6AM PRODUCTIVE online school morning routine/vlog *high school*

Kristy Bae

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    where do you live?
    sophomore in highschool, 15
    korean american
    cameras/editing software?
    canon g7x + canon m50 and final cut pro x

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    i love u guys so much, make sure to drink lots of water and eat something today!

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    1. Kristy Bae

      Save 33% on your first Native Deodorant Pack - normally $36, you’ll get it for $24! Click here bit.ly/nativekristybae and use my code KRISTYBAE #AD

      1. StrawberryXcake


      2. MY LIFE!

        @Ludovica Cacace same

      3. Ludovica Cacace


      4. MY LIFE!

        I literally already have it

      5. Holly Roselake

        I use the native jungalo deodorant

    2. ethernet


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    4. Luisa Fortes

      marrom (brown in brazilian portuguese)!!!!! 1+ sub. you editing skills are just amazing and your bedroom is adorable!!!! love this video so much!

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      Bruh, I'm 17 and she's 16 and I'm feeling so wasted by how much subs she has when i barely have 100 😩🤡

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      How do u edit ur vids?

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      what happened to your spotify?

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      I feel so lazy now- I cry- 😭😭😭🤚

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      bestie did u not take a shower after ur morning workout??? :D

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      Brown= بني in arabic

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      Kahverengi 🤎

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      I see ipad i click

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      M A R R Ó N

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      BROWN! love your vids :)

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      Love from Russia 😍

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      Your so pretty- 🤧💜

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      Castanho "brow in portuguese"

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      want your life goooodd

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    31. Jaz R

      That keyboard though..... amazing

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      why do you look like at 9 years😭

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      Brown 🐻

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      the glasses in your room, THE GLASSES KRISTY😭

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      Cafe, that's brown in spanish

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      Link to the mouse mat pls?

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      I liked because it took her 45 minutes to get up

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      marrom! because i’m Brazilian💗😎

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      What kind of keyboard is that

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      Whatttt did u just wear ur mask outside on a run

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      Brown 🇺🇸 Marrom🇧🇷

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      brownnnnn (marrom if i say in português BR)

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      Heyy .. where are you from... I liked your video ❤️❤️ Love from India

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      Hiiiiii omg i watched a bout 10 of ur vids in like 4 hours can u please anwser backkk

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      marrón is brown in spanish


      Watching people have my dream life owo

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      maro. :)

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      marrom (e é português, não espanhol)

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      I love it how when she types her pinky barley moves it just stays there XD

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      The Keyboard 💓

    66. SweetLaouri

      I wasted these last 6 months because I was sad, now im having to catch up on work and i have yet to eliminate any of the bad habits I intended to this year.

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      Hope u have a gr8 day!! Love your videos! , u have a huge potential :) , keep going!! Lotts of luv

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      I am determined to spread the word about Forwago. This personalized plan turned my life around 180 degrees. Now I'm working out, started exploring some business opportunities, and in a healthy relationship.

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      Anyone know how she gets the good morning and weather to show up on her phone?

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      omfg ur so gorgeous

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      Why must you pain me like this I am so blob

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      I'm obsessed with your vlogs. They are literally so relaxing to watch

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      Brown. Also Brun. (French for brown)

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      BROWN !! коричневый in russian !! thank u so much for motivating me. these kind of vids mean a lot for me!!

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      Love YOUR VIDS

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      wheres ur macbook stand from?

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      First time watching ur video really amazed mee >333 and u only 15 !!!!!!all the best u did it so well and this motivates me too yeaaa👍🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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      The computer keyboard that you have in the mouse does it work good cause I’m planning on getting it because I found it on Amazon??.

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    95. 🌸 Blossom Builder 🍄


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      This was a very cute Video and i don't know what to comment, so: ✨braun✨ (it's Brown in German xD)

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      When you wanna be productive because you watched a productive video and now you feel bad but there’s nothing productive to do because you did everything productive you can do-

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