Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (Official Video)


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    Official video for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X. Listen + Download: “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” out now - Put headphones on for a simulated 360 Reality Audio experience.

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    Song Produced By Take A Daytrip, Omer Fedi, Roy Lenzo
    Director: Tanu Muino & Lil Nas X
    Written By: Lil Nas X
    Creative Director/Stylist: Hodo Musa
    Producer: Saul Levitz, Frank Borin, Marco De Molina & Ivanna Borin
    Production Company: UnderWonder Content
    Visual FX: Mathematic
    Choreography: Kelly Yvonne
    “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” was mixed with an immersive #360RA experience in mind, use headphones for the full effect.

    Stream “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” in full 360 Reality Audio, now available on Tidal, Amazon and Deezer.
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    1. Sharonda Graves

      It's not exist under any circumstances

    2. GotMy Hittaz

      Satanic Trash

    3. Nate B.

      We are all gay now. Congratulations!

    4. OnyxNaps

      He got them Meg knees 🤪🤪🤪

    5. Kareen Arrocha

      *Bisexual twerking*

    6. I eat babies On tuesdays

      *bizarre twerking*

    7. OnyxNaps

      This was.......interesting

    8. Lorem 2.0


    9. чаёк

      Тут есть русские?

    10. Lorem 2.0


    11. Vicky Grace

      Jokes aside this song is actually fire

    12. thunder beast

      My mum will never let me watch Lil Nas X

    13. Polo Smith

      At first I thought this was Eddie Murphy 😳 😂 first glance don’t judge me 😂

    14. Shivani J

      So....satan is gay??

    15. OnyxNaps

      I feel like this is a sign to not let the devil take over

    16. Quinn sii

      Inhuman twerking 🦗

    17. Øystein Haarberg


      1. Øystein Haarberg

        I didn’t now lil nas x were a stripper

    18. Sree Hari

      **just twerking**

    19. littlesaulito

      Bruh he killed Satan like it was nothing

    20. JPOgs12

      Season 1: Old Town Road Season 2: Panini Season 3: Rodeo Season 4: ❄️🎅Season 5: (new) 👹

    21. Shinchan

      * cheems twerking *

    22. Briana Garza

      My new role model

    23. Natalie

      **latina twerking**

    24. ¿por que aun sigues vivo?

      ~mexican twerking~

    25. Adia Law

      Yo lil nas popped tf off with this

    26. Keisha Quinto

      woah this has a lot of likes- three weeks dayummm

    27. ChicagoSpartan

      Terrible stop posting

    28. Brandyn Schrobilgen

      *lil nas x tweriking*

    29. Zizzy

      Everyone in the chat be like **twerking** bruhhhhhh i be twerking crazy btw this is also a twerking comment no hate

    30. Connor Bobb

      The shred of respect that I had for this guy is totally going me now

    31. _m_

      I freaking love this song ❤️

    32. _m_


    33. NoneofyaBiz

      This has NOTHING to do with being GAY, And all to do with Satan.

      1. Nate B.

        HAIL SATAN!

    34. •OzNe PUBGM


    35. ACE.

      This is beautiful.

    36. Jason Fenty

      Satan: "Come here when want, come here when you need."

    37. Serena C.

      **bisexual twirking**

    38. I play cod until I die

      May I twerk too.....

    39. Ukiyah Johnson

      what did i just watch on my computer..-

    40. MiroBryan

      Poha desci vários comentários e não achei nenhum BR, preciso estudar inglês urgente! Sinto-me sozinho até nos comentários pqp ta dê sacanagem.

      1. Rodrigo Vilela


    41. EricXtra

      dude are you GAY

      1. Nate B.

        @EricXtra He was always gay.

      2. EricXtra

        @_m_ I knew it

      3. EricXtra

        @Adelaide McKenzie when his song "Old Town Road" was popular he was normal now hes GAY

      4. EricXtra

        @Comment yah why?

      5. EricXtra

        @i like hotdogs do you? Yeah its obviously so he's GAY now in 2018 he was normal now in 2021 he is GAY and got wierd

    42. Elias Vigil

      use to ride the horses in the back now he ridden satan's lap

    43. Shadow HUNT


    44. Alexander Jr

      Why is this on my screen🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽

      1. _m_

        Because you clicked on it stup1d

    45. Aaron Bitoy

      Respect jesus and god😁

      1. Nate B.

        Hail Satan!

      2. Comment

        Why would I respect things that don’t exist

    46. Bar Bar


    47. gril boy

      I didn't like anything about that song

      1. Adelaide McKenzie

        Then don’t watch it lol

    48. Hey_ Cocoa1

      1:26 council of marge simpson will decide your fate

    49. I like ya cut g Cutter


    50. A F H A M

      Are you gae

    51. Its my Pp


    52. RebuildMe

      *satanist twerking*

    53. Phoenix

      wasnt a huge fan of old town road. this a fuckin bop tho

    54. Faezad Faiqhmal

      Yg islam tu..xpyhla minat dgn bnda cmni....


      Kinda LGBT+ but that.fine.XD

      1. Comment


    56. Cole Adams


      1. Comment

        I love Grindr

    57. Mario Eyaman

      what is next?

    58. gummy plays

      F u my son is fine watching yaoi the son :

    59. Cody Baird

      Is it me or does nas x look funny with that blue hair Or he just wanted to look like Marge Simpson

    60. Wakanda Forever

      Can somebody explain what's written on that tree???? I'm dying to know 🤔🤔🤔

      1. Wakanda Forever

        @Adelaide McKenzie what's the meaning?

      2. Adelaide McKenzie

        επειδή ουν ή Φύσις δίχα έτμήθη, ποθούν έκαστον τό ήμισυ

    61. Binx

      Lesbian twerking

    62. Juan Marin maya

      Que asco de canción 🤮🤮🤮

    63. Geronimo Andina

      3:10 douuuuu

    64. Crema GcS

      Creo que soy gay

    65. crystalpepsi

      *greek twerking*

    66. basim ibn ishaq

      *twerking because Lil Nas X taught me*

    67. NoneofyaBiz

      They Pulled the Ole "Bait and Switch" Trick a roo on kids. -- Courtesy of Nas, and the industry

      1. NoneofyaBiz

        The Greatest Trick the Indus try Ever Pulled Was Convincing Kids that Christians don't accept gays. - Compliments of this video

      2. NoneofyaBiz

        Nas, industry, and elites are trying to trick kids to believe the propaganda lie being told by Nas, that he did this video because "christians told him he was going to hell for being gay", which actually never happened. I believe this is all intended to get kids to side, and sympathize with LGBTQ, and get them to turn away from God and Christians, christianity. To divide us.

      3. NoneofyaBiz

        @Comment Search, read and listen to a 3-minute listen from NPR Jan 5, 2021, where Lil Nas X says CHILDREN are his CORE AUDIENCE and thats OK. Dude came out with a little kids book, did sesame street, visited schools, and got a roblox fan following and just recently did a concert for them. And then comes out with this. It's all intentional.

      4. Comment


    68. NERO FF

      Fuck mv ever

    69. Geronimo Andina


    70. MƖƧƬЄƦ Ƥ.

      5M likes letsgo

    71. The dead man comments

      *Helicopter Hughes AH-64 Apache twerking*

    72. Karabo Phetogo Moseki

      Satan: “I thought we had something special” LilNasX: “No thoughting here, die bitch”

    73. Acid Vertix

      Low key not a bad song

    74. Cloudykitty

      my new fav song

    75. William Albrecht

      This should be what they show in D.A.R.E. "don't do drugs kids because this is what will happen."

    76. Noneofya Biz

      GARBAGE - Absolute TRASH video

      1. raven riley

        Why is it trash?

    77. mikike matrix



      Noooo ree turbiooooooooo😂

    79. Autumn Woodard

      This is not a devil song😈 so STOP. Listen to the song quietly 👍.

      1. Noneofya Biz

        EVIL and satan is real.

    80. bobux restored

      Last time I watched Lil Nas X was Old Town Road, I'm very confused to say the least

      1. Comment

        @Noneofya Biz How?

      2. Noneofya Biz

        It's because they pulled a "BAIT and SWITCH" on children.

    81. Matias Iglesias

      I think the song is good, but the video needs context...

      1. raven riley

        The songs about a relationship he had with a closeted dude as for the video it's a metaphor for the amount of times he was told he was going to hell for being gay so he basically said fuck it and went to hell and ruled it

    82. William Albrecht

      Dude just sped ran extacey over dose, heroin over dose, a really bad acid trip with a hint of LSTD, alcoholism, a traumatic childhood, and daddy issues in 3 minutes.

      1. feature

        @Noneofya Biz not really cause this isnt on kids youtube

      2. raven riley

        @Noneofya Biz or parents can watch what their kids watch he has never said he brands to kids does even the thumbnail look like something a child should press

      3. Sly

        @William Albrecht lmao we had to listen to d.a.r.e all the time in elementary

      4. William Albrecht

        @Noneofya Biz this should be what they show in D.A.R.E. "don't do drugs kids because this is what will happen."

      5. Noneofya Biz

        and he wants to have it all spillover onto little kids.

    83. GamerBoy409

      Nobody Me: Calls Satan To Set Up A Room For Me The Phone Operator: Satan Is Busy Please Call Back Later Me: Hmmmmm I Wonder Wha- Oh Wait Nvm

    84. Виктория Рымар

      Что я только что увидела

    85. Lamar

      Panini would be so mad at him.

    86. Tonic


      1. ツ


    87. {ß Ë Ā Ń Č Õ F F Ė Ę}

      *omnisexual twerking*

    88. JJ.

      *Unholy Twerking*

    89. Emily Cagle

      Lil nas x sus

    90. iRealDeal

      *The best way to come out*

    91. Plague Doc

      (Androsexual twerking)

    92. JoMocha -

      Unsubscribe because this represents Satan aka the devil

      1. raven riley

        But he killed the devil?

    93. Jennifer Prado

      O meu tenho ainda uee

    94. Infuriated

      At this point I thought being gay was just being gay. But yall representing it with lust smh

      1. raven riley

        Dude yes being gay is about loving the same gender but we all know what two people in love do or what do you think gay people just hold hands their entire relationship

    95. Lazy Rat

      Pansexual and non-binary twerking

    96. Valerie Leon

      Does he think the devil is some kind of of joke

      1. Nate B.

        Bottoms up and the devil laughs. 😈

      2. raven riley

        Yes and I agree


      Is he gay 2021

      1. ツ

        He is

    98. Blue Morpho Butterfly


    99. SIF1C

      He didn’t say no homo

    100. Moises De la Cruz Vilchez