Surprising Vinnie With Dream Pet!!

Thomas Petrou

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    Surprising Vinnie With Dream Pet!!
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    1. Gurleen Kaur01


    2. Alaina Alspaugh

      Nia and Thomas talking Mia;oh no I dropped a potato on the floor

    3. Elyn Henderson

      Parrot lion

    4. Juliane Bacon


    5. Paul Curran

      When Nielaya was on the call all I heard was Mia saying o no I dropped a patato on the floor

    6. Elaine Moua

      vinnie and nai would be so cute but it's ok if they're just friends too

    7. Cue_octopus_arms

      yeah yeah yeah dog cat, vinnie, blah blah...... but who dropped the potato on the floor? 5:03

    8. Jordyn Smith

      Rainbow unicorns

    9. Guys Hi

      5:06 Mia “ oh no I dropped a potato on the floor” 🤪🤪😽

    10. Robin Churchill

      not me thinking the girl u where face timing was Avani-

    11. Gina Leclerc

      “Oh no I dropped a potato on the floor” that was sooo random lol 😂

    12. Zariyah Walker

      nobody mia: oh no i dropped a potato on the floor

    13. Julia Sieprawska

      im eating twix winter spice

    14. Laura Skram

      Just me that saw Vinnie running for his life

    15. lolly

      Michael is so chaotic I love it

    16. Sammi Herrera

      carrot lion

    17. Blake Clingaman

      Cat lion

    18. Ebony Short

      Does lil buddy live with you guys

    19. Paul Curran

      Calvin is saying that kover is trying to liter but like a year ago she was pertecting the coyotes

    20. taylor jenkins

      the fact i watch all the ones with vinnie-

    21. Magali Sanchez

      Can you replay because I want to join the hype house but I'm too young I am 8 years old and I only have 93 followers on tiktok so you can accept me but if you reply and you say I can it will mean a lot

    22. Magali Sanchez

      Hi omg can u

    23. Marley Jackson

      Is no one gonna talk abt how cute the pug is 😻

    24. kaid4900 kaid4900

      Carrot lion

    25. Lexi Stewart

      finally there is an argument that isn’t between calvin and patrick😂

    26. Crystal Rivera


    27. Viji Pirani

      carrot lion

    28. Macy Joyner

      carrot lion

    29. chayce marie

      am i the only one who saw that mia was thomas’s wallpaper when they were on facetime

    30. Sebrina Dechasa

      carrot lion

    31. Clare LaFont

      Calvin needs to shave his be

    32. Kim’s world

      awww a kitty

    33. Ruth O Driscoll

      So that is why they always get noise complaints

    34. Sophia Joy

      all the comments be like aw vinnie nailea

    35. Shirin Mor

      Carrot lion ❤️

    36. Sup Xx

      “No, He has nothing to live for he’s broke” my favourite line in this vlog

    37. Hailey N

      Not Mia in the background ahhh I dropped a potato on the floor lmaoo

    38. abby williams

      I love pugs ❤️

    39. Avery Ward

      Nobody: literatly nobody: mia: oH nO i dRoPpEd A pOtAtO oN tHe FlOoR

    40. Farah Ail Al Mukhaini Al Mukhaini

      ILove you so much guys

    41. Shania Castro


    42. nichola anne

      so are we no gonna talk about how mia says "oh no i dropped a potato on the floor'

    43. Ava Frost 2024

      parrot loin

    44. elliott pearson

      i dropped a potatoe on the floor

    45. Lazy Lyrics


    46. Mimi Jimenez

      “YOU CANT AFFORD IT!!!” 😂

    47. Kayla Bateast

      "parrot lion"

    48. K_BeAr- K

      Carrot lion?

    49. Calli.d


    50. Mariam Khatib

      whos the timothee chalamet lookalike

    51. Gloria Cervantes

      Carrot lion

    52. Natalia Salinas

      No one Mia I dropped a potato

    53. Emmalyn Johns

      parrot lion

    54. Alyanna Maradiaga

      Vinnie is literally my husband

    55. Roblox players xX

      Carrot lion

    56. aaliyah Anna Escobedo

      Carrot Lion

    57. Ellie Lauber

      Did he like get salmonella after that or............

    58. The m.w and b.g besties

      parrot lion

    59. noonie Smith Len

      i want to be that cat so bad

    60. Kryshtyn Smith


    61. Sara Kurek

      you guys are amazing you make me laugh to hard

    62. JC Vlogs

      something lion i didnt hear it goood

    63. JC Vlogs


      1. Jeorgie Strangward

        i have one hehe

    64. Lillie Cihal

      Is it just me or at 7:35 did I hear a MJ “Hee Hee”?

    65. Ikaia Kahala-Hall

      My dream when I’m adult I want to be in the hype house🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    66. Blaire Wright

      I love how Tomas and Mia and the parents and everyone else is just fighting about stupid things

    67. Renesha Patel

      So yall playing adopt me or somethin by the title💀

    68. A.Z Playz

      When I read the title I got ✨adopt me✨vibes from it lol

    69. Ryani’s Kingdom

      Parrot lion

    70. Shady Haterade

      Throwing the chair at the wall was so cringe omg

    71. Imelda Frias


    72. Kayelee’s Vlogs

      Parrotlion 🦜🦁

    73. Madison Coronas-Holeso


    74. Brooke Maswela

      Carrot lion

    75. Tylar Frankowski

      “you signed the waiver, yeah?”

    76. alixsbaexo

      im not breathing until ik nicks alive

    77. Jules Leblanc Texting Stories

      I have A Pug.

    78. Tamika Owen

      The wall be like:👁💧👄💧👁

    79. Aloha Angel

      when one hype house member gets a pet. All the hype house members gets a pet lol. So cute

    80. Tannenbaum Meyer

      What is wrong with you people treating animals that way and keeping them in tiny cages covered with a blanket. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    81. Violet Corona

      My dad got a oculus

    82. layla vannoy

      Hey since he’s giving pets to people can he get me a ferret

    83. Ava Costello

      Carrot lion

    84. Sister Twins

      Love vinnie 💖💗💕

    85. Jay Jasmine

      Thank god for Thomas for keeping us entertained don’t stop we love you!!!

    86. Chloe Manning

      parrot lino

    87. Ty Lette

      Carrots lion 🥕🦁

    88. Helena Lynn

      Pareat lion

    89. Ben Henderson68

      Jesus is king

    90. amv maker

      I bet that house smells like straight people

    91. Jaylah wallace

      parrot lion

    92. Hodaya Uzani

      where are nick and ryland??

    93. Nailea devora

      We need more ninnie content!!!

    94. bhuvi s

      awwwww the cat and the pug

    95. Matthew Richards


    96. Cenya Cadette

      earth lion

    97. Brooklynn Scott

      am i the only one who thinks vinnie is not cute😬

    98. Tatum Quinn 29

      ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ Michael you have to take a joke sometimes🥰😜

    99. Iliana Jones

      I hope all of these influencers are actually taking care of all the dogs they're getting and not just getting them to get them

    100. Awhlillsawh xx

      carrotnlion tehe :)