First Ever AMBER RANK 35 (0-1250) in 7 Hours

Tom - Brawl Stars

583 хил. показвания364

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    First Ever Rank 35 Amber
    Carried by @KC Brawl Stars @SpenLC - Brawl Stars

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    What Is Brawl Stars?
    Brawl Stars is a freemium multiplayer mobile arena fighter/party brawler/shoot 'em up video game developed and published by Supercell. In Brawl Stars, players are ranked by their level and total trophies. Players collect brawlers and select one to use each game.


    1. Tom - Brawl Stars

      ▶▶▶ Code Tom:

      1. Victor Odermalm

        @Fliwe 个 wand to

      2. Nad Shorts

        i use code tom


        @Spectik_Playz cap



      5. Vishwa S

        I got surge from a regular box

    2. BladeGaming Official

      Why Tom have all r35 but not Hyra? Tom better....?

    3. TheChubbyChicken

      amber looks like a fish in the thumbnail lol

    4. Philimon Michael

      Tom just absolutely WASTING his Amber ammo

    5. scienceistic

      Tom - gets Amber in normal box Me - opened 20 mega boxes and then got amber

      1. Shreeshant Ghimire

        me who dont have her -__-

    6. Collys 33

      Lol he said Colette not Amber

    7. POGLET

      rip toms eyes

    8. Exsidious

      tom: zoom into that editor: no

    9. Random Gem

      Lmfao that Amber face on the thumbnail

    10. Francis19  BS

      this is insane

    11. Destroyer of evil

      Amber was so broken back then holy moly... I want to burn randoms with that power

    12. BAHI R2005

      Follow you from🇩🇿 gg

    13. W X

      11:38. You know you are pro when you have 67 people spectating you...

    14. Maria Vester

      Did you do this in 1 day

    15. Nexo

      Amber op

    16. Ready For Liftoff

      at the end he said: its just 3 minutes back from getting 'colette'

    17. ZEKOZIK

      lol ur good

    18. loxo Adoue

      Eyy so noise

    19. Ramingaton

      Rango 35? Pathetic I have rango 0 im the best It means i dont even have her

    20. De Brawlstar!

      7:56 when my mom comes in my room in the middle of the 𝚗𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝

    21. Ghoster51

      Him: Gets Legwndary in 5 normal/big boxes Me:Opens NINE Mega Boxes and doesnt get a single brawler!?!?!? (Got 1 gadget) Edit: i have 1 epic brawler. No legendary,mystic or cromatic

    22. Moritz Riepe

      Join my clan xeno for weekly Tournament

    23. RyaN1T5R

      U sound like DanTDM with less emotion

    24. EELS CubingMT

      this is so weird, you got amber from normal box, bentimm1 got amber from normal box, and i just unlocked amber today from a normal box????

      1. EELS CubingMT

        @COOKIE 69 bs yeah

      2. COOKIE 69 bs

        @EELS CubingMT in SHOWDOWN

      3. EELS CubingMT

        @COOKIE 69 bs nice he is very good

      4. COOKIE 69 bs

        I got leon from big box

    25. Nathaniel Tam outside fat

      can u help me push my leon to 30 rank?

    26. meow ify


    27. Luuk Wiltvank

      When you have 35 r35's

    28. ItzMarco

      Emerick was the first ever in the world to get amber,and ge got she 1250 in 8 hours

      1. Gaurav Karnani

        @Tom - Brawl Stars Lol😂

      2. Tom - Brawl Stars

        No I was

    29. Kayden


    30. Emilostbåge


    31. Matias Owen

      Did you ever get first for amber on the leaderboard?

    32. Icey_c0ldy

      how he got star power when amber was level 1

    33. raffaele marino

      Amber is so broken

    34. Fate-RL

      I actually got amber from a normal box that was free I’m the shop

    35. Xunistan Nastin

      Hey guys, I'm new to BGclip and I would love to hear from you on my channel. Likes to give me tips or criticism on what I have to improve. Thank you in advance. By the way I'm from Germany so it could be that i will produce sometimes German videos but i will try to do some videos where I speak in English. Feel free to tell me what kind of videos you would like to watch.

    36. Vladimír Holec

      normal box=amber,but how

    37. Om Kataria

      I love tom's game play its out of this world

    38. Max Broomfield

      I love how he said 2 likes

    39. Black Knihgt

      5:19 the tara was only power 8!?!?

    40. Instagram: Icybrawl

      OP Tom

    41. Vishaan Shah

      Amber is my last brawler to unlock after playing brawl for three years

    42. Pooja Menon Roy

      12:46 "from exactly when we unlocked *colete* "

    43. Xuan Zhi Yeoh

      The fact that there is about 40 ppl watching the game lmao

    44. Mitchell Woo

      I believe he said “if this video gets two likes...” Ahahah he’s grown so much.

      1. Lucky Gaming


    45. Hexingz

      No one him: gets amber: wow Me: gets jacky: OMG OMG HOLY FUCK HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK And if i get amber: Pinches self- OMG IM NOY DREAMING OMG HOLY QUACK I FUCKING LOVE THIS GAME

    46. Shreyas Varanasi

      12:46 did anyone else notice that he said colette?

    47. Elryk Nieto

      "7:07" Happy to get a lot of *Gems* from *BS4.XYZ**

    48. Mad Gui

      0:46 same

    49. Elmer SANTANA

      in the whole world but didnt check leaderboards lol

    50. Frank

      When my brother packs Sandy and my Friend amber on 1 day And i get nothing again😭😭😭😭

    51. Brenda Niederst

      when you got Amber you weren’t excited

    52. bloxy

      lol his reaction to unlocking amber tho 😂

    53. GamingWithJackieChang

      He found in 5th box I have 15k trophies and still have no legendary

    54. BRAWLER TV hello


    55. Rwahyuqp Sr

      Me: OK, OK still 2 losses Tom: we've had 2 losses that's very unfortunate

    56. Baby Yoda

      I had amber befor u

    57. Kid Banjo Bebe

      Getting melted... with amber Saw it? Pun?

    58. Ride the Gamer


    59. Moruq BS✓

      tom is doing 35 ranks in 7 hours, if I play 7 hours non-stop, I can only make 24 ranks

    60. Jacup brawl stars

      Fun fact ( tom spenlc and kc got rank 35 same time

    61. gene ᴋɪɴɢシ


    62. Cracked My guy

      Everyone sub plz

    63. Agnieszka Kwaśniewska


    64. Lucasxpro001 Playz

      0:45 he dint even leveled him up how did he get the star power

    65. thor bekemans

      How do you do it

    66. Bruno Schneider

      are u p2win?

    67. El KV BroferixBS

      how many defeat did you do in that rush?

    68. Wilco Pierhagen

      Spen be like 😂

    69. hype league


    70. İbo

      12:27 trebor and jeton omg

    71. Shaheen Shahnawaz

      Me after playing 7 hours: ahh finally did my amber 20 :D

    72. Marcgamerr

      I thought it was momo on the picturre

    73. Opal Lin

      Bruh seven hours... that is about the time I lose 100 times with one brawler

    74. NCR_Thunder

      What is the name of the first song which came before he unlocked amber

    75. yuhang he

      Me: I want amber or crow 😭😭😭. My friend: gets two legendarys he wants. Me: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢🥲🥲🥲

      1. OPcandy 08

        You are obviously 9 years old

      2. D'luxe Carpet


    76. Ruei Huang

      12:28 trebor and Jeton WOW

    77. Antonio _O

      Me pushes to rank 25 Also me: well its been 72h in and still cant get even to rank 24

    78. Ruinler ___69

      tom using an iphone whattt!!!!

    79. Stop Kosi

      I love your Grind Man

    80. Cevdet Tarhan

      B l o k

    81. Hi

      Some one tell me how many Times he said nice and amber burns gas cans

    82. fany2

      When you said you have 10% of battery left i had 10% as well 😳

    83. sneer

      2 hours 30 for rank 30 :O and he's playing casually at 1100 that's insane

    84. Unknown person

      I am the best player in the world ya suck man

      1. Unknown person

        @Genesis Valt I am the best valorant player in the world not brawl star, u guys are so dumb. Brawl star is not even fun at all

      2. Unknown person

        @Genesis Valt hey, I am way better than everyone

      3. Genesis Valt

        @Unknown person you can think like that how much you want but your probably a 9yr old xD

      4. Unknown person

        @Genesis Valt in dream no in real life yes

      5. Genesis Valt

        @Unknown person maybe your life is dream LMAOOOOOOOO you ain't good at all

    85. Jasper - Brawl Stars

      Players which have been grinding the game for 3 years: 0 rank 35’s Tom: Give me an afternoon

    86. IceLite

      I have a question how many losses did you have on the way?

      1. Joshola

        he had 2

    87. Berit Kjellev6jjkolkand

      He uses code PAT🤣🤣🤣

    88. D3VIATE79

      I got Sandy and Frank the same way you got amber

    89. Earth

      uh that amber face is kinda creepy :/

    90. TAN JIA YANG Moe

      6.13 Bussiness man : NOO Bankrupt!! Taxi driver: NOO customers D: Pro gamers : 10% !!!

    91. Ethan Paul


    92. Colin Leon

      Do you know what the starpower does

    93. KoroJIb_ _qpemeHusToK

      _ _ 0

    94. Yusuf Elmahdawi

      Best player in the world

    95. Thomas Langeveld

      omg i have ever played vs tom in brawl bal

    96. Some Dude

      Does this guy just buy gems and coins and stuff or does he actually just sit down all day and play brawlstars

    97. senpai gaming

      Imagine he forgot to start recording

    98. Abe Grzybowski

      Lol did he even lose any games?

    99. El KV BroferixBS

      do you loose a game in that rush?

    100. El KV BroferixBS

      tom: amber rank 35 in 7 hours Me: i have not amber in 5 months