Camaro Sticks Landing After Going Airborne | Lights Out 12


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    WOW... Testing kicked off to a wild start at Diamond Pistons Lights Out 12! Watch LIVE:
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    1. Purple Two Three

      The only driver that has the complete right to say, "I was flying" to describe how fast he was going.

      1. Jeremiah Molaka

        XD how do people think of that

      2. GaryShwinthorpe

        Besides drag racers when they hit a pebble😂

      3. Mr. Arbiter


      4. Emmanuil Lamaj


      5. Universpro

        That's a real car

    2. jarry plundermen

      i think he won

    3. Sir Jackson

      My question is: Did he win? And did he set a new record? Lol

    4. brian heidel

      but he won, right? he got across the line first, didn't he ?

    5. Kevin Wise

      Driver: if flying was that easy I should have got my license....

    6. Ashen One

      JESUS! that thing was literally flying for a second xDD

    7. Kaleb William

      At least he won

    8. Average Guy

      okay, just imagine being in the perspective of the green car you start your engine flag is waved you take off, throttle to the floor *your opponent has achieved takeoff and is currently 12ft above you*

    9. Riq da Mc

      Ill see y'all in 4ish years when this gets recommended to everyone again

    10. Gage 2000

      Was Elon Musk working on this car?

    11. Edward Wong Liu Pepelu Tivrusky IV

      does it count?

    12. MrRedberd

      Taps the brakes, lol. 0:12

    13. Teddy Pelzl

      Me: 🤨 The driver: 😎 Me: 😒 Driver shows footage:🤩 Also me: 😖

    14. Benjamin Robledo

      So... RedBull does give you wings...

    15. Thiago Vidal

      That pilot was willing to give up his life when he stepped on the accelerator even after the front of the car was off the ground.. he was like: "Screw it.. I'm doing it.." Just hoping for the best.

    16. deamian65

      He or She absolutely did shit their pants though...I mean how would they not?

    17. Daniel kalidy

      This feels like me when i using the vigilante or Toredor

    18. Automate games

      why hasn't anyone installed the roof spoiler that pops out that helps push the car back down, like on nascar's

    19. Mr.B

      *Ah, so that’s where our life savings went, Jim?*

    20. TPC Nerf


    21. kadinotis

      I guess that's one way to win. He was only on the track for about 3 seconds so by the rules he has the world record

    22. King David Don

      Shit at least he still won

    23. Screaming Idiot

      My guy used his sky miles to win.

    24. Avinesh Kamath

      He clearly used the Comeflywithme cheat code

    25. GeekedUp

      I heard American Airlines offered him a job after they saw this video.

    26. S!lx Beats

      When a pilot gets behind the wheel...😂

    27. Forever KingSteez

      You don't have to worry about traction if your wheels aren't touching the ground😉

    28. VorticyHP

      so... does that still count?

    29. James Riley

      Fastest time ever.

    30. Jacob Eberhardt

      I...did he win..?

    31. Waffles go yoop yoop

      “World record”

    32. Jeremiah Molaka


    33. RO-BOX E

      POV: you used your turbo early in the race

    34. GoDz Swivel

      What in the rocket league is this

    35. ulysses damon

      You really have to watch it a 0.25 speed to really understand how fucking mental what he did was O_O

    36. Lucas

      Damn should've turned on ballcam first

    37. RSBrowning74

      Beach Boys: Add a set of wings and I know she can fly. The Camaro: I don't need wings.

    38. Kirxz

      I would be freaking out if I was the driver my soul would just leave me mid flight.

    39. airsoft serial killer

      when the traction control is sus

    40. Big Boi Gang

      It went flying!

    41. Itzz- SoloYT

      Faster than sonic

    42. Mason

      *Elon musk has entered the chat*

    43. Its Splashy

      2012: we will have flying cars in 2021. flying cars in 2021.

    44. Matthijs van Emous

      flying dutchman

    45. Geraldine Giron

      that car went flying!

    46. Angel Franco

      How was he's time good?

    47. Giuseppe Nasca

      Cars in Fast and Fourius be like:

    48. Innocent Guy

      Hey Newton can you explain this?

    49. Largestprawn

      Does that count?

    50. dbznappa

      That looked like only 2nd gear, doing easy over 100.... or did he start in 2nd? what in the everloving.... I can't stop watching..

    51. idoname

      still won, what a legend.

    52. SlazerFis

      I bet that flight experience was still better than spirit

    53. M. M.

      The green car was like: WHAT THE HELL MAN! CHILL

    54. Larry Smith

      He won before he even left the ground. Did Chevy used to make planes??

    55. Frank I

      Single owner vehicle for sale never been in any serious accidents.

    56. blue_mb

      Everyone: flying cars haven't been invented yet Me:

    57. nathan

      How tf.. I don't even know what question to ask

    58. overseer Miller0330

      A comprehensive guide on how to sh** your pants in 17 seconds.

    59. Adoboy

      Devs need to patch the physics engine

    60. Tony Banderas

      I want to go on that ride.

    61. spongebob squarepants

      He definitely plays rocket league

    62. Pig Rider

      He outran the rotation of the planet. I mean, he was off the ground longer than he was on it.

    63. fly 202

      Somebody watching out for him!😦😇

    64. PatrickMoto97

      “No full auto pilot in the building!!!” “That’s not full auto pilot” “It’s not??” “No...this is!”

    65. Hwkman4


    66. Robert Hillberry

      They knows his car so well he skipped on the Second parachute

    67. El joker

      Parachute saved him

    68. Spartan

      Here come the “if it was a Mustang” jokes

    69. Green Bullet

      Guy looking online for new shocks: I’ve won but at what cost?

    70. Peter Raphaël Pantelakos

      How fast was that?

    71. R3VIV3_ M310

      Did he actually just turn side ways mid air and land straight

    72. Handstandman Stan


    73. Cole Petty

      Please let this be a normal field trip with the boys NO WAY

    74. Devin Sorensen

      He went airborne because he wasn’t going fast enough.

    75. bubba luv

      was there a wind or did it just try to take off?

    76. Dazed

      He did an olly in a car

    77. GT_Ghost

      I think NBA youngboy was in there

    78. Yoosteen

      So he won, right?

    79. The Autumn Wind

      I hope the seats are leather 😬

    80. Cheese Burger

      did he win?

    81. The mack

      when you become a certified thumbs down giver to any fast and furious trailers on BGclip

    82. Caydon Cargill

      and they say flying cars will never happen

    83. Synthetic Nightmare

      "Nah babe, it's okay, I'll drive"

    84. d a t g i o

      Ah yes my two favorite activities, drag racing and skydiving

    85. d a t g i o

      This man just won a drag race while also going sky diving

    86. Dirt Prutznal

      Well he won 🏆

    87. Insanity Diecast Customs


    88. KOC TheShadow

      at least he won

    89. Shawn Angel

      When your flight to destination fucked gets cancelled

    90. Blxsswtf

      does it count tho?

    91. GrifGrizzle

      When your car has so much power it then decides it wants to become a jet plane

    92. TechFuture2020

      I was told that by the time I graduate high school, cars would be flying. 😎 guess they were right.

    93. western Tools

      Alternate title: plane vs car drag race.😂

    94. Galexo

      Well, i don't see any problems here, he crossed the line first, no matter the way he did it lol but don't keep pushing like this ah ah

    95. Wild LoneWolf

      Its safe to say-'No JDM car can outreach this baby'

    96. Wild LoneWolf

      They thought 2021 will have flying cars. 2021:Yes

    97. SammyBoy0912


    98. Legendary ツ

      1000 horsepower

    99. B M

      So.. ah what time did he run

    100. THE1nONLY

      he won the race tho