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    Pre-order your Angel Dust or Alastor Plush HERE ► bit.ly/2Tp6KbX

    SO EXCITED TO FINALLY BE PUTTING THESE ON SALE! Thank you all for the support, all proceeds ensure more Hazbin fun as well as even more big animated projects on this channel!

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    1. Maxx Diaz

      Budget 15 fucbucs

    2. wæ

      this is just to good!

    3. •Cookie Cat•

      Got one ordered

    4. ・I make madi møves・

      Radiodust shippers: *sees date time* Also radiodust shippers: *TiMe To BrInG mE mY mOnEy* yes i is too young to watch it but i watch all kinds of stuff with my mom so umm yeah :I

    5. Gun king

      How the f*ck did visi pop did dis (don’t sue this comment

    6. ItsCornflakes

      I can’t even imagine the look on people’s faces when this person was playing with plushies lmao xD

    7. • Cherrii Blossom •

      "You're paying for me, right Al'?" "Ha , Ha , Ha! No. "

    8. the1wothere

      NOT FOR KIDS at least 80% is kids

    9. Atearri DeLaCruz

      Lol this is funny

    10. abrahan beltre

      0:39 alastor x angel dust i ship them ❤💖

    11. Kevin Watson

      I’m 10 and I watch Angle Dust

    12. tom ✔


    13. Just Yang

      Dude I want the Radio Demon plush so bad but I’m broke

    14. kingdomhearts

      I hope they bring these back.

    15. gamer1611

      Uh what is Angel Dust pet pig's name

    16. Joel Ninja

      Vivzepop can you please make the plushies end until the end of August because my parents will give me the one that I like please 🥺

      1. Joel Ninja

        And I. Am 14

    17. Sammy Lawrence

      At 0:13 "angle and allstor hit the town" i thik they might of mispelled angel wrong

    18. sicboy84

      Bring the alastor and angel dust plusey


      “NOT FOR KIDS” *you can’t stop me you fool*

    20. nojus stolbovas

      Who said i cared about it not being for children?

    21. Si Rui Zhou

      me listening to this:*my sexual reproduction in plants starts to play*

    22. Andrea Aleman

      QUIERO UNO😭😭😭

    23. ⭐️star⭐️


    24. Diana Burgos


    25. canineghoul

      0:44 *why do i feel like alastor is gonnaget pushed into the candle and burn because hes a plushie*

    26. ruler of fire


    27. ȶɦɨs_քօɨռȶʟɛֆֆ_ƈɦǟռռɛʟ


    28. dj is bad

      WEEELL IT'S NO VENISON, but it'll DOO!

    29. ClumzyAron

      Hahaha! *no. :D*

    30. żąmáțhĕņ řøbłøx

      10 year old me seeing not for kids sigh: huh i wonder who thats for

    31. CANDYCL0WN

      “ahaha, who said you looked good in any dimension?” pls- 😭😭 this is why ur my fav character


      Angel dust is a Boy

    33. Leonardo Pineda

      Helluve boss

    34. Leonardo Pineda

      I'm a kid 😁🤔

    35. It’s Thriller!

      This is cute


      Ha no

    37. Selever

      Why not for chilt

    38. Jacob Marchant

      your paying for this right al? Hahaha No.

    39. Simon 3676

      I can't believe it, they've been turned into M A R K E T A B L E P L U S H I E S

    40. Nikel OwO

      Lol, is very cool, Tanks BGclip Recomendation!!!

    41. BlueToad

      The plushes are so cute they should be for kids

    42. Seraya Jones

      0:13 lol 90 degree angle and allstar

    43. Noah Miller

      if you showed me this without the video i would think this was a hunicast request this must have been fun to record

    44. Angel dust ...


    45. GachaOnIce -

      i watched hazbin hotel when i was 9 ;_; (send help) (jk- no help needed it was pretty good :> )

    46. Axel Ramses Lara Arauz


    47. Brett Hoff


    48. Paz Orausclio

      date time...... me(RadioDust shipper); HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IS CANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS REAL HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (heart atack)

    49. Tricky

      0:38 AAAAAAAAAH-

    50. rame_kathi


    51. Patricia Gaines

      What is this why is it on my recommended

    52. olivia Azevedo


    53. Maddex ok

      you really think kids don't watch ur vids what makes yall think they wont buy this lol


      0:38 ese momenyo da miedo


      Accion mas turbo

    56. Therealivdde

      0:38 XD

    57. Hugo Elemental clan

      How about helluva boss plushie

    58. IKaira

      i really want one NOW

    59. Martinez Gutirrez Jeimy Aketzali

      Supongo que ahora ya no está disponible verdad ? ಥ‿ಥ

    60. Toca do Cadu


    61. • milkii_tea •

      angle & allstar

    62. ROKO kingdom

      Angeldust : *asks a question* Alastor : "haha NO!"

    63. anton pearce

      Who else is a kid

    64. Camila UwU

      😭✋🏽💀 I can’t with the skeletons tho

    65. Antonio Soto

      Where can I buy them

    66. Une Mangouste

      this came out before hazbin hotel meaning that hazbin hotel is a story based off the merch, and not the opposite

    67. Terminator

      I need the alastor doll

    68. Camryn Maddock

      Oops I’m a kid lol

    69. tomaye _


    70. Jahlil Carr

      (not for kids) I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see that.

    71. Leong Yu Ray

      wait then that means (alastor x angeldust)

    72. Mason Hawn

      LOL I am a kid

    73. Gamer Cat

      0:38 wtf is dis crap

    74. 高禹萱


    75. Neomas

      I want a Loona plushie!!

    76. Bradie C

      Why don’t you do something like this for the hazbin hotel ones

      1. Bradie C

        @Abombnimations they mad a skit can you send the link

      2. Abombnimations

        And 3 new hazbin hotel plushies

      3. Abombnimations

        7 helluva boss plushies

      4. Abombnimations

        They already did

      5. Bradie C

        I meant helluva boss

    77. Trollge

      Please get me one of those classes I’m not even late but please please please please please

    78. LutroxicPlays

      I need this in my home

    79. Exotic_cupcake • 30 years ago

      XD I’m only 11 but still enjoy these!

      1. ❤💜💙Phantora Studios❤💜💙

        So I'm not the only one

    80. liz jones

      Fun fact: that picture with the scream at 0:37 are actually old costumes when Halloween was getting popularity just colorized Those were homemade.

    81. FnF Fanatic

      Why aren't Alastor or Angel on the website anymore? Please tell me because I want them!

    82. Ariel Ludueña

      ¿ Episode 1 ?

    83. Alexander Peña


    84. Megan Guess

      I hope they're still selling Alastor and Angel dust plushies I really want those two more than anything in the universe

    85. Jellispice

      *Nobody cares that there was a LBP sound effect in the video*

    86. 「pin2q」

      0:38 AAAAA-

    87. patrick Sassaman

      why aren't these available anymore? all the others are. were they limited availability or something?

    88. Jeannot Amiel


    89. Alexzander Simpson

      Why say not for kids when really only kids play with plushies

      1. Noah

        A lot of adults love plushies. Like me!

    90. Lemon Girly Roblox

      wjfknfbg jk i can spell but why arent these for kids huh huh huh?

    91. Whitty

      hahaha! ⁿ⁰

    92. the radio demon


    93. Benjamin Hymøller Schneiders Ahorn

      How bout i dooo *_anywaaay_*

    94. jessie hatchett

      Every episode of the video on all of them is so good

    95. Vilija Griskeviciene

      Vivziepop Ken i get a hazbin hotels plashs

    96. Eleanor Buckner

      “Hey you’re paying for me right Al....?” “Haha no!”

    97. kim harvey

      Ahahah no

    98. kim harvey


    99. Bella

      I thought Angel was in love with Cherry.

    100. blue dick figure

      0:32 HAHAHA...no