The W124 Mercedes 500E was the world's most perfect sedan | Revelations with Jason Cammisa | Ep. 05


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    There are a lot of misconceptions about the Porsche-built W124 Mercedes 500E, and Jason explains why the 500E and E500 was NOT a Porsche sports sedan with a Mercedes badge. First off, there's not a single Porsche part on the car.
    Porsche Engineering Services helped with reengineering the W124's engine compartment to fit in the 32-valve, 4-cam M119 V-8 - for both the 400E and the 500E.
    But the 500E doesn't use the same V-8 as the 500SL. It needed shorter connecting rods so that it fit in the same physical space as the 4.2-liter 400E - this way only one structural variant needed to be produced.
    The 400E was a response to the Lexus LS400. Why do you think it wasn't called a 420E?
    Porsche also did the engineering to bolt up wheels, tires, brakes, and suspension components from the wider and heavier R129 500SL and W124 500SEL. That necessitated fender flares so wide that the 500E didn't fit down the regular W124 production line in Sindelfingen.
    For both models, Porsche performed the physical modifications to Mercedes-built W124 chassis, and sent them back to Sindelfingen for paint. The 400E remained there, but because of its width, the 500E was sent back to Porsche, which assembled the 500E at a second Zuffenhausen factory.
    With Bruno Sacco's revolutionary looks, aerodynamics, obsession with safety, and Mercedes build quality and engineering might, the W124 was certainly among the best (and most expensive) sedans in the world.
    Still is. It's close to perfect. But it's not a Porsche Sports Sedan.

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    1. Cooking Parker

      The gorgeous atm pharmacologically watch because light roughly bless off a repulsive century. woebegone, giant heart

    2. A B

      Those were the days, before German engineering became engineered to break.

    3. stillphil

      The Timeless simplicity of Classic Mercedes ... is something I don't know if Mercedes can make happen again. As cliche as it sometimes sounds, this is TRULY a Golden Era Benz. Great mini doc!

    4. HenryManson

      My dad had had one with that goold old Benz look! no idea wich number it was tho.... always liked this look!

    5. Fernando Alonso 14

      Its good but not perfect. W140 is the best

    6. Edysin Simon

      The 500E was the best sporty sedan at that time.

    7. Berat Sadıkoğlu

      What about the E60?

    8. L. henry

      Nonsense, the best sedan ever built was the Lexus LS400.

    9. Ezechiele Servadiovitz

      che linea, che eleganza, che macchine della madonna che facevano solo poco tempo fa, come è possibile che il buon gusto sia andato perduto così rapidamente ?

    10. Joshua Tropp

      Great video featuring an incredible car. What are your thoughts on Infiniti? Mainly the G35 and G37 sedans and their place as incredibly balanced executive cars as well as being the test bed for the mid 2000's Nissan Skyline. (I myself drive an '03 G35 sedan and it's seriously one of the most well balanced, comfortable, and sporty cars I've ever had the pleasure of driving)

    11. Midnight G35

      I hope you can find the worlds perfect sedan because its obviously isn't here

    12. Pedro Barbosa

      I fully agreed. This is the perfect sedan. The tank.

    13. Captain America America


      1. Ezechiele Servadiovitz

        lines too much muscular in my opinion

    14. Jerome Atkins

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    15. π-ШТО

      this video is one of the reasons i hate waking up

    16. ScoutingForZen

      It's odd, when I was a teenager I thought Mercedes from this period looked boring. Now I think they look understated and cool. Credit to Sacco's genius

    17. pridon kvantaliani

      I'm the Mercedes owner, e class 3.2 1998 station wagon and I have to say It's just brilliant. Old but perfect!

    18. Mohmoud Farah

      I did not know anything about what you said about the E500, even though the E class is my favorite Mercedes. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    19. Jay Juggernaut

      I had no idea Jon Cryer from 2 and a Half Men was a car guy

    20. Bun Mok

      it's so comforting that he pronounced "Porsche" correctly

    21. Lew Lewis

      I still have one of the last W124 E320 Coupes made, regd in '96, but you know what the higher spec saloons still look better so long as they are in a very dark colour. Can vouch for the steering and handling, we've had 4 W124's and all could take long sweeping bends at amazing speeds but in a totally relaxed manner, sometimes you get tailgaters but after taking a bend at quite normal (for a 124) speed you notice they ain't tailgating any more. Its not till you lift the carpets and see the floor reinforcements you realise what a strongly built car these are. Brilliant video that, thankyou.

    22. Daniel Stock

      OH YEA

    23. Richie Rich

      I remember them making a few prototypes with a 5 speed manual, that would have made it the "perfect sedan"

    24. A Dude

      Idiot, can't you learn how to say PORSCHEEEEE, before talking about it? It's NOT Porschaaaa, it's Porscheeee; how difficult can that be?

    25. Jonathan 09

      I found this guy's narrative far more interesting than the specs the car has to present. It's rather what kept me to the end of the video😂😂

    26. MAX -

      3:49 harshad mehta 🤟

    27. William Hennessy

      My first car was a 1993 500 SEL.. that thing was a beast and rode like a cloud! Found the original window sticker at $97,000 shipped in from Germany to New Jersey, if only I never sold it 😑

    28. Ayman HardRace

      How bout W210 model ? Can u make vdo bout it ?

    29. Kommunisator

      A good friend of our family had a W124 T model , the 300 Turbodiesel iirc. It was a very, very nice car, and back then I wanted to buy it off of him, despite the (comparatively) high costs for tax due to its unfiltered Diesel engine. He refused for one single reason, he said: "Since I own this car, I have driven over 300.000km with it, and nothing went wrong with it. Nothing. First windshield, first exhaust, nothing done to the automatic, power steering, everything is working. Just by chance something big HAS to go wrong soon, and I do not want to sell a car to somebody I know, where that is bound to happen."

    30. The Transpanzer

      Look alot like my E420 (W210)

    31. JMS JMS2

      Thanks but no thanks

    32. B Kaley

      I'd vote for the 2006 Lexus LS430 as being the world's most perfect Luxury sedan.

    33. Slawko slawko

      Just Perfect Beautiful . The One . Jedyny w swoim rodzaju.

    34. Ganesha Shamsudin

      I do very like the way you reviewed the car and its history. Well done!

    35. Stroporez

      Finding little gems like this is why I still have hope for the YTube.

    36. Reza Arya

      What a wonderful, wonderful presenter!

    37. Alexander Cell

      Your way to present the perfect sedan is Awesome!!! Can you do a video for an Aurus?

    38. rizal

      Next up, make a video about why 190E evolution is a modern classic

    39. Neptune Vibe

      The W211 is the best sedan...

    40. vancityguy

      This video earned you a Subscriber.

    41. venom5809

      Still one of my favorite cars to this day, my father had one, the guy he shared an office with at the time had one too, still has it actually and an NBA player in town at the time had one too. My uncle also had a 400E.

    42. Canuck Fobroader

      I love this car!! Man is Jason a fantastic host.

    43. Anton Jørgensen

      Wow, this gave me some major Old top gear review vibes

    44. Ali Cherif

      Salla Allahou Allayhi wa sallem Salla Allahou Allayhi wa sallem

    45. Sezgin Çetin

      Absolutley amazing car,every time Best🤩🤩🤩👍

    46. Luke Collins

      Nice I just brought one. (1:64 scale though)

    47. Lennart Proost

      U made one mistake, its not Mercedes but Saab who made the best sedans.

    48. Steve

      We called it the "V-Boot" in Nigeria. Excellent car.

    49. Devin Cook

      Beautifully engineered. Hideous looking.

    50. Shahid Malik

      Perfect sedan ? Lexus LS 430. Period.

    51. ♛KHKALekiaLezgistanKA♛♤

      На фото Е500

    52. Uber mensch

      Oh you mean a Sentinel. I had one back in my Liberty city days.

    53. Asad Abdussalam

      Most perfect? Lol

    54. Domingo De Anda

      That was pretty damn good

    55. .

      yeah but was it the perfectest?

    56. Suavey Styles

      Bro, when you rubbed the delicious finger licking fender flares I cried laughing...

    57. Suavey Styles

      Great video!!!!

    58. Suavey Styles

      CL 500 Is my favorite!!! Just bought an E63. Whooooaaaaa!

    59. bluedragoncreative™


    60. Sam Laidler

      I’m watching this excellent video sitting here in my W124 (diesel) with 302,858 miles on the clock, feeling quite proud. I was already utterly in love with this car, and this video helped me love it even more, I even thought it’s ‘only’ the E300.

    61. nomadben

      Great episode! But everyone knows the E39 M5 is the best sedan of all time ;)

    62. Bigotes HombredemuchoValor

      The 1997 Volvo C70 T5 was the fastest FWD production car in the world 97-98 true or false ??. 1/4 mile : 14.1 seconds . So.. it means the 97 C70 T5 would pulverize a 2004 STI from speeds 60-150 mph ??? I read from Autocar Magazine that C70 T5 and Volvo 850R beated 3 Ferraris 50-75 mph punch . And from Autocar Magazine UK I read that Saab 9000 Aero beated 50-70 mph acceleration was faster than 5 Supercars including Lambo Diablo . Motorweek did 14 seconds the 1/4 mile Volvo C70 T5 . Video : Motorweek 1997 C70 T5 . So. The C70 T5 was faster than a SAAB 9000 Aero 50-100 mph ????? . A mechanic told me the 1997 C70 T5 was the fastest FWD car in the world 97-1999 . And he said faster than a SAAB 9000 Aero he said and also he said the 97 C70 T5 would smoke a 2004-2007 WRX STI on highway 60-150 mph . He said the 97 C70 T5 was faster than a Volvo 850R because it was made by a Racing Company in Sweden . Please can you race a Saab 9000 Aero vs 97-99 Volvo C70 T5 ( Manual as seen in Motorweek ) vs 2004-2007 STI ???? We wanna know if it's True that C70 T5 and Saab 9000 Aero were the fastest FWD cars on planet Earth . And from that if STI can beat them or not 60-120-150 mph . The mechanic is a Subaru/Toyota mechanic and he said C70 T5 would destroy even a Ferrari Testarossa or Nissan R34 . Can we see you Racing if that is true ??? Pleasssse

    63. RSC II

      He takes it up the tailpipe. Excellent video, nonetheless.

    64. Luke Spector

      BMW = "Big Mouthed Wop"??? "Bring My Wallet"??? "Bullshit Machine for Wankers??? " Either way, ONLY Mercedes-Benz & Porsche are Germans worth restoration costs!

    65. Sahadi420

      I don't know why I haven't seen this channel. This guy (Jason Cammisa) and Chris Harris are two of my favorite car reviewers.

    66. Shred72


    67. Eric Langley


    68. Matt Hines

      Great piece!

    69. kid 420

      Great video! How about a video on the 400E since it's not that talked about?

    70. Hafiz Sani

      This host is so good!

    71. Lautaro Santander

      W124, the best of the best of the best...

    72. Selçuk Akyüz

      Neat copywriting. They don't make em like this anymore.

    73. Jake Wright

      this was THE car

    74. Angel Stoilkov

      The best thing is i have the one from 1991 and it has a more calm diving experience than the 2020 Mercedes

    75. Ys Slmn

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    76. Jesse

      Ben Affleck's brother knows a lot about cars.

    77. Stallone Bhai

      Ben Affleck in a chilled mode

    78. Joshua Bartley

      What an absolutely beautiful car. I just picked up a 2007 280 with only 45,000 miles and it was a dr whom owned it. He sold it to me for insanely cheap! My son is 11 so I’m thinking about him and I customizing together then give it to him as his first car!

    79. Michael F

      What kinda tires were on that thing?

    80. VeryCleaverName

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    82. O K

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      I remember my childhood time (1982), it was the best and most expensive car was 500 SEL and then came 560 SEL

    84. Ice Blue

      It's so heavy that it feels good to use in a bumpy road.

    85. Michael Orekyeh

      Also known as "The Factory Hammer"



    87. mattyjbsr

      Do you have any photos of the 500E and 993 together? That is the absolute perfect pair in existence, and I’d love to have that as a wallpaper

    88. Alex P.

      ...and also , the world's ugliest sedan. Mercedes aesthetics suck..even today.

    89. Burhan Budak

      It's more of a dictator/crime leader car.

    90. SotosM3 E30

      *laughs in M5*

    91. lqr824

      12:00 best designed, engineered, blah blah, sedan of all time? May I humbly present... BMW's E39 ('96-'03 5-series). I recall the auto journalists, commiserating with Mercedes after the E39 launch: "it must sting that, every time you release a model that gets a step ahead of the BMW, they come out with a new model that not so much moves the goal posts as literally hurls them over the horizon." My M5 is 21 years old now and I'm still waiting for a car of such beauty, performance, sound, interior, and quality to replace it with. Succeeding 5-series generations have been to big, the 3-series still seem down-market, and nothing is as beautiful.

    92. Christopher Charles

      E28 review please? Frm Malaysia

    93. lqr824

      6:50 332HP from 5 liters? The E39 M5 got 400HP from that displacement, and could be increased to 500HP with kits. Anyone know if similar were available for this 500E?

    94. Sabyasachi Ghosh

      So what I understood is that if you have problems, run to Porsche

    95. lqr824

      3:10 the arm did NOT remain parallel to the airflow throughout its sweep. What the heck are you saying this and why are you saying it? The picture fully contradicts you.

    96. Hans Wurst

      The W124 was also called "Deutscher Panzer" (German Tank) because it never breaks. Our W124 which we had was the most reliable ever since today. Our Family also worked at Mercedes 3 generations. But what came at the 2000s was just an engineering shame.

    97. felsner1

      Wish you wouldn't say "Portia" about "Porsche."

    98. Sloppy Turtle

      European JUNK. Over priced, difficult to repair, expensive parts, pointlessly expensive to buy, not reliable, outdated, terrible resale value, petroleum based. NEVER buy european vehicles !...... or crystler for that matter. JUNK !

    99. Em Are

      I always wanted to buy this car, the diesel one....and now I most likely will....God willing

    100. Guillermo Carrillo

      This dude reminds me of Adam Sandler. Good review btw and what a beautiful Benz. Coming from a bmw owner n54 engine twin turbo! I might need a Benz on my bucket list.