This Was The Scariest Night Of Our Lives

Thomas Petrou

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    1. Arri White

      Green apples😂

    2. Paige Cunningham

      Green apples 🍏

    3. Fanfic Squad


    4. Zara Petrou

      Hi my last name is Petrou to!❤

    5. Ynic Tay

      yOu kNoW yOu sAw tHe 🐭

    6. Haya Saad

      Green apples

    7. Paige Dimitrijevic

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    8. Makenzie Collier

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    9. CharmlyLucks

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    10. carlene Gleeson

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    11. Geisel Gamez

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    12. Brylie Whiffen

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    13. Kiara Leyva

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    14. •Honey Vibes•

      Green apples

    15. Emmalee Myra

      Green apples

    16. Ricardo Zavala


    17. Hendrix Skead


    18. Abigail Silva


    19. Alva__

      Chase: the olny way we not going to make it is if they have a gun! And ryland youst freaking out

    20. Aubrey Fallows

      Green apples

    21. helen hopkins

      Green apple,s done

    22. Elyn Henderson

      Green apples

    23. Ana Theodorelos

      Green apples

    24. Little Terror

      green apple love you

    25. Ruby Hatherill

      Green apples

    26. Jeff Nox

      lilhuddy is underage and is drinking a four loco. yeah you guys arent influencers

    27. Cristina Matei

      green apples.

    28. Phoenix Mcauley

      Green apples 🍏

    29. Kia Hailu

      green apples i wish i could live with you guys you guys are freaking dope

    30. Ailyne Cazarez Guerrero

      Green apples 🍏

    31. acasia munoz

      Green apple

    32. OOP-

      There is now 3 hype houses

    33. Maritza Dress

      Green apples

    34. genevieve kronsch

      Green apples 🍏🍏🍏🍏

    35. Victoria Benitez

      I like how chase is wearing an mgk bandana in the beginning😌😌

    36. Vintqe

      Lol never knew this is what Chase was like xD

    37. Alondra Aragon Vazquez

      I love how every member of the hype house is rude to each other

    38. Maxime Beland

      Green Apples

    39. emma martinez


    40. Kensi Nigro


    41. Julia Wasserman

      green apples

    42. BalleQueen Roblox

      green apple

    43. Mikiaela Alderete

      Kouvr being a mood and scared for 10 mins-

    44. KvLps


    45. Luxury Cxmp


    46. Hannah Weber

      GREEN APPLES!!!!!!

    47. Dirt The biker

      4:51 chase is also eVeRyThInG

    48. Dirt The biker

      chases laugh is eVeRyThInG

    49. MakeupByRylee!

      0:01 chase in the EST 19XX bandana gotta rep mgk

    50. Aryan Adkins

      Green apples

    51. Queenlulu

      Green Apples

    52. Frankie Hutchins


    53. aNiMe ThOtT

      Is it just me that I’m annoyed by his laugh

    54. samxhang


    55. Rosalie Champagne

      4:53 to 5:00 Best Moment Of Fhe Fucking Video

    56. Yamina Deparde


    57. Lacey Martin


    58. Exom _

      Green apples

    59. love and laugh with xi

      But chase is right

    60. kimberly gutierrezzz

      chacha ship

    61. Nuria Elhadidi

      Green apples

    62. itsNick

      Everyone: omg we need to go home Chase: no

    63. Marley Jackson

      I like how the cops come and Taylor says “I know what it is there looking for Bryce hall”

    64. Ava Crispin

      Green apples

    65. Izzy Coutu

      Green apples 🍏

    66. TheLsammons

      green apples😌😌

    67. Lovegood Weasley

      Sam and Colby went there

    68. Starr Lee

      Me: already scared 3:48 in the vid POV: and paranoid af

    69. Murphee Ward

      I mean why the **** did you go to a hunted forest then like AHHHHHHHHH OMG RUNNNNN i mena it was hilarious.

    70. Josie White

      Green apples

    71. Cami Winkelman

      Green apple

    72. Liliana Garcia

      Green appples

    73. Sasha villeneuve

      \killer doll standig\ kouvr doest say her boyfriends name MIAAAAAA MIAAAA

    74. Rose _

      Green apple s

    75. Sam Brannick

      Michael be like all these girls are probably scared of LIL HUDDY

    76. UNKOWN Robin

      Also cults go there every night

    77. Ciara Richardson

      Green apples

    78. Gillian Clark

      Green apples

    79. Sally Ramlee

      green apples

    80. Amélie Vanbilsen

      green apples

    81. Alxyahxroblo x

      3:00 Who is this guy

    82. jang hussain

      I think you guys to stop swirng

    83. I fucking Hate school

      When michel said the ghosts are probably scared of chase i lost it😭

    84. Allison and Nery

      At least Chase is verify

    85. Paige’s Clouds

      Green apples 🍏

    86. Harry _ Tomlinson 23

      Green apples

    87. Sophia Sternard

      green apples

    88. Music Fun

      This is a skit prob W/\\w/

    89. Jules Aesthetic

      Green apples😎😎😎😎😎🥸🥸🥸🥸🥸

    90. Alyssa Alexander

      2:04 “The ghosts are scared of chase” Chase: (:

    91. Sophie Alli

      Green apples

    92. Hailey Hoage

      is anyone going say what sound was that when michle looked back

    93. Bailee Caspary

      Green apples

    94. Fatima Garcia

      Why green apples

    95. Victoria Iakunin

      I have a haunted forest by my house. And it’s so scary there

    96. Brooklyn Wetter


    97. Martina Newton

      I was sick and after I watched this I felt sooo much better

    98. Marlen Fuglestad Tengesdal

      green apple

    99. mary smith

      This video seems interesting but I am not hearing anything but laughter so I'm a bit confused.

    100. Jacobsen Patricia

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