can beat their comfort. I cant stand in ear earbuds so these are the only option for me. For ANC I got MX4 and IMO nothing beats over the ear headphones if you need that feature. Great comparison BTW .

    55. Sean McClintic

      I have both the live and the pro's (just got the pro's today). I just compared and at the same volume with both sets and the buds live are significantly louder with a significant boost in the bass. It sounds like you had the opposite experience. Can you speak to the volume comparison side by side? I'm not looking for a max volume "loudness" but more, which is louder at 20-30% volume on your phone?

      1. gourav saneja

        Really? Live are louder with more bass ?

    56. Shahfive Shah

      Blue buds live?

      1. Digital Slang

        Best Buy

    57. Hridoy Khan

      As a new Tech Reviewer you doing it like damn. Keep it up mate! From Sydney

      1. Digital Slang

        Thanks I appreciate that

    58. Geethika Hewage

      Hi... Can you pls tell that which is the least one comes out from the ear? And whats the diference? (like in milimeters) Thanks

    59. Zach Brown

      What is rhe pink folding phone

      1. Digital Slang

        Fold 2

    60. HIram Facundo

      Can I use two galaxy buds at the same time in one device?

      1. Carnate Huang

        You can use 2 buds pro in one device, but i think it not for buds.

    61. Eduardo Ahumada

      In Samsung page it says that the pro are 5.0 not 5.1 :v

    62. RockinRose Donnell

      I'll have the pro ones soon but I am still using the ones that came with our S10+. I think it's the 1st ones they made.

      1. RockinRose Donnell

        @Digital Slang Thanks! Plus I love the Violet color :-)

      2. Digital Slang

        You will enjoy the upgrade

    63. Lahnaoui Anass

      I have buds live n i love them but not ander watter 😐

    64. RockinRose Donnell

      If I buy this case that stores the buds live will the buds pro fit in it? They both look the same and square. It's the i blason case that matches the phone case I ordered for the S21 Ultra.

      1. RockinRose Donnell

        @Digital Slang Does it look like they will fit?

      2. Digital Slang

        Maybe.. good luck!

      3. RockinRose Donnell

        @Digital Slang I just read an artcile on c-net about the buds and it says the case is the same size as the live so maybe they will fit in the case I want. Now I am wondering :-)

      4. RockinRose Donnell

        @Digital Slang Really Ok Thanks cause 2 people on Amazon said yes but they wouldn't know cause the Pro isn't out yet. I just thought I would ask here to be sure and I will take your word for it. Thank You!

      5. Digital Slang

        No definitely not

    65. Timeless Watch

      I got the Galaxy BUDS LIVE free with my Note20, it's AMAZING, sounds clear and good mid base, I LOVE IT because it's so comfortable in the ear, I can wear it at work all day and not even notice its in my ear. For my Gym, I have the Dre Beats Wireless, thats BETTER base but with the plastic tips it's more like the the BUDS Pro, it's good sound quality AND BIG BASE BUT....not as comfortable because it's in the ear.

      1. Digital Slang

        Yeah your absolutely right

    66. Jordan Williams

      Love my buds live, have had them for about a month now. Tbh I might get the pros aswell lol

      1. Khaled Madkour

        @Jordan Williams thank you so much mate!

      2. Jordan Williams

        @Khaled Madkour It's kind of like air pods vs air pods pro. The live are open ear with great sound, the ANC is pretty much useless though. For me I use them when I'm around the house or grocery store or w.e and I don't mind hearing my surroundings. The Pro on the other hand ANC is way better just because it's an in ear fit, the features on it are convenient as well. Personally for me the live are way more comfortable and stay in my ears better than the pro, but it really depends on how your ear is shaped.

      3. Khaled Madkour

        @Jordan Williams can you explain more buddy what purposes do you mean?.. I got the live buds when I ordered s21 ultra and thinking of selling it to buy the pro version for the ANC.. does it worth?

      4. Jordan Williams

        @Lamar Tomlinson yeah brother, tbh I got them for free for pre ordering the s21 ultra. Both good buds, but definitely for 2 different purposes.

      5. Lamar Tomlinson

        Did you get them... i hate samsung for making me want to buy another pair so soon

    67. Z M

      Great video but I highly suggest to add timestamps in the future especially for comparison videos.

      1. Digital Slang

        Yeah I started adding them.. thanks

    68. Ame

      Does the buds pro clogg your ears? Thinking about getting the live if they do.

    69. 123zskinner

      Can I workout with the buds live in? Or will they get ruined?

    70. Mete Okşaşoğlu

      The buds Live is the BEST in terms of comfort. Put your ear and forget it! You can't feel any pressure. And also, sound quality is really good. And the other thing is wearing style. You can wear this thing two types. You can wear both in ear canal directly (like normal earbuds) and into your upper ear if you have a normal ear. If you want to well quality sound and then wear these buds in ear canal directly .

    71. EnriqueIglesiasBG

      That's a dope blue

    72. Alberto Flores

      I remember I bought the original buds because I needed my first wireless earbuds and I really wasn't convince on the quality sound at all, so I decided to return them and wait for the buds plus. Once I got the bus plus I really liked them in comparison with the original buds, but I wasn't really convince on the sound quality and the absent of that punchy bass I was hopping for. Also every time I went for a run I always have the feeling they were getting out my ear canal little by little and I have to constantly snuggle them in and believe me it was really annoying. My ears weren't fit for the in ear earbud. After a few months I decided to get the buds live after watching a bunch of videos reviews. I was totally surprise and in shock when I got them and try them. The sound on the live in combination with a whole new punchy bass got me goosebumps every time. This are for me totally superior than the buds plus. They also fit my ears good enough to never get the feeling they are going to fall at all even when I'm running. I'm very satisfice with them and I for sure will keep them for a really long time.

    73. potaebuckley39601

      I love my Galaxy Buds live. I just got them for Xmas and boom new buds 😭😭😭

      1. David Willian

        Welcome to samsung. They usually do it with every product. I think it's bad to launch one product after another. This devalues ​​the product very quickly.

    74. Photo Owl Time Lapse

      epic focusing is epic at 0:09 lol

    75. Anna Petrunina

      are they smaller than buds live? Live version was too big for my ears, while plus version is perfect (with smallest rubbers)

      1. Anna Petrunina

        @Digital Slang Thanks a lot!!!

      2. Digital Slang

        Similar to the plus

    76. michaelsmiley15

      I like the buds live I have excellent sound Quality Inn for the amount of money based all of the competition you really can't go wrong The problem with buds pro is this stupid in ear silicone tip ridiculous nonscence Contrary to popular opinion the silicone tip style you have all this competition but you look at the people that actually use Bluetooth they don't like that style they wanted airpods in ear style of Bluetooth As of right now it is the only Bluetooth Galaxy buds live that has true features of wireless technology with real noise cancellation software And the Galaxy buds lineup is only ones that you can actually deactivate the touch features because my thing was everytime i put them in my ears would have a they would activate a feature and I just turned off the touch features and I have no problem

    77. Thu Huynh

      Hi there, thanks for the informative video. I have the live, thinkin of getting the pro but my question is the sound adjusting feature works only when I speak? How bout when I listen to a song and sing along? Will it lower the sound by recognizing my voice? Lol

    78. Shrooom

      Fantastic review. You deserve more views.

    79. Taha Azeem

      Where I live the buds live are around half the price of the Buds Pro, idk but I feel like ima go with the live then

    80. jarousstanek

      Hi,i want buy buds pro and i have a question:charging case in booth headphones is same?Can i buy cover pouch originally buds live for buds pro?Thank you.

    81. Ethan Reysan

      if the buds pro case just like the galaxy buds plus im considering to buy it tho

    82. Hedi Shadmani

      Freaking enjoyable.. Nice job man.

      1. Digital Slang


    83. Fuzzy C1

      Do you know if or when the Galaxy Bud app on IOS will work with the Pros?

      1. Fuzzy C1


      2. Digital Slang

        Still not working yet

    84. Top Gunna

      I just ordered the bud lives not realising the pros are coming out

      1. Top Gunna

        @OmniBlue 10000 dunno l, because I can't compare them to the bud pro's

      2. OmniBlue 10000

        Was it worth it?

      3. SSA_TheDankGod

        Man same thing happened for me but for the buds + red version but unlike you they didn't arrive I replaced them and they still didn't arrive so I just canceled it and naught the pros

      4. Top Gunna

        @Alex Franco too late now its dispatched all the way from spain and taking 2 months for delivery

      5. Alex Franco

        Cancel it return it 😂

    85. mohammed salah


      1. Digital Slang

        Appreciate it


      How do you have right to put video so fast I mean samsung sends it right no embargo

      1. Digital Slang

        Because I bought them on Facebook.. no relationship with Samsung

    87. phsycomantiss

      he says it costs 139 me like haha its 50 here

    88. Aaron Von Münchhausen

      Buds live😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    89. ILLuZioNz- ninja

      They are comfortable the pros are a step back

    90. SIR. YEETUS

      What pair of headphones do you think has the best bass out of the lives or the pros?

      1. J p

        @Digital Slang are they louder than the og galaxy buds?

      2. Digital Slang

        @J p pros are better for bass

      3. J p

        @Digital Slang don't disappoint man..... I'm about to order the pros for the bass

      4. Digital Slang

        The pros definitely

    91. BIG JAYE

      The lives mix sound better than the pros especially with the crowd noise

    92. hbgstorm

      Can you use ambient sound when using only one earbud on the buds pro ?

      1. Digital Slang

        No you can not

    93. King Augstar

      How did you get the buds pro already

      1. Digital Slang


    94. Dariusz Grzegorczyk

      Try playing CoD mobile and the tell me there is no latency. Or play Genshin impact and tell me that sound is clear.

      1. Digital Slang

        No latency on cod mobile

    95. noXLar TheBoss

      I'm not a audio pro, but i got bud live, and they fitted perfectly for me.. sound and bass was very good, this coming from a dude that has bought and bought and bought earplugs,headphones etc. ( nearly all not cheap to high end) and never satisfied at all..practical given up it all years ago.. thought it was my ears that was the issue (43y) but, i could not resist the new gadget.. bud live gave me something precious back to me.. but, it is not perfect. hardware wise, its okay, but i expected more bass, since other reviewers said OMG what a bass!!. this is not true, they are really good bass.. and this bass i have not get from other set in 10 years..but, i expected more.. and one thing that annoys me. i'm a hardtrance ,progressive psy, hardstyle person. and it has one issue i have discovered despite not being a sound pro. you know the sound frequents table right.. they have removed one or two frequencies entirely or almost entirely,, most people won't notice it, but, songs you "know" have meaning or small take off or cool area in song.. something is just missing, not complete sound image.. kind of boring listening experience, especially when you know and feel something is missing.. because of this it can go higher volume clarity. but, i think its a bad compromise.. but, this is really from dude that listen hard at max volume lol.. sorry, was little long.. will with time get pro or better,, but in the end.. Samsung has the right formula and it will be insane later (i hope)

    96. 김형

      I have a question. Is both case size are same? Now I have Buds Live, and also have protect case. I want to wear this protect case to Buds Pro. Please answer my question god...

      1. 김형

        @Digital Slang Thank you for your honor

      2. Digital Slang

        Might fit

    97. Esmée Hensens

      Does a case for the buds live charging case fit the one for the buds pro?

      1. Bhargav Bhat

        yes it does , basically the same case

    98. chris huntly

      Is the buds live case the same size as the buds pro case

      1. Digital Slang

        Basically yes

    99. Jonathan is a good boy

      Subscribing before this dude passes a million subscribers.

      1. Digital Slang

        Appreciate you bro

    100. Hannes

      Do the buds pro stay in while running?

      1. Digital Slang

        For me yes